An Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Integration & Its Benefits

Table of Contents

A3Logics 01 May 2023

Table of Contents

A business is as big as its loyal customer base. They are crucial to the expansion of almost any kind of organization. Whenever it involves overseeing employees, clients, and other aspects of operations in a company, 
Salesforce development services rank first. The comprehensive CRM wonderfully brings together customers as well as companies. To efficiently carry out its business activities, a firm may require various software utilities and apps. Every Salesforce development company offers a remarkable ability for collaborating with all business-managed apps. Accessing data from multiple sources important to the business is easier with Salesforce bonding. Salesforce integration on the cloud is adaptable and offers a wealth of advantages to enterprises across the globe.


Salesforce is the most extensively used CRM in the world and distinguishes out due to its adaptability, inexhaustible customization options, and seamless connection with various other platforms. Given its straightforward design, Salesforce custom development is trusted by the majority of experts, but it additionally provides a number of practical capabilities and benefits that happen to be essential for the successful functioning of many components.


Salesforce development deserve to be considered by those who wish to increase deal closing rates, strengthen relationships with clients and rate of conversion, or increase sales channel effectiveness.  


What do you mean by Integrating services with Salesforce?


The process of integrating services from a Salesforce development company with various other applications to produce an all-encompassing user experience is known as Salesforce integration. To provide your employees with the ideal combination of capabilities applicable across all platforms, you may combine all the advantages of 3rd-party technologies via the extensive possibilities of Salesforce.

Businesses may face the challenge of merging the data among different platforms and transitioning between sets of data when working on specific activities, regardless of whether you are interested in integrating Salesforce development services within the ecosystem you have created or adding fresh capabilities to the CRM powered by Salesforce. You will have a uniform and consolidated platform that you can use, thanks to this type of integration.


Why Is Salesforce Integration Necessary for Your Business?


Integrating Salesforce CRM with frequently used apps would improve its performance. The Salesforce framework comes with user-friendly capabilities that give your company an in-depth understanding of its clients. For the purpose of getting this consolidated data, Salesforce Integration combines information from several sources, including logistics, human resources, foreign ERP systems, and more.


In order to accomplish the goal of reducing expenses, a Salesforce development company may carry Integration to streamline the business processes while also effortlessly connecting numerous platforms. Salesforce development services enhance employee satisfaction as well as client engagement. Having access to all of your clients’ data at once will help you keep one step ahead of competitors in this dynamic corporate environment. Since a Salesforce development company has powerful resources and Interfaces to speed up integration and aid in technological advancement, it offers a number of advantages.


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What are the Advantages of Salesforce Integration?


In addition to being easier to work with, Salesforce alliances provide a variety of practical advantages that may assist in growing an organization. Salesforce development services claim that integrations can improve sales by up to 25% typically and Profitability by 45% in just a year’s time. The advantages of Salesforce become substantially more astounding when you factor in a 50% increase in lead quantity, a 30% increase in gross revenue from sales, and a 25% increase in lead conversion rates.


1) Improvements in output


Sales personnel frequently use sets of data that come from a Salesforce development company as well as other platforms. As an example, certain sales professionals may keep track of assets, client information, and revenues using accounting software. An enormous quantity of information is gathered by such types of accounting software and Salesforce CRM development that sales representatives could potentially require. Therefore, it is going to take quite a while to move from one particular platform to another in order to get every bit of information. 


This issue might be resolved by integrating the two platforms, which would reduce the amount of time involved in gathering records while enhancing sales staff productivity by 40%. This is but one Salesforce integration illustration, which nevertheless exemplifies how an integrated system may minimise queuing time and boost productivity among teams.


2) Gather knowledge from multiple sources


A Salesforce development company integrates many systems so that employees can engage with information coming from various departments within the organisation. Owing to Salesforce’s capabilities, knowledge from Human Resources, finance, revenue, and even in-house applications such as SAP, Oracle, and more might be merged and linked.


