E-learning App Development: 5 Most Asked Questions

A3Logics 19 Aug 2022


E-learning apps are the need for today. They have become one of the best ways to study and learn something new, at the leisure of being at home. These days more and more companies are building an app for online learning, and this has paved all new paths for e-learning app development services. These apps are quite famous among the youth and working professionals who are willing to learn something new with their current job or studies. Also, these days mostly all schools are moving and updating their syllabus according to online learning patterns. And, for that, they are also using different kinds of eLearning solutions.

This increase in demand for e-learning apps is a great opportunity for businesses to encash upon. However, entrepreneurs are highly skeptical before investing their money into any new technology or app. The first thing they tend to do is lookout for a proficient and experienced mobile app development company that can develop the app exactly per their requirements. There are a number of questions which an entrepreneur has, before getting his e-learning app developed, and today, we have compiled a list of some of the top most asked questions which our clients have in mind while getting an e-learning app developed:

1. How much does an e-learning app development cost?

This is one of the topmost asked questions and also the first question which comes into the mind of an entrepreneur who is planning to get an e-learning app developed. So, to begin with, no two app development costs are the same. Even if you plan to get the same app developed the cost of developing those apps would be different.

If we talk about e-learning app development cost, there are a number of different factors that determine this. The development cost would entirely depend on the type of app you want to get developed, the features set, the technology stack which you are planning to use to get your app developed, and more importantly the location of your elearning software development company.

However, if we talk about the overall cost to build an e-learning app with basic features, it can vary between $8000 to $30,000. Further, if you are looking to get a customized e-learning app, having some advanced features like CRM integration, real-time analytics, etc. then it might cost a little bit more, somewhere between $35000 to $70,000.

Remember, the final cost of your e-learning app will also entirely depend upon the type of app and the features you want to include in it. The simpler the app, the less would be its cost.

2. What are the must-have features to be included in an enterprise-level eLearning Solutions or App?

Based on what you want to deliver to your users, your app features depend. But one thing which you must keep in mind while getting an e-learning app developed, is that the need for a student and a teacher is quite different. Your app must suffice to their requirements, individually. But Here is a list of some of the essential features, which are loved by both the students and teachers, that you must ask your mobile app developer to include in your e-learning app:

  • Leaderboards functionality which brings out the competitive spirit among students and motivates them to do better.
  • Performance measuring tools like quizzes and timely assessments
  • Ability to share documents among teachers, students, and learners.
  • Interactive platform which to engage and retain more and more users.
  • Payment integration to facilitate the easy purchase of videos, books and other learning products with the app.
  • Video streaming allowing live classrooms to increase user engagement
  • Push notifications to get all the related updates in the ap about the class, new uploads, materials, etc.
  • Real-time performance tracker to track app performance and user behavior.
  • CMS Integration for managing the content of the learning app.
  • Live chat option to connect students with teachers in case of confusion.

3. What are the best tools and technology stack for e-learning apps?

Choosing the right technology stack for your app development is tough. Technology can either make or break your app. Choosing the right technology is very crucial as the whole functioning of your app depends on the technology used to build it. So, if you are not able to make the right choice, it’s better to seek professional help from a renowned app development company. The experts there are highly experienced and based on your requirement, they will easily suggest the most appropriate technology stack.

There are a large number of tools and technologies available in the market. It may be possible that a particular technology may have worked for some project might not be the right fit for another. But the tools and technology majorly depend upon the type of app. Whether you are looking for a native or a hybrid app development, tools will differ. Here is the list of some impeccable development tools and technologies which are popular among developers:

  • Claro
  • Articulate Storyline
  • iSpring Suite
  • SumTotal ToolBook
  • Lectora
  • Adobe Captivate

4. Is it a good idea to invest in an e-learning app?

E-learning apps are a great option for businesses to invest in. They are in quite high demand these days. People prefer studying online as it facilitates learning in a much convenient manner. Students can learn things anytime and can access these apps from any place. These apps can be of great help for those who are looking to refresh their studies or want to take up a new course to enhance their skills, or even who are looking for any certification for their job. These apps offer an interactive platform for learners. E-learning apps are fully backed by a number of features that can really help users in studying in a better way. Learning apps can be used to follow up on the assigned learning activities or to provide training boosters to help learners resolve on-the-job challenges. There are various features like gamification, video calling, live chat support, etc, which allows users to connect and interact with other users. This makes studying all the more fun and interesting.

In short, these apps can definitely be profitable for your business as they are highly capable of attracting and engaging users, which eventually results in higher revenue.

5. Where can I find the team of best and dedicated developers who can build an interactive, scalable, and robust e-learning app?

A3Logics is the one-stop destination for all the e-learning app solutions. Here we have a team of skilled and experienced developers, designers, QAs, testers, etc. who strive to offer the best-in-quality product within the stipulated time frame. We have a dedicated team of highly experienced and professional experts, who can help you out – no matter what industry you operate in – retail ecommerce solutions, banking & finance, transportation or others.

Other Cumulative & Calculative Questions

6. Who is the target audience that you want to capture through the eLearning solution?


Before beginning to design a prototype of your elearning solution, measurable time must be spent on analyzing the needful audience that will benefit from your services.

Create a list of the audience respective of their age, profession, or location, such as –

  • The project being developed focuses on which age group? Is it a mix of only students or only tech-savvy?
  • If picking tech-savvy as your audience, what must be their experience? Or should they be freshers or trainees?
  • Have these targeted audiences ever received a similar kind of training? If yes, what were their reviews?

These few questions can influence the content creation and delivery to your targeted audience. This also helps in deploying engaging content, which consequently will enhance your business ROI.

You can further deepen the research by understanding the key problems they might have faced using a substantial elearning platform. This way you will be able to work on weaknesses and strengthen them by addressing their concerns.


7. What can make your product distinguished from other platforms?


With a multitude of custom lms development platforms available in the market, it is extremely challenging for new businesses with a similar idea to scale in this competitive market. Hence, to pull others back and reach forth for the goal, you need to target what others are not providing. Ask a few questions, such as –

What are the barriers ahead of you after development?

  • Are the barriers related to motivation?
  • Are the barriers related to awareness?
  • Are the barriers related to ineffective management?

Adding personalization can help to ace your product and remove the thin veil set between you and your audience.

8. What type of content will you be deploying?


When underlying the level of audience that you are targeting, you must ensure the level of content that you will create and deploy. Content is the most crucial part of any elearning system. Hence, whichever category you pick of the content, ensure you deliver it the best quality.

You can select from either informational content or content that impacts behavior. You can also combine both for your users, but ensure you do not compromise on quality, which is among the main factors to measure success.

Moreover, regular upgrades in the existing system deliver continuous engagement. Hence, partnering with the researchers and trainers along with integrated IT professional service can help you deploy good quality and updated content for continuous learning.


9. How to measure the success of the course developed?


Just like any other product or content development requires rational thinking yet adding some personalization from the very beginning, your elearning app development requires the same holistic approach.

You along with your product engineering services providing team must establish the key issues in the beginning and ways to solve them will be an add-on to your scalability. You can evaluate them through these questions, such as –

Before designing the course, was it discussed?


Learners can offer their feedback on the course, whether it was beneