7 Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software Providers For Brokers

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A3Logics 30 Nov 2023

Table of Contents


The adoption of advanced real estate transaction management software in your company will greatly impact the way you approach management practices. Is it time to supercharge your real estate? Don’t wait any longer, look at our modern software! Of course, we know that real estate transaction management can be difficult, but we have come up with one of the easiest solutions for this.


According to Infosys, the global real estate transaction management software market is estimated to be worth $2.5 billion in 2020, with a projected growth of 8.4% annually by 2025. Forbes reports that real estate brokers and agents are increasingly turning to digital tools and solutions such as transaction management software to automate processes like communication, document storage, and compliance.


We extend ourselves by providing a complete collaborative platform that covers all the people who are part of this process. The real estate transaction system encompasses, among others, teams such as brokers, deal agents, and groups and individuals like business administration executives or transaction coordinators.


Harvard Business Review states that transaction management software can help real estate brokers reduce paperwork and administrative costs by up to 20%. Moreover, our software is the ultimate success recipe in today’s cutthroat real estate market. Take advantage of this chance to simplify your transactions and surpass expectations.


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What is Real Estate Transaction Management Software?


A transactional management system for real estate is a special software, that helps realtors administer the deal process – from A to Z. Such activities involve the making of leads, first contacts, finalizing the sale, and after-sales follow-up for a long-term custom software development outsourcing relationship.

According to Gartner, the global real estate transaction management software market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5% from 2020-2025. Agents and brokers have access to transaction coordinator software. Which is usually an online system that can be used anytime from anywhere in the world. All transactions are centralized on a platform and real estate agents, coordinators, and brokers can use it to oversee all their deals.


Through real estate transaction management software, real estate professionals are able to automate most of their work’s administrative routines, track leads, and acquire visibility in real estate transactions. Real estate broker transaction management software is also enabled to produce, share, save, and digitally sign contracts through the transaction management software.

This also enables them to administer commissions, create precise lead reports, and improve compliance. In addition, it enables you to keep in touch with customers, record your communications, and create reminders to follow up when necessary.


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What is The Role and Importance of Transaction Management Software For Real Estate Brokers?


The best choice for brokers will enhance recruiting, automate compliance, and decrease overhead costs by helping your real estate brokerage or team work more efficiently and effectively.


Agents should be able to complete a full transaction on any mobile device wherever they are. Transaction coordinators should have the ability to review all their agents’ deals on a single platform with a single log-in. To support their agents by managing tasks, editing and sharing documents with clients as well as creating the transaction if desired.


The Importance of Transaction Management Software For Real Estate Brokers:


1. Generate and manage leads


Brokers and agents may use the real estate transaction management system to record ongoing transactions and also lead buyers and sellers. The software allows them to identify the trending property types that can catch more interest of prospective tenants.


2. Reduce paperwork


It enables the real estate agents to complete the transaction documentation in a quick manner and save time closing deals.


3. Improve efficiency


With real estate software, users can automate tasks like document handling and also they facilitate the filling of forms online. Artificial intelligence in software development can reduce the risk of manual mistakes and ultimately increase efficiency.


4. Foster communication


The communication tools available in real estate transaction management systems also enable their agents to communicate with potential clients already or willing to buy property.


5. Saves time


For instance, the software assists you in saving time by automating some of the crucial routine administrative functions in the real estate business. Real estate broker transaction management software includes following up on the client for the document signing process and manually saving important files.


Software Name Price (USD) Features
DocuSign $10/month
  • Digital signature
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Audit trails
Real Estate Pro $20/month
  • Automated tracking
  • Documents
  • E-mails
  • Integrated customer portal
BrokerForce $30/month
  • Document management
  • Automated deal flow 
  • Secure communication
Inman Connect $50/month
  • Real-time transaction tracking 
  • Custom portals 
  • Integrated CRM


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7 Top Real Estate Transaction Management Software Providers for Brokers


Here are some notable Real Estate Transaction Management Software options. Let’s explore them further.


1. Open to Close


Open to Close (OTC) was founded in 2020 and hasn’t been in existence for long. It has already established itself as an outstanding system for managing transactions that can help real estate brokers and agents “turn chaos into order”.


