Different Types of LMS- Explained

A3Logics 18 Aug 2022


Not all are able to enjoy the process of learning as expected. The impact of the same is quite drastic. It not only restricts their knowledge but also hampers their performance. So, it is essential that you follow the right approach that can help you in the process of learning.


Businesses are always looking for such an approach that can help them train their employees with all the latest advancements and policies. Manual training can cost businesses: time, money, and resources as well. So, they are constantly looking for a solution that can help provide effective training solutions. If you are thinking about the same, then we are here to assist you with a solution. Learning Management System is one such way that can make your training fun, interesting, and most importantly, effective.

As per reports, 23% of companies are already invested in custom LMS development services since 2019.

So, it is a way to enhance your learning process. We are here to look at what are the different types of LMS that can be taken into consideration by the businesses around to achieve the desired objectives. But, before that, let’s first understand LMS in brief.

Learning Management System


When it comes to LMS, it is SaaS or a software-based platform that assists in the process of online training. With the help of this eLearning platform, you get the benefit from complete management, delivery, and automation of training and learning programs.

With the assistance of the respective system, audiences from different business sectors can avail training facilities. Not only does it assist in real-time training, but also employers can track the progress of the trainees as well. It helps them understand how far they have progressed and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Accordingly, they can guide them and avail better results.

This platform can be accessed through all smart devices, including laptops and smartphones. So, with the help of this platform, employees from all corners can avail training at their convenience. This has made businesses hire an LMS development company to avail customized online learning tools.


What Makes LMS The Best Option For Training?


Different learning strategies can be deployed with the use of a Learning management system. LMS development companies understand your business model and accordingly help you have your platform developed and designed. Whether it is social, formal, or experiential learning, LMS can help you with all. Not only this, but it also assists you with certification management and compliance training.

It has been seen that organizations are facing difficulty in managing their resources as per the latest demands and trends. Technology is changing with every passing day, and businesses need to remain updated with the same. You can make your employees learn about the same with the assistance of eLearning.

It serves the purpose of learners. So, it helps businesses avail better results from their employees that can make them deliver projects as the client needs.


Learning Management System: Key Attributes


Below mentioned are a few of the features of LMS that makes it the best option to consider for the purpose of eLearning:

Artificial Intelligence: With the assistance of this attribute, you get to customize the learning experience for every single learner. As per IT professional services providers, this feature allows you to offer a course format that matches the learner’s approach and helps them progress ahead with a lot more confidence.

Accessibility: Another primary attribute of the LMS platform is that it helps you provide content that can be accessed from any part of the world and that too anytime. It can help your business to train employees from any corner of the world.

Automated Administration: With this feature, the admin tasks are operated automatically that including user group allocation, grouping new user addition, deactivation, and more. So, all these tasks can be executed automatically with the assistance of a learning management system.

Customized Learning Solution: With the assistance of LMS, you can understand how the employees and trainees are performing. Accordingly, you can provide a personalized experience that can help them perform better.

Engaging User Interface: Nobody likes complications. Manually managing training resources was certainly a headache. But, with LMS, users are benefited from an engaging user interface that allows them to execute all the managing exercises with ease. It is straightforward to use for both learners and admins. So, it saves time and boosts productivity.

Course Administration: One of the most extensive features of investing in LMS is that you manage your courses with ease. With the help of this tool, you can create and organize lessons, register users, and prepare reports specific to the courses with ease. As and when the courses are created, they can be assigned to the users, and that too as per your customized needs.

Certifications: Another attribute that you get with the LMS platform is tracking the activities of the trainee’s certification program. It allows you to track and manage all the certifications with ease, and accordingly, you can strategize to assist them in progress without any hassle.

Gamification: Another major attribute that you get with the LMS solution is in the form of gamification. It allows you to keep the users and learners engaged all the way through with the infusion of leaderboards, badges, points, and awards. This can boost engagement and help produce better results.

Mobile Learning: All credit to LMS, you can now learn and train yourself on the move. With the help of the respective system, you can access the LMS solution without any hassle through your smartphone and pursue your training without any difficulty. You can access the same from anywhere, anytime, whatever be the device you are using.

Reporting: One of the most fascinating attributes that you get with LMS is reporting. You can analyze every single detail related to learners and employees through detailed reports of all the learner activities.

So, these are the attributes that you must get integrated with IT consultation services in your software. It helps your business enhance the training experience and avail better results. But, it is crucial that you first choose the right type of LMS that can serve your business needs. If you are not certain about which type of LMS you must use, then keep reading where we discuss the same. Let’s dive in.


Types of Learning Management System


A learning management system is a software application for educational courses, training programs, tracking, documentation and detailed reporting, delivery of academic courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. Let’s look at learning management systems from various frames of reference.


Installed LMS software and Web-based LMS


It has been seen that an enterprise software development company is mainly hired for the purpose of web-based LMS solutions when compared to installed LMS software. But, the expense of web-based LMS is on the higher side. So, which one would you select, let’s assess:

  • The web-based LMS can be accessed online from anywhere and that too anytime. With installed LMS, you get benefits from the offline solution.
  • With web-based LMS, you need to pay a monthly fee that entirely depends on the number of users, learners, and features used. But, with Installed LMS, you pay for the facilities you get. You cannot increase the features with this system.
  • With web-based LMS, you don’t have to install any software on your device. Here the enterprise software development company takes complete care of the hosting needs. Installed LMS has to be configured with the system as it is hosted locally. They can download or purchase the software online and then get the same installed on their system. You need to have a license for the same.
  • Web-based LMS solutions make vendors take complete responsibility for all the maintenance, upgrades, and issues. But, with installed LMS, all the responsibility is yours. You need to take care of all the aspects related to the installed LMS software.


Hosted LMS and SaaS/Cloud LMS


SaaS or cloud-based LMS is basically acknowledged as web-based LMS. Here the users can get their software hosted on the vendor’s server. But, when it comes to hosted LMS, this means it is a one-time investment, and software is hosted locally. So, which one you must invest in, let’s take a look:

  • With cloud-based LMS, all the responsibility is in the hands of the vendor. They need to make sure that the solution is secure, upgraded regularly and all the issues are resolved. But, with hosted LMS, all the responsibility is yours. You need to take care of all the upgrades, security, and troubleshooting.
  • Using cloud-based LMS, you don’t have to stress about the server as well. The vendor has complete control of the server and ensures the configuration is done without any hassle. With installed LMS, you have to take responsibility for the server and installation as well.
  • Cloud-based LMS can prove to be a bit expensive when compared to hosted LMS as it is a one-time purchase. With cloud-based LMS, you have to pay monthly as per the number of features, users, and learners.
  • With Cloud-based LMS, communication can be done online from any part of the world. One can get access to all the content and course materials with ease as and when it gets uploaded in the system.
  • You don’t have to worry about security and accessibility with a cloud-based LMS solution as experts take care of the same. With hosted LMS, all the responsibility is yours to ensure that there are no security-related issues.


Hopefully, now you can decide which type of LMS you might need for your business. It entirely depends on your business model, approach, and budget. Choosing an appropriate LMS can always help you in the long run and ensure that all the training solutions are delivered seamlessly. If you are looking for a mobile app development company to assist you in choosing the suitable LMS, then reach out to A3Logics anytime. We are here to make the job easier and more effective for you!