3) Make more informed choices


When data is kept in compartments, it is challenging to make well-versed decisions; this is where Salesforce’s holistic data perspective comes in. Salesforce certified developers have control over the data at hand, you can make use of analytical interfaces to examine it and figure it out on the basis of newly acquired knowledge. You can successfully adapt to ever-changing patterns as a result of the constant information flow that has been optimised. 


4) Automation of procedures


You may automate a variety of organisational procedures with the use of Salesforce. You can eliminate the need for people to do boring and repetitive jobs with automation. Additionally, it will lessen the rates of mistakes made by humans.

Overall, Salesforce development services facilitate the flawless exchange of information between organisations and automate data syncing. A majority of companies use an array of software for tasks like ERP, interpersonal interaction, finance, as well as data administration. By bridging the gaps between different applications and combining them to form a unified structure, Salesforce certified developers enhance enterprise efficiency and returns on investment.


5) Automated Workflow Without Programming


It won’t be sufficient to have a framework or an application by itself; rather, getting both of the above to operate simultaneously will enable the enterprise to achieve its corporate goals, targets, and long-term strategies through point-and-click automation of workflows.


6) Releases Informative Reports


Businesses are able to access comprehensible reports thanks to a successful Salesforce custom development interface. As previously pointed out, this involves assisting the corporation in making choices regarding strategies that are adequately informed and well-structured.


7) Retention Rate of Customers


Acquiring clients has never been the primary challenge, the real challenge is keeping them and turning them into devoted customers. If your ultimate goal is to have people make single purchases from you, then you’re headed in a negative direction. However, keeping customers interested long enough for them to make additional purchases from you is the aim you ought to strive for. By combining Salesforce custom development with an existing app, you may enhance the likelihood that users will continue to use it over time. The reason is, a personalised app is going to get more significant to users the more you target them and integrate it with everyday tools.


8) A rise in sales through the web


An application’s ease of use is one of its main draws for users. The online sales revenue will rise quickly as a result of Salesforce CRM development in the company’s tools and speeding up the process of selling. Once Salesforce certified developers have been put to work, the business will reach an entirely new level of success.


9) Obtain All Customer Information in One Place


The linking points of communication with consumers are made easier when Salesforce CRM is integrated with support services, assistance services, and various other related applications. The productivity of the business is increased overall by having a seamlessly integrated system.


10) Accelerates and Simplifies Returns


Customers enjoy using services that are proactive with them. For customers, receiving rapid responses and swift solutions is crucial. Integrating Salesforce development services with e-commerce enables customers to easily return purchases while getting outstanding service.


What to keep in mind before integrating?


Salesforce integrations necessitate careful consideration of a variety of aspects. You must go into this whole process with an understanding of every Salesforce service cloud integration alternative and with the requirements in consideration. Given below are a few kinds of integrations that can be advantageous to your company:


– Organization and recording


The user is always at the centre of the integration strategy. You must prepare in advance and determine precisely what you hope to accomplish through integration. You can gather information about your consumers’ preferences and needs through record keeping. The following actions are required in this situation:

    • Set the company’s objectives.
    • Create the project’s goals and objectives.
    • Identify the system’s users as well as what information they are using.
    • Acknowledge integration best practices as well as guidelines

– Construct the procedure


You should acquire an additional understanding of integrations along with the various methods you can employ to approach to tackle this type of project. Whether the integration would use coding or an application? Which integration technique will you employ? This needs to be taken into consideration during the integration process development phase.

  • Gather all the necessary information and perspectives.
  • Understand that the integration types and patterns you choose have constraints.
  • Look through the offered applications to determine if anything will work for your situation.


– Information flow schematics


The software programmes you can employ and whether any of them meet the requirements of your company must be identified. You have to figure out all of the information streams within the organisation to be able to do so. 

  • Decide on information destinations.
  • Create a link for integration tools that are both custom and pre-built.
  • Analyse a possible application’s data movement efficiency


A comprehensive awareness of the Salesforce custom development ecosystem is necessary to create an integration timeline. The majority of the initial choices should be established during the project’s design phases, which is why a knowledgeable partner who can advise you on the kind of integration that would be most advantageous to the business you represent, would come in handy.


