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Wearable App Development

Wearable App Development: Everything Explained

Nothing is constant in this world. As they say, the only thing which is constant is the change. The same goes with technology. With the change in our needs, technology advances every single day, and even businesses need to adapt and understand these changing needs and expectations of the consumers to stay ahead of the competition and market trends. One such example of changing technology is wearable apps.

As the name suggests, wearables are gadgets that can be worn and usually have smart sensors and are connected to the internet for data exchange. In the race of AI, AR, VR, IoT, wearable technology trends are also taking part in making the lives of people monitored and strict. Wearable innovations have taken the market by storm and are more focused on body-borne computers, miniature electronic devices that can be worn on the face, wrist, clothes, or even shoes. Devices such as Apple Watch, Android Wear, Google Glass, Smart Watch, and healthcare wearables are a few of the examples and are in high demand. Wearable application development has made life incredibly easy for fitness freaks and individuals, and this has increased the demand for wearable app development services in the market. 

These wearables just not act as monitoring devices but also add a fashion statement. Smart assistants in the home and on the phone have led to an increased demand for wearables. The wearable app can be developed for various sectors like health and fitness, travel, retail, finance, and lot more. Talking about the statistics, wearable app development is expected to reach 614.31 million units in 2025. The global wearables market will grow 9.4% by the end of this year, reaching 368.2 million shipments. 

What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable technology or wearables are the smart devices that are worn by users either directly as an accessory or as a part of other materials like clothing. Wearable technology is what connects these devices. Wearable technology can help connect several industry verticals - healthcare, travel, manufacturing, fintech, and even education. The attached sensors can track the motion, heart activity, brain activity, and muscle activities. Some wearables also have miniature computers in them, just like smartphones do.

Let’s dive in deep and get to know more about wearable app development.

Things to take care during Wearable App Development

Wearable App Development

From wearable design to cost, everything needs to be checked while developing wearable apps, but the first and foremost thing is to find the right app development company for your project. However, apart from finding the right development team, here are a few things which you must consider before getting started with your wearable app development.

  • App Discoverability
  • App Interactivity
  • Wearables and Health Care
  • GPS Technology
  • Payment Gateways
  • Beacon Technology
  • Data security

App Discoverability

This is a known fact that wearable devices have compatible apps, which helps in connecting it to other devices thereby transferring the data. The mobile app developers must focus on providing app visibility due to their small size, but the strategy related to app development remains more or less similar throughout.

App Interactivity

No one wants an app which is not liked by users. Your users must connect well with your wearable app. You can simply hire iOS and Android app developers who can make use of vibrations, voice control, single swipe, one tap, and others to create an interactive mobile app for your business. This will save the time of the end-user as he does not have to tap every time to search for anything. 

Wearable Apps and the Healthcare Industry

According to a study, it was found that wearable apps are proving to be all-important equipment in the diagnosis of the illness and noting the vital parameters such as heartbeat, blood pressure, and sugar level, etc. More and more people are now using fitness apps to monitor their daily health. Especially in this pandemic situation, where healthcare systems are under pressure to cure people, these smart apps are proving to be a savior. But Smart clothing with built-in sensors can help in remote monitoring the vital signs of patients all the while eliminating the need for visiting hospitals.

GPS Technology

The global positioning system is today a common phenomenon, and is extensively used in many industries such as traveling, booking of food and other items online, finding specific directions, etc. It is essential to use the best of Geolocation based services in the development of wearable devices and apps. This technology is expectedly going to improve as it can be connected to different devices, where things will become much easier to handle.

Payment Gateways

Using just the wearable device, you can transact contactless delivery without any hassle. Now you can make payments via wearable apps. Apple Pay or Google Wallet, Smartwatches will provide you with this facility. This helps in processing the payment much faster.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is a boom for people who love traveling. If you have a wearable device, this experience will become even greater as you can take the help of the beacon app development services to get an advanced app developed. And with these devices getting linked to Wi-Fi and hotspots, having access to the internet is a cakewalk. 

Data Security

The data generated from wearable technology is stored either on the smartphone or on the cloud. The app developers will pay more attention to providing an extra layer of the coating as far as the security of data is concerned.

Essential Wearable Device App Features

Wearable Device App Features

Ergonomic User Interface

It is defined by limited space and hence in high demand. Any application is designed for this space must have limited features with precise instructions. The application also needs to be lightweight so that won’t take much time in loading. 

Data, Cloud and Security

Cloud will be the storehouse to transfer the data from the primary device to the wearable device. Hence security will be imperative here. So it is important to ensure security standards are placed within the app to protect user data. Easy access to data on the cloud and in the app can be facilitated with biometric and voice recognition features.

Tailored Notifications

Applications should be designed in such a way that notification messages will be of a single word or can also use several other aspects of the device. For example, different colored lighting or voice memo.

Reinforcement of Reality through App

In the future, games and multimedia will have augmented reality, and wearable devices will be the source field for the same as in voice commands, using map and GPS, and taking health-related data through body temperature. Hence, any application must be geared with its features to inculcate this aspect. You must hire a dedicated development team who has knowledge of the latest technology and has expertise in integrating them into your wearable devices.

Why Invest in Wearable Technology

Wearable app development is a huge rage these days. It presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses. Wearable Apps are expected to carry out functions that are a lot more unique and creative. With the advancement of technology, very soon wearable tech will be able to offer a lot more than what it offers today, which might become an integral part of our lives. It is growing at an exponential rate. It collects valuable and accurate data on the user’s behavior, and uses this data for future improvements and targeted marketing. 

Wearable technology is being demanded by a maximum number of users for being portable, handy, fashionable, and its demand is surging high with every passing day. Seeing the number of advantages, it’s the right time to invest in wearable app development. This wearable trend keeps on getting updated after a certain period as the new technology evades. So, it’s the time to get prepared for the best wearable app development as it has a competitive road ahead.

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