The Ultimate & Complete Guide for PHP Web Development Services

A3Logics 19 Aug 2022

PHP is a widely used open-source, server-side scripting language for building dynamic web pages. Rasmus Lerdorf takes the credit of developing this server-side scripting language in 1995, which is absolutely free to use. Since then, PHP has become the most popular choice of developers for building websites or web applications. It powers nearly 70% of the websites running over the internet. Partnering a certified PHP development company today, you can build a web application faster at affordable rates.

In this detailed guide, you will get a comprehensive overview of PHP web development, its benefits, drawbacks, how to choose the right PHP development company and so on.

So let’s dig deep and discuss everything in detail:

What is PHP Web Development?

PHP web development refers to the process of building interactive, feature-rich websites using the PHP programming language. Partnering a reliable PHP web development company, you can build a dynamic and interactive website solution, as per your business requirements and can turn your ideas into reality.

Hiring a PHP developer is an absolute must today for any firm-be it retail & ecommerce, education & elearning, banking, or any other business. Experienced PHP developers help companies create a robust-looking PHP website with a professional look and an interactive set of features.

The website you create using PHP web development services are highly ingenious and lets your clients identify the quality of you offered goods or services easily. It also works best with databases like MYSQL. If you want to learn both, get a detailed PHP and MYSQL database tutorial and learn how to build a project from scratch. If you are still not satisfied with the benefits of PHP for web development, visit the below section to know why you should choose PHP web development services.

Why Choose PHP for Web Development Services?

There are several reasons to choose PHP framework for web development. So, if you are approaching any PHP web development company, consider these reasons which may turn out to be beneficial for you and your business.

It is Fast to Load

PHP scripts must faster than any other programming language; hence, websites built using PHP loads superfast. PHP code has its own memory space and third-party accelerator to boost website performance and speed.

It Offers Lot of Customizations

If you want to build a highly interactive, feature-rich website, PHP must be your go-to choice, It can integrate with different databases easily and offers multiple frameworks (e.g., CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend, Laravel, etc.) to build complex applications with ease.

It is Easy to Use

PHP is the preferred choice for web development of many PHP developers due to its ease of use. Unlike traditional languages, it is extremely PHP is simple to learn and well organized.

It is Affordable

Availing PHP web development services is less expensive as compared to others. This is because most tool, frameworks or programs used for building websites under PHP are open source.

It is Highly Secure

PHP has several built-in security features that protect your website from different cybersecurity attacks. Common security threats like data tampering, SQL injections, etc. can be avoided easily when using PHP for website development.

Key Benefits of PHP Web Development for IT Businesses

PHP is widely used for web development and the reason behind is the number of PHP advantages for web development.

Save Budget Using PHP

The most promising reason to choose PHP development services for any IT consulting or software development company is the cost-advantage that it offers. PHP is open-source and requires no licensing fee to download it. Also, it has large community support to solve any development issues.

Building Websites using PHP Takes Less Time

PHP services save your time and effort, required in the process of website development. Partially object-oriented nature of the language makes code reusability possible in PHP.  PHP has a lot of frameworks like Laravel ,Codeigniter, etc. – each of them carries its own functionality for fast development of web solutions.

PHP is Highly Versatile and Integrative in Nature

The great advantage that PHP offers is its flexibility and versatility, PHP programs can run easily across all platforms, right from Windows, Linux to macOS. It also supports the majority of the servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, iPlanet, Caudium  Hence, businesses can use PHP for hybrid application development.

PHP is also an embedded language that easily meets the integration needs of website and app development companies. It can be embedded with most languages, including HTML, JavaScript, WML, XML, etc. as all its scripts are executed on the server-side.

PHP Services are Easily Scalable

When it comes to high ROI, business prefers to build IT solutions, released in iterations. With PHP web development, it is possible for businesses to build scalable IT software solutions and make necessary amendments with each update. As PHP code is well-written and excellently documented, iterative development with minimal errors is possible.