What are the different ways of Salesforce integration ?


The Salesforce CRM development procedure can be approached in either of the following methods: via an application or via programming. Both alternatives may be used to meet the requirements of an organization in particular. Undoubtedly, the decision would be based on the particular requirements of the organization.


1) Integration using applications


Through specialized applications, users can combine data from several applications to create a single platform as part of the application-based integration. Users without knowledge of technology can complete a Salesforce app integration since it is quite straightforward. 

Data transfer can be made simple with the help of a number of 3rd-party integration programmes. These programmes provide smooth interaction between the Salesforce service cloud and external programmes, although they might need to be customised to fit the needs of your organisation. In order to make this integration as fluid and simple as achievable, you could require the help of a reputable Salesforce partner. They have the ability to customise these applications. 


2) Integration using programming


The process of Salesforce CRM development can also be done by utilising a programming language in addition to specialised applications. The majority of the time, integration specialists might use Apex, a proprietary language for programming with a Java-like structure. The following are some advantages of utilising code-based integration: 

  • Embedded assistance for the Salesforce Lightning Platform
  • The language is simple to use and read
  • Adapts to various API versions
  • The Lightning Platform can manage and host the language.


What are the different types of Salesforce Integration?


Salesforce developers use a variety of integration types that are appropriate for various businesses and scenarios. What matters most are the demands of a specific business. You should evaluate the needs of your company and decide what kind of integration would prove to be the most advantageous. Reaching an appropriate choice is extremely important for the development of an organisation.


1) Integration of user interfaces


Businesses that need to offer a unified user experience to all user types should integrate their UI frameworks. Although they may appear to be using 3rd-party applications that are an element of the Salesforce service cloud, your users will actually be making use of the familiar Salesforce experience. 


2) Integration of business logic


Business logic integration enables the development of dependable business solutions that integrate a range of applications and systems at the back end. Salesforce custom development specialists employ Apex Callouts for outgoing connections and Apex Web Services for inbound interactions to establish these relationships. 


3) Integration of data


Salesforce CRM development comes into the picture when you need to synchronise data from multiple platforms in real-time. This sharing of information between all the modules you install is made possible by the use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representational State Transfer).


What are some of the patterns for Integration?

Even though each integration environment is somewhat distinctive, the developers nevertheless have to deal with some similar problems and demands. Each specific integration instance may require a different integration pattern, thus the integration experts must determine which is the right one.


Invoking a remote process and receiving a response


In this sort of integration style, the Salesforce consultants initiate the setup on a distant system and wait for it to complete. This arrangement creates a channel of communication amongst two parties, ensuring that the initiator can only start the process of data integration after receiving approval from the recipient. The receiving network must be operational for the entire process to start and persist.


Invoking a remote method using “Fire and Forget”


The ‘Fire and forget’ method, additionally referred to as an asynchronous integration strategy, enables data integration without the receiver’s consent. In simple terms, the information will be provided to the receiver whenever the system is live and the developers may begin the integration process anytime they desire.


Data synchronisation in batches


Data is gathered in batches for ‘batch data synchronisation’, then combined at a predetermined time. When the organisation requires it, the Salesforce development consultants integrate all of the information, batch after batch.


Management of Order Status


Managing orders was not the primary purpose of remote call-in Salesforce, although it is conceivable to include such solutions into the Salesforce service cloud architecture. A 3rd-party remote system that processes orders and calls in with a purchase status to Salesforce can be integrated by the Salesforce development consultants


UI modification depending on data alterations


Thanks to a large number of interfaces, it’s actually simple to visually display every customer encounter within Salesforce. Sales representatives can view real-time updates on order status thanks to UI upgrades. As an example, the sales professionals can determine whether or not the payments for the purchase were successful using this pattern of integration. Sales representatives as well as consumers may collaborate more effectively thanks to UI updates depending on information modifications.