“Open to Close is a comprehensive system for managing transactions designed especially for real estate firms. It’s a cloud-based application that provides a complete solution to handle the entire real estate transaction system process from beginning to end. This cutting-edge tool allows real estate brokers and agents to streamline their workflows to reduce paperwork and save time and money.


One of the most notable characteristics that are unique to OTC is its easy-to-use interface. It’s simple and simple to use even for people who are not technically proficient. Open to Close is a simple and user-friendly application. Open to Close, real agents and brokers are able to easily manage and create their transactions, upload files, and monitor their performance.


One of the most memorable aspects of Open to Close includes…


  • Many integrations: Google Workspace, Microsoft, Follow Up Boss, SkySlope, DotLoop, Brokermint, Stripe,
  • Automation capability (the ability to automate intelligent blocks, triggers, or scheduled emails)
  • Forms for intake that can be customized (by altering your fields, contact details, and even the documents in accordance with the responses provided the intake forms have the potential to be fully dynamic)
  • The portal for the agent and client is a place where customers can see the timeline of dates, tasks, documents and tasks, documents and contacts. Digital transformation services also allow them to directly send messages to the agent who is handling the transaction.
  • Task management capabilities, such as the ability to build multiple task pipelines
  • Templates for property
  • Document management capabilities
  • Collaboration capabilities and the capability to create Team user permissions


In addition, Open to Close also has a mobile application, which allows users to view their transaction management software for real estate from anywhere.


2. SkySlope


SkySlope is another major name in the world of real estate. Established in 2011, the transaction management software quickly became among the top sought-after options available. It currently has the largest market share in the field and is used by more than 650,000 professionals in real estate throughout both the U.S. and Canada. The amount of real property transactions SkySlope is able to manage exceeds 3 million per year.


The vendor is aiming to design solutions that will revolutionize the real estate market through the creation of the most efficient self-contained property transaction system.


With this ambitious target in mind, the real estate transaction management software provider has introduced a number of useful features. Some of the most effective of these are…


  • Secure and reliable digital signature tool. DigiSign
  • Transaction management functionality
  • Listing management functions
  • Document management is a feature that can be used to manage documents
  • Quick Review of Audit File
  • Customisable real estate transaction checklists
  • Analytics and reporting, such as market share figures and tracking compliance
  • Broker dashboard


3. Brokermint


It is a complete cloud-based application designed to simplify the residential back office of real estate. The platform is popular with more than 1500 brokerages that serve more than 65,000 agents and handle more than 400,000 transactions per year.


Founded in San Diego, California, in 2014 with the goal of transforming the real estate business by providing advanced real estate transaction systems and Commission Automation. In the years since the platform has expanded to include Accounting Agent Management Reporting, as well as additional features.


Growth as a startup was due to its relationship with its customers, paying attention to their opinions and creating an application that meets the needs of small and mid-sized agencies and established brokerages. The core principle of the company is still in place in the present day.


Key features in managing transactions include:


  • Tailor-made Checklists
  • Task management features (to-do lists and notifications, reminders, and a summary of your day-to-day tasks)
  • Automated recording of transaction records
  • A complete picture of your transaction pipeline
  • Analytics and reporting by hiring remote software developers
  • A variety of integrations are available, such as Boomtown!, Propertybase, Inside Real Estate, Wise Agent, Dropbox, Google Workspace, Follow Up Boss, and accounting services, among others.
  • Mobile app


4. NetHunt CRM


NetHunt CRM provides robust software for managing transactions and CRM for real estate companies which is a part of its Gmail inbox. It allows users to control their transactions in real estate, manage their contact database, and automate custom software development outsourcing processes. It can also simplify reporting and analytics and centralized communication with leads and customers across various channels within the same space.


