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7 Open-source Self-hosted Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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    The demand for learning management systems is getting higher with every passing. More than 70% of businesses have already witnessed significant gains with the LMS integration. It has helped businesses around the world to conduct training seamlessly and most importantly effectively. 

    We all know how traditional training was not only time-consuming but also not very effective. All thanks to technology, the world of training got a huge boost with the development of a learning management system. With this platform, trainees are able to complete their training successfully and help businesses make significant progress in terms of productivity, delivery of service, and also in growth. 

    We are here to help you with a few of the best open-source self-hosted learning management systems that can be a perfect fit for your business. With so many options available, it certainly gets difficult to choose one for your business requirements. This is why we are here with a shortlist to make things easier for you. Before that, let’s first understand what the Learning management system is and then proceed ahead. 

    Learning Management System: Summary

    LMS or learning management system is acknowledged as one of the most effective platforms taken into consideration for the purpose of training and learning. With the help of the respective platform, one can create courses, provide customized training, prepare detailed reports, and track progress reports as well. 

    There is a lot more attached to it that makes LMS so very effective for businesses of different sectors. It makes the entire process of training engaging, interesting, and fun because of the attributes it brings into play. 

    But all this is only possible if you get LMS solutions matching to your business model. This is why we are here to help you with the few of the best suggestions that can be a perfect fit to your business and help you with efficient training. Let’s dig in:

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    Best Open-Source Self-Hosted Learning Management Systems

    As stated above, there are several learning management systems available in the market. But not all can be as effective as they claim. There are only a few that can be worthwhile and a perfect match with your business model. 

    So, when you have finally decided to connect with an eLearning software development company to proceed ahead, make sure that you look at different prospects and then make your decision. 

    We are here to help you with the list of the best self-hosted ones that can assist you with the results you are looking forward to having. Take a look:21.7M

    1. Moodle

    When it comes to Moodle, is a popular platform considered around the world for the purpose of training and tutoring. It has the best and the most comprehensive attributes in play to bring the best results. Not only this, this exclusive platform comes with an easy-to-understand and uses the platform to provide an effective learning experience. There are a few attributes that make it a stand out option when compared to the rest and they are:

    • Collaborative tools, 
    • Calendar, 
    • Progress tracker, 
    • Text editor, 
    • Notifications,
    • File management.

    To deploy the respective learning management system, you need to hire enterprise software development experts as they do not provide managed hosting solutions. 


    • Plugin availability
    • Easy-to-understand user interface
    • Custom management attribute
    • Security updates regularly
    • Collaboration facility 
    • Admin control amenities,

    2. Forma LMS

    Talking about Forma LMS, it is one of the most popular self-hosted learning management systems used in different business sectors for the purpose of corporate training. This open-source system has all the attributes in place that can make the corporate training not only engaging but very much effective. 

    If you are thinking about the reasons that make Forma LMS the best possible platform to consider for training then take a look at the below-mentioned pointers:

    • Add courses, 
    • Manage content 
    • Customized Training 
    • Create webinar sessions 
    • eCommerce integration

    Taking the assistance of the respective LMS, you can provide your training with ease remotely. It allows you to organize the content as per the customized needs of your trainees. You can also create multiple versions of the contents and alert them to the employees as well. With the assistance of eCommerce integration, this LMS allows you to get your training monetized. So, you can sell your courses for certifications and generate revenue out of it.  


    • Intuitive Interface
    • E-commerce integration
    • Quick support
    • Plugin support

    3. Open edX

    All eLearning development companies are going to suggest edX to you about edX. It has been a highly recommended platform known for providing learning management solutions. It has all the attributes that can help you make the most out of your training and give your field of service an edge when compared over the others.

    If you are thinking about the reasons that make this software the best option to consider then take a look at the below specified attributes:

    • Degree programs
    • Customized learning solutions
    • Detailed monitoring
    • Proper analytics

    These are the aspects that make Open edX the best name in the industry. It helps you provide your training in the most proficient manner. Most companies have witnessed exquisite results after integrating the respective LMS. 

    You can connect with the experts for the purpose of deployment and managed to host to ensure the configuration is done to perfection.  


    • Seamless training platform 
    • Easy To Integrate with third-party applications 
    • University-tailored courses and content

    4. ELMS Learning Network

    When it comes to the ELMS learning network, it has all the bases covered to be one of the best learning management systems in the business. The best attribute that comes with this platform is that it comes with several tools that can be used for configuring the platform as per your training needs and requirements. 

    There are several businesses around the world using the respective platform to provide training solutions. As it can help businesses provide customized training solutions, it brings a lot more into plate when compared to other learning management systems. If you find any difficulty while using the respective tool, you can visit their website and check their demo video to know about the same. 


    • Wide range of tools 
    • Customized training solutions
    • Distributed learning solutions
    • Easy to integrate and use

    5. Canvas LMS

    There is no doubt in stating that Canvas LMS has to be one of the most used open-source LMS in the industry. This learning management system can be taken into consideration for different applications and purposes. This LMS is quite similar to one stated above Open edX. It is considered primarily by different universities and schools to manage their training and courses without any hassle. 

    The best part about this learning management system is that it can integrate with different technologies as well. Not only this, it also helps you with an API that allows you to get the attributes of Zoom, Google Classrooms, Microsoft Teams, and many more. It is also the perfect option to consider if you are thinking of investing in mobile learning solutions. If you are thinking about using it before implementing it then you can always consider testing the same by visiting their website. 


    • Just perfect for small-scale institutes 
    • API access
    • Number of options for integration 

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    6. Sakai LMS

    If you are still looking for a learning management system at reasonable rates and a wide range of attributes then you must not hesitate and consider opting for Sakai LMS. It comes with wide range of attributes that include:

    • Collaboration Applications
    • Grade assessment, 
    • Course management, 
    • App integration, 

    All these aspects make the respective LMS the perfect option to consider to avail the results you are looking forward to having. You can always visit their website and check with the best possible options available to test before getting the same implemented. 


    • Easy to understand interface
    • Collaborative tools
    • Engaging attributes

    7. Sensei LMS

    When it comes to Sensei LMS, it is one of the most proficient open-source tools used by businesses around the world. It is basically a plugin that is accessible for use in the WordPress platform. Using the same can certainly help you provide your training solutions a lot more effectively. 

    We all know how WordPress is the platform behind most of the websites in the world. If you already have a website developed using WordPress, you can get the respective plugins installed and use a learning management system that is not only easy to use but also very effective and time-saving. With the help of the respective tool, you can not only manage the courses but also sell them as and when you desire. It is also very much acknowledged for the support of WooCommerce extensions as well. It helps to monetize your platform and makes it easy to manage. 


    • Easy to implement and use
    • WooCommerce’s integration assistance and support
    • Quick installation
    • Makes managing easier
    • WooCommerce extensions

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    Wrapping Up

    So, these are the different types of self-hosted LMS that you must consider as per your business needs. If you are still finding it difficult then you can consider connecting with a reliable IT professional services provider to avail detailed assistance. A3Logics is one such company where you can avail yourself the best of LMS development services that can tick all the boxes as per your business model and needs. Reach out now!

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