Virtualization of data


For facilitating demonstrations and evaluations, the data may be visualised. You can acquire information graphs that look good and are simple to read. You can have a wide range of visualisations so that you can read your data quickly thanks to an assortment of visualisation APIs.


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What are some of the Salesforce Integration features?


Online Fund Gathering


Online fundraising and integrated CRM from Salesforce are both very important in creating your organization’s fundraiser campaign. When used in tandem, the two enable a business to provide customised possibilities for fundraising anytime and anywhere they are needed in addition to enhancing the general approach of the organisation.


Virtualization of data


It is crucial to keep an organised record for all of the customers; this record should be simple to read and accessible at all times. Data collaboration from several sources at one location is made possible through virtualization. It suggests that it unifies data from numerous different systems and presents it to your customers in a consolidated view.


Management of Data


A Salesforce development company builds the infrastructure for data management and includes free APIs like SOAP as well as REST which make it simple to connect to external locations. You gain from being able to bring in and eliminate a significant quantity of information using such APIs.


Framework Events


Custom alerts among Salesforce development services and other third-party applications are available for Salesforce platform events, and they are expandable and protected. When it pertains to consolidating integration, they help the company. They also make it easier to connect modifications with various networks.


Salesforce Connect


This application makes it quick and easy to access old backend data for the Salesforce certified developers, speeding up business operations and enabling companies to transition from the financial services industry to the retail sector.


What are the Salesforce Integrations that boost performance?


Given below are some of the top examples for Salesforce custom development integrations:


1) Bring together Accounting and Sales


You may organise your accounting data and utilise it to develop better sales leadership techniques thanks to the integration of accounting apps with Salesforce service cloud. You may connect your accounting platforms to your sales data in this way to monitor how various sales methods are affecting your revenues and profits in real time. 


  • Eliminate Data Duplicity


In addition to being time-consuming, transitioning between different pieces of software increases the chance of data redundancy. You can prevent duplicate information if all of the sales, client relationship management, and finance information is stored on a single platform. 


  • Outstanding Productivity


The connection of Salesforce and Quickbooks could boost team productivity because it provides them rapid access to all knowledge and eliminates tedious chores like entering information manually.


2) FedEx and Salesforce integration


Grab the most recent tracking information without logging in. Discover the delivery and transit dates of your shipments, as well as any special circumstances. You may additionally give your crucial shipments monikers. To boost efficiency, FedEx has developed convenient software that effortlessly interacts with Salesforce.


  • Shipping Orders and Tracking via Salesforce


By utilising the customer information in the customer relationship management system (CRM), you can capitalise on the Salesforce and FedEx connectivity to expedite bookings as well as monitor shipments for each of your customers. In order to provide outstanding customer care, you can additionally gain entire access to the customer’s record of purchases and bookings. 


  • Answering customer inquiries promptly


There is no better alternative than connecting Salesforce with FedEx especially if you are looking to speed up client communication and respond to each of their concerns. Having a satisfied client base and resolving customer issues is advantageous.


3) Salesforce and Skype integration


Skype seems to be a programme that offers voice and video calling capabilities. Members can send and receive text and video chats, as well as exchange online files like pictures, written content, and videos. 


  • Proactive Communication 


Integration of Salesforce development services and Skype for work helps improve team and customer communication. Without having to switch apps, you can simply make a call or chat with individuals using Salesforce. It gets rid of all sorts of communication barriers thanks to its integration capabilities with Skype. Due to its incredible usability, Skype for Salesforce Lightning is already being used by numerous businesses just to make sure that their interactions with Salesforce run smoothly and without interruptions.


4) DocuSign and Salesforce Integration


Any decision, authorization, or consent procedure can be converted to an instantaneous and simple digital signature action using DocuSign, which can be performed from anywhere on any gadget.


