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A3Logics Elevates Education and
Empowers Ed Tech Solutions

Partnering with A3Logics can exceed your expectations when it comes to IT solutions. We offer Ed Tech/eLearning services to help educational institutions and organizations improve their learning experiences. We provide innovative solutions for online education, including software development, data analytics, and user-centric design. By partnering with A3Logics, you can keep your workforce or classroom motivated and up-to-date with the latest skills and techniques.

What We Offer

Learning Management System (LMS) Cloud Solutions Software

We provide cloud-based LMS solutions that allow users to store and manage all types of learning content. Our software offers unlimited storage and upload capabilities, empowering your business with effective learning management capabilities.

Elearning Interoperability Paths

We offer e-learning interoperability paths to integrate and collaborate between different e-learning platforms. Our custom LMS developers can quickly deploy courses using various multimedia formats and industry-standard modes for content interoperability. The cloud-based system allows users to access pre-built courses and integrations anytime, anywhere.

Partner Training LMS Software Modules

Our partner training LMS software provides interactive and customizable tools for seamless learning and collaboration. These modules transform partner education by drastically improving the skills and effectiveness of our client’s organizations. Our software also gives learners the opportunity to access in-house courses.

Responsive Design

We are a leading LMS and learning software development company that offers responsive design services. We use components like HTML5 publishing, geolocation support, and multi-screen viewing. We also customize integrations with third-party systems and APIs and can implement single sign-on functionality using Clever SSO.

Success Stories by the Numbers

The Ultimate Smartphone App: Modes, Database, Learning, and Guiding Features


Percent of users who reported seamless access to the LMS on both web browsers and mobile applications, indicating successful cross-platform functionality


Rise in user engagement because of the availability of diverse learning modes within the smartphone application


Increase in exam scores among users due to the more than 5,000 curated courses that are best suited to each user’s needs


Increase in new enrollments when the new learning system was introduced, demonstrating enhanced service offerings


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