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Amazon Web Services

A3Logics Unlocks The Power Of The Cloud
With AWS Services To Supercharge Your Business

A3Logics is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and we use our broad expertise in AWS cloud services to help our clients upgrade their businesses with agility, innovation, and cost productivity. We have practical experience managing critical workloads and applications, focus on cloud governance, and offer training programs for IT professionals.

What We Offer

AWS Consulting

Our AWS consulting evaluates the readiness of your enterprise, recognizes open doors for cost optimization and adaptability, and creates a practical roadmap to better manage your resources on AWS.

AWS Integration

We upgrade your enterprise applications with AWS services, seamlessly integrating identity management, security, storage, networking, and analytics for a secure and productive business climate.

AWS Cloud Migration

Leverage our expertise for seamless migration of enterprise workloads to AWS. We have demonstrated methodologies that guarantee migrating petabyte-scale data and strategic applications will have no service disruption.

Data Warehouse On AWS

Our specialists excel in planning and managing productive and reliable data warehousing solutions on Amazon Redshift and Athena, enabling your organization with scalable and high-performing data handling systems.

Success Stories by the Numbers

Threat Identification Assets

5 Mins

The amount of time it takes for the latest application data to upload to the App store/Playstore system database

100 K

The number of applications that can be crawled, downloaded, and scanned in 86,400 seconds

500 GB

The amount of data processed in 24 hours


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