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Salesforce Customization Company

Discover with us which Salesforce customizations can majorly impact your business Contact us now and we will provide you every single detail to get a quick start.

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Salesforce Customization Company

Salesforce CRM has a huge number of highlights and similarly the same number of customization choices. Making it work for your business is sufficiently hard.

Whether it is about easy integration of your website leads into Salesforce or a complete migration to Salesforce, A3logics offers all-inclusive and cost-effective solutions to help you gain a competitive edge. From customization of UIs, layouts, and dashboards, to processes, our service covers everything.

Want to upgrade your existing application with trending features that not only elevate your brand image but keeps you ahead of your competitors? Join us! We are the leading Salesforce Service partner to help you customize your existing system that aligns with the core organizational objectives.

With years of experience, the team at A3logics assists clients to leverage the benefits of several Salesforce products and help them narrow down the options and select only those Salesforce products that best fit their business needs.

Salesforce Customization Company

Our Salesforce Customization Services

Get high-quality Salesforce Customization Services from A3logics to boost sales and customer experience.

App Customization

App Customization

We help introduce custom tabs to make the application more interactive and user-friendly. This ensures better connect with your customers.

Build Custom Consoles

Build Custom Consoles

Customized Salesforce consoles can streamline business processes and simplifies daily CRM tasks.

Custom Reports and Dashboard

Custom Reports and Dashboard

We provide affordable customization of Salesforce CRM to revamp your internal dashboard and build features that can create custom reports.

Custom Email Services

Custom Email Services

It allows users to create a number of email addresses specific to business needs. Hence, customer interaction and follow-up become easy and effective.

Easy Data Access and Management Customization

Easy Data Access and Management Customization

To create an overall BI solution for you, we help organizations in third-party integrations, and provides easy data access.

Existing Solution Customization

Existing Solution Customization

We offer customization to your existing Salesforce according to your business requirements.

Difference Between Salesforce Configuration And Customization

Configuration and Customization are terms you will hear thrown around in the Salesforce space frequently. Since the Salesforce platform is designed to handle those two things so well it happens at a really high percentage.


  • Adding Objects/Fields
  • Adding Tabs/Apps
  • Creating Profiles/Permission Sets
  • Workflows
  • Reports
  • Validation Rules
  • Email Templates
  • Page Layouts/Record Types
  • AppExchange Apps


  • Apex Classes
  • Apex Triggers
  • Visualforce Pages/Components
  • Visualforce Emails
  • Integrations With 3rd Party Systems
  • Creating Lightning Components
  • Building Sites
  • Using CSS to alter the look of pages
  • Using JavaScript to add capabilities


We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance, you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

The features which are not integrated into your present application is Salesforce customization. There could be a probability that you need to extend a few features. Salesforce is a platform that has in store heavy customization for the users. A customized salesforce solution is tailored specifically to meet your business requirements and serves more purposes than it has been integrated for.

Salesforce customization needs to upgrade your existing application and add a few new features to keep up with the moving trends. It is quite similar to connecting points among the company and the Salesforce and customization can help you explore all the aspects of the business according to your needs. When you reach our Salesforce Development experts you get solutions that are omnipresent and can support all the processes involved in the business. Salesforce customizations turn to be a necessity because it can help you get exactly what you want and more in a fixed budget.

Yes. Although the price of customization depends on the required features, modules, and objects that you want to integrate with existing Salesforce applications. Another factor to decide the cost and time of your salesforce customization would depend on the scale of customization. So, just be ready with all your needs and let the developers put their best foot forward to integrate new functionalities into your business.

Salesforce itself comes with a few tools like Salesforce Shield and Salesforce Security tokens. It is important that the application is secured. We understand the importance of significant and confidential data related to your business. The integration of security functionalities ensures the data is not vulnerable and reduces the risk of hackers and invaders.

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