NetHunt CRM has quite an array of useful functions:


  • Auto-population of contracts using NetHunt’s data
  • Ability to save documents in client records
  • Contact management functions to store and segment contacts
  • Visualization and management of pipelines for transactions
  • Collaboration features offered by digital transformation services like tasks, mentions, as well as shared databases
  • Email marketing functions such as email templates, bulk emails tracking emails, email templates, and reports
  • Connectivity is available with LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Intercom to generate leads
  • Web forms to collect leads from websites or for all parties involved in the transaction to collect important information
  • Zapier integration allows NetHunt’s CRM to the tools you enjoy
  • Workflow automation functionality such as automated lead capture, automated task assignment and distribution, and notifications/reminders
  • Leads are nurtured with drip campaigns in a way that is automatic
  • Reporting capability to create different kinds of reports
  • Integrating transaction management software for real estate with other Google services such as Google Contacts, Looker Studio, Calendar, Google Drive, and Chat


5. DotLoop


DotLoop is among the top brands in the real property market for transaction management software. It was founded in 2009 and it was purchased from Zillow Group in 2015.


According to DotLoop the company’s mission is “to provide enjoyable real estate transactions by bringing together individuals and software to help agents offer a better experience to their clients”.


Although the goal is very extravagant, DotLoop seems to be in the right direction to achieve its objectives. The software for transaction management has a 4.2 G2 rating and was named the 2022 leader. Within the Real Estate Transaction Management category with a score of 99 points out of hundred by GetApp.


With the many functions this real estate transaction management software has to offer, it’s an excellent option for the entire field of real estate professionals such as agents, brokers, and teams of real estate.


The most important aspects of DotLoop include:


  • Audit trail
  • Listing management function
  • Functions of compliance management
  • Automated workflows
  • E-signatures
  • Templates for document and task lists, document templates
  • Document editor
  • Integrations with CRM software for real estate Marketing, accounting, and CRM platforms
  • MLS as well as Association feeds
  • Collaboration tools


DotLoop is also famous as a live-streaming dashboard and report tool that provides real estate managers with a 360-degree perspective into their custom software development outsourcing procedures.


6. Shaker


Shaker.io is a full system for transaction management and CRM specially designed for real estate agents. It is designed to improve and streamline the selling and buying of homes from beginning to end and beyond to create long-lasting relationships with clients. Shaker’s slogan “Close quicker, communicate better, and turn property transactions to enduring relationships” is a clear call to action on delivering a memorable experience for all those who are involved.


Shaker’s most notable features are:


  • Contact management features, for example, segmentation of databases with the help of custom tags
  • Portal for clients with a brand name
  • Storage of checklists for documents and document storage
  • Reporting is a reporting feature
  • DocuSign & Dotloop integrations
  • Mobile apps for agents who are on the move
  • Synchronized calendar and email
  • Collaborative functionality
  • Visual Deal Pipelines
  • The timeframe for transactions
  • Task management functionality


7. Paperless Pipeline


Paperless Pipeline is a web-based real estate transaction management software designed to aid real estate firms in simplifying their workflows and cutting down on the amount of paperwork. It is a one-stop solution to manage all real estate-related transactions from beginning to end, allowing users to quickly make, manage, and monitor transactions on the same secure and centralized online platform.


Paperless Pipeline boasts its flexibility and scaling. Furthermore, the system has been built to handle a high volume of transactions, making it the ideal solution for custom software development services of all sizes.


Paperless Pipeline provides an extensive array of features designed to aid real estate professionals in becoming more productive at their jobs:


  • Customisable checklists of transactions that are automatically applied to real property transactions based on the kind of deal. The partner or location, as well as every stage or status.
  • Automated due dates for tasks determined by the date of listing and acceptance date. The alternative period and contingency due dates, or the date of completion.
  • Custom real estate transaction reports.
  • Changes to the document trail.
  • The capability to create multiple locations, each with its own agents, admins as well as checklist settings, and more.
  • Customization for each user’s personal preferences to the interface for the system.
  • Integrations with apps from third parties.


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What are the Benefits of Implementing Real Estate Transaction Management Systems in an organization?


