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Boosting Investment Returns & Reducing Costs for Stock Trading Firm with
LLM Technology

Read how A3Logics helped a stock trading company in reducing its operational cost to 20% using AI-powered investment strategies.


Our client was a leading New York based stock trading firm. They wanted to improve their performance and increase their return on investment on stock/equity and reduce their operational expenses. With A3Logics, a leading AI solutions provider, they were able to leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) to significantly improve their performance.

  • Low ROI: 

The client faced low ROI compared to competitors, hindering their profitability.

  • High Expenses due to large teams:

Employing a large team of 10 market researchers proved expensive, impacting their cost structure.

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Our Solutions
  • -Data Acquisition and Integration: Extracted data from various legacy systems using ETL tools (Snowflake, Prep Builder) to create a centralized data repository.
  • -LLM Model Development: Built LLMs that incorporated both internal data (historical equity values) and external data sources (news articles, social media, financial reports) to generate comprehensive investment recommendations..
  • -Interactive Dashboards: Developed dashboards using BI tools (Tableau) to present investment insights from the LLM to the stock trading team for informed decision-making.
Result Achieved
  • – Increased ROI: The LLM models led to a remarkable 10% increase in annual ROI on equity investments, rising from 20% to 30%.
  • – Reduced Expenses: By automating tasks previously handled by market researchers, the team size was reduced from 10 to 2, resulting in a 20% cost saving on operational expenses.
  • – Enhanced Customer Acquisition: The improved investment performance led to a 15% increase in new client onboarding within a year.
Tech Stack
  • -ETL Tools: Snowflake, Prep Builder
  • -Data Science Language: Python
  • -Data Science Libraries: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciPy, Scikit Learn
  • -Data Analytics Tool: Tableau

This case study demonstrates the transformative power of LLM technology in the financial services industry. A3Logics’ solution not only boosted the client’s ROI but also streamlined their operations, leading to significant cost savings and enhanced customer acquisition. This success story paves the way for broader adoption of AI-powered investment strategies, paving the way for a more data-driven and efficient financial market.