Good PHP Websites Help Attract & Retain Customers

Fast website loading is an essential factor of any website to grab audience attention over the internet, WIth PHP, you get features like fast data processing, outstanding customization options and seamless integration with databases. Hence, availing PHP web development services is never a bad option if you want to build a website with fast load capabilities.

How to Choose the Best PHP Development Company

Check Out the Company Website

It’s better if you check the company website for your chosen PHP development company. A PHP company should have a brilliant website with a lot of modern-day features Check out overall looks, features, functionalities, content, animations and graphics along with user-friendly aspect before you move on with future discussions.

Read The Client Reviews

By reading the clients reviews of your chosen PHP web development agency you can get an idea about their past projects and their quality of work. So, read all client testimonials and try to contact some of the clients to check their originality.

Consult about the Methodologies They Work Upon

Ask about the work process or methodologies your chosen PHP service provider follows for web development. It is important that their chosen working methods suit your project. If the project gets approved, ask for the workflow and project milestones from the client.

Ask for Questionnaire

A good PHP web development company always provide a project questionnaire to clients to clarify their doubts about the project offered to them. So, don’t forget to ask for the project questionnaire to make sure your chosen PHP partner and you are on the same project track.

Request a Quote

Don’t forget to ask for a quote or project estimation from your chosen PHP development company. Also, check whether they a fixed cost or dedicated development model? Can you hire a PHP developer on an hourly basis or project basis from them? What are the different payment modes they accept for the project?

Key Factor to Consider When You Hire a PHP Developer

If you are looking to hire a PHP web developer instead of a PHP development company, here are the things you should consider:

Experience and Expertise

Before you hire a PHP developer, check out his/her overall experience and technology knowledge. Check whether is a beginner, intermediate or an expert in his field. It is important to know the overall competence level of your chosen PHP developer. He/she possess good knowledge about varied PHP development tools, process, frameworks, etc.

Innovativeness & Adaptability

Any PHP developer your hire, look for the desire in him to learn about innovative and new-age technologies like Cloud Computing, AI and so on. Your chosen PHP partner must be a problem solver and one who follows a flexible working approach, so that he/can adjust according to requirements of your PHP project.

Quality Assurance

While hiring a PHP developer, check whether he can review or test the code and functionalities himself before delivering the code the QA team. Not only it helps you check skills of a PHP expert developer, but also helps you save time.

Clear and Transparent Communication

Make sure your chosen PHP web developer is good at communication. With PHP experts who are good at conveying their ideas to others, communication gaps can be minimized to a great extent, which helps you get better results.

Follow a Standard Approach

Any PHP developer or a PHP development company you hire, make sure they follow a standard, organized approach for project development. Also, make sure they use quality project management tools like Gitlab, Jira, Hubstaff and etc.

How Much Does it Cost for PHP Web Development?

There are different factors which affect the cost of PHP web development. Some of these factors include PHP developer location, experience, technical knowledge, project complexity & features, etc.

The hourly rate to hire a PHP developer ranges from 61 to 80 USD globally. Also, if we talk about the average annual salary of a PHP developer globally, it varies between 40,000 to 85,000 USD.

Best Places to Hire a PHP Developer

If you are looking to hire quality PHP developers, you can choose the following options

Freelance websites: Hire PHP developers from top freelancing platforms like Upwork, StackOverflow, LinkedIn Jobs, Indeed and so on.

Certified PHP development company: Some of the best PHP companies globally include A3logics, Hidden Brains, HQSoftware, Vrinsoft, ImageX, etc.

Wrapping it Up..!

PHP web development is widely used by companies to build interactive, scalable and feature-rich websites across the world. If you are looking for a quality PHP development company, partner A3logics.

We are a leading PHP development company in USA and India, who deliver quality website development services to all our clients. Our PHP developers have years of knowledge and experience in building feature-rich web applications as per client requirements. Contact us to more about our wide range of PHP services.