The management of the real estate transaction can prove challenging and time-consuming because there are many parties involved and various things to track. Real estate broker transaction management software is able to concentrate on delivering excellent customer service with the most effective software for managing real estate transactions. Some of the major benefits of using software to manage transactions for real estate companies are as follows:


1. Improved Effectiveness


Firstly, it is possible to save time and improve the efficiency of your business by automating tedious tasks and workflows. Such as tracking and mailing agreements for real estate, keeping up with clients, and meeting deadlines by digital transformation services companies


2. Improved Productivity


Real estate professionals tend to stay organized and productive. They are less likely to be late with deadlines or crucial documents if all information related to transactions is kept in one place.


3. Improved Communication


Improved communication among all those involved in the sale of properties. The best proptec software development to manage real estate transactions enhances communication and collaboration by allowing multiple stakeholders such as agents, customers as well and service providers to exchange and access the latest transaction data in real time.


4. Improved Client Experience


Insofar as there is transparency and clear communication throughout the entire process of completing transactions. A well-designed transaction management system can improve the overall experience for customers.


5. Increased Accuracy


Many manual processes, like the input of data and the preparation of documents. They are automated to eliminate errors and improve the accuracy of data related to transactions.


6. Increased Adherence


Real estate professionals can stay at the forefront of compliance requirements and make sure all documents required are maintained and executed using software for transaction management.


7. A One-Stop Shop


Lastly, through effective transaction management agents might be able to locate customer information, keep track of the interactions with customers, or identify. Their most valuable leads can result in higher sales and happy customers by hiring remote software developers. We provide a customer-relationship management (CRM) platform that makes it easier to manage customer engagement.


What Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting Real Estate Transaction Management Software?


When selecting software for transaction management in your real estate company. You must make sure that the system you select is suited to your particular needs and adapts to your internal procedures.


There is a specific list of features that an effective system for managing real estate transactions must include:


  • The capability to automatically populate contracts using transaction management system information and attach documentation to the transactions (records).
  • E-signature capabilities for digital signatures and document execution.
  • Communication tools to collaborate with real-time updates (mentions or team members’ tagging tasks, etc.).
  • Mobile access to work on the go and accessibility.
  • Analytics as well as reporting features to track the performance of team members or agents and filtering transactions. Based on status and type, agent, etc., and monitoring the progress towards goals by real estate software development services
  • Integration with Multiple Listing Service (MLS) systems to provide easy access to information about properties.
  • CRM capabilities for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities for managing information about clients and communications.
  • Templates for an email with individualization (mail merge) and mass email.
  • Integration with the most popular Real estate and real-estate software, as well as other tools.


How do you select the Top Software Development Company for Real Estate Transaction Management Software?


Software Development Company, today there are software solutions for all kinds of corporate needs whether it’s data analytics or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the management of inventory, or even transaction management. Without this software, no business can be successful or survive in the present market. Of all the options, however, there is something more impressive about the real estate transaction systems. 


As businesses try the best they can to stay competitive with each other and compete.  However, they are all searching for the best custom software development company that their budgets will allow. Are you stuck on the best way to locate the perfect software development company? If you are, then look no further! We have created a list of steps and suggestions that can be followed to find the most skilled developers.


1. Understanding Your Needs


Firstly, custom software is typically developed with one primary objective in mind – to improve the effectiveness of the corporate system. This is accomplished by highlighting all features your company needs in a program and removing everything you don’t. To accomplish this, first, determine what your company’s goals are.


2. Offshore vs Onshore Partnerships


Secondly, you now have an idea of what you’re trying to achieve when you come up with your business concept. Next, you must choose the location you’d like to finish your venture.


In this case, you could select an onshore development firm as well as an offshore company. Offshore development firms are typically separated from you by miles of distance, whereas nearshore and onshore custom software development services are found in areas closer to yours.


3. Recommendations from trusted colleagues


Thirdly, in the next step, you’re looking for a company that will meet your budget and other needs. If you are able to determine if you prefer outsourcing your software development task or not you are able to ask for recommendations from friends and friends and colleagues you can trust. There are some advantages of using referrals rather than doing the entire research yourself.


  • Experience: A coworker will likely provide you with references based on their personal experiences or their experiences with someone they know. This helps you understand and trust the internal operations of software firms that are located in America.
  • Alternative Options: If you talk to your trusted friend they’ll be able to give you an unbiased and broader review of your plan. This can aid you in identifying any weaknesses of your strategy that you could have overlooked. When it comes to employing a developer for software they could even assist you to identify better alternatives than those you already know about.