  • Faster Deal Closing


Salesforce reduces the time required to get legal papers signed, and DocuSign integration will enable you to close agreements more quickly and efficiently. Thus, you are able to send and receive signed documents from any browser or device without having to go through an extra DocuSign workflow. 


5) LiveChat integration with Salesforce


Virtual customer service tool LiveChat offers live assistance, support software, as well as analytical features. Workers may easily transfer client data gathered during conversations to Salesforce using the Salesforce LiveChat bond.


  • Chat History Backup 


LiveChat and Salesforce connection will streamline your procedures. You may keep track of conversations and dialogues to decide which details are crucial by preserving them within Salesforce objects. 


  • Win Leads Without Struggle


You can quickly get leads and develop an effective connection with the customers by better addressing them through Salesforce.


6) Box and Salesforce integration


Box serves as a business-oriented online content administration and file-sharing service. For both private users and commercial customers, it offers Salesforce service cloud and file publishing.


  • Sustainable Team Connectivity

Users can work more quickly with Salesforce and Box integration because it provides a uniform user interface throughout all of the business platforms users need. By making information readily available, this integration accelerates your business activities and increases collaboration.


  • Win More Clients 

You can simply access and change things directly from the Salesforce account. Manage your pipeline smoothly and have the insight you need whenever you need it to respond to client questions and solve the issues they are experiencing. This shortens the sales process, increases customer loyalty, and results in a greater number of deals being closed. 


7) Integration of Salesforce and MailChimp


A straightforward EMS (email marketing system) called MailChimp offers you an assortment of basic alternatives for creating, delivering, and storing templates for email messages.


  • Monitoring Email Activity

An organisation may send customised marketing emails and track important email metrics like open rates, number of clicks, members, and people who unsubscribe with the use of this integration. 


  • Enhance and Streamline Your Mailing Chain


By integrating MailChimp with Salesforce, you can effortlessly update the mailing list as new prospects and connections are added to the CRM system, saving you the time and effort of doing so. 


  • Create Tailor-cut Campaigns


By utilising consumer information and previous interactions, you can use the integration to create personalised promotions like coupons, freebies, and package offers.  


8) Jira and Salesforce integration


You may regulate every aspect of your operations from within Salesforce if Jira and Salesforce are integrated.


  • Complete disclosure of customer complaints


You can obtain a wholesome perspective of all operations happening within the organisation. All information is unified, including management of projects, sales funnel, and interactions with consumers. As a result, because of full accountability, you can swiftly address any consumer issues that may emerge. 


  • Extremely pleased customers


Utilising the advantages of Salesforce and Jira in conjunction helps you in the effective management of your duties and simplifies business operations in order to guarantee absolute satisfaction for customers.



The truth is that it may seem easy to hire salesforce developer squads that can easily integrate Salesforce, but it may seem complicated and cumbersome to the misinformed. There are several excellent explanations for why Salesforce is one of the most commonly employed CRM worldwide.

  • It offers practically infinite possibilities for integrations that are revolutionising enterprises spanning all industry segments.
  • It is easy, convenient, and quick.
  • A small group of professionals can simply manage an integration while keeping the system operating throughout the entire process.

Businesses gain additional benefits from it, however, some unsuccessful integrations result in substantial problems. You require knowledgeable experts from an established company to make sure Salesforce integrations are successful. Sophisticated integration endeavours could be tricky, we’d recommend you hire salesforce developers authorized or certified by the brand, eliminating any problems with failure. 

Data harmonisation and manoeuvring between divisions are made easier and more fluid with the aid of Salesforce development services. Additionally, businesses typically use a variety of applications, and Salesforce Integration helps to develop interaction among them as well as data sharing for improved efficiency.


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1. What do you mean by Salesforce Integration?


Salesforce integration refers to the process of integrating services from Salesforce with various other applications to produce an all-encompassing user experience .


2. Does it help in making better decisions?


It lets you make use of analytical interfaces to examine and figure out on the basis of newly acquired knowledge. You can successfully adapt to ever-changing patterns as a result of the constant information flow that has been optimised.