4. Review Portfolios


Fourthly, at this moment you’ll need to have narrowed down some of the leading software development companies in USA and around the world. They’re probably to be within the budget you have set and appear competent to deliver your task in a timely manner.


The next step is to review their work samples from the past. Therefore, we suggest that you organize a meeting with your team regarding any portfolios from your potential partners in software development.


5. Compare Offers


Fifthly, if you’re tempted to examine the costs and select the less expensive ones, pause for only a second! While it may appear to be the best choice, we’re here to advise you to think twice.


Naturally, in order to increase your earnings, you might prefer an IT development firm that charges the lowest amount of dollars. But, if you contrast the cost to what they do, the level of quality. Most importantly, their works are knowledge levels and their technical proficiency might not be an ideal number.


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As a Real estate broker, you would look for an assistive tool that would help save your precious time by eliminating the necessity of holding numerous physical meetings.  Statista estimates that in 2020, the United States accounted for around 44.4% of the global real estate transaction management software market share. Moreover, with this in mind, you need to have an effective means of storing documents in compliance and security while keeping your most personal documents safe.


As a broker, you would need to have good communication skills among other things. Deloitte research suggests that the use of transaction management software among real estate brokers in Europe is expected to grow at a rate of 7.9% annually by 2025. Moreover, to that end, you would need an inadequate reporting tool that would give your real estate partner an entire monthly report on your work as a broker. A program that would categorize your leads based on their stage of contact and closure.

Ensure that you hire a competent and best real estate transaction management software firm. Therefore, it is capable of developing comprehensive real estate administration software in addition to smart, fully automatic features supplemented by cloud computing consultancy services to maintain cloud-related matters.


Also, it can provide IT professional services such as round-the-clock cloud support. However, it should not shy away from proposing any improvements that could be incorporated into your real estate management software program.


Custom Code Chronicles: Where Your FAQs Take Center Stage!


1. Does your transaction management enable you to automate a compliance review process?


Firstly, ensure you identify special features like unique workflows that aid in transitioning your transaction to the next phase of review. While setting up the compliance program for broker approval with the help of custom software development companies in USA.

2. Are your agents and admins able to submit documents quickly for review?


Find a platform that allows agents to fill in the document and send it to be reviewed. This should also be done on the mobile apps.


3. Is it possible to design a template that will allow you to conduct transactions automatically?


This enables agents to ensure that all the needed documents and data reach their final point of transaction, the closing. Good solutions by enterprise software development companies facilitate placing the placeholder for a document that does not originate from the program itself. Like earnest money receipt by admin or transaction coordinator. Also, check if certain transactional data pertaining to your brokerage should be captured within these fields.


4. Can your system help in keeping your company’s operations audit-proof?


Make sure that it gives you an opportunity to sign electronically, a document’s history, activity logs, and the possibility of getting text in the CSV format.

5. Do your office admins and transaction coordinators review, share as well and edit documents with your agents?


Ensure smoothness by facilitating agent tasks such as admins and transaction coordinators without having to log in and out of their profiles.

6. How would you feel if your transaction coordinators could facilitate instant communication with agents when responding immediately matters to you?


The deal will run smoothly since there are many ways for agents to communicate with their clients such as notifications, text messaging, and task lists.


7. Can you see into the transaction at any point?


Go for a tool that allows oversight and visibility in every stage including deal start, possible leads, or even the failed deals.

8. Can you extend this product in a way that lets you move and manage your data with front-and-back office apps?


Some of the top-level systems allow input of data from a CRM in order to track returns on investments among other things. However, they may also be hooked up with a back office app. Custom software development companies in the USA will assist in generating more accurate transaction records for convenient settlements and financial statements.

Transaction data should sync with a variety of visualization tools. Which include Google Sheets and Google Data Studio for the most straightforward overview and navigation of analytics.

Moreover, analysis of the transaction is done through easy downloads of .csv extended reports, in addition to more fine-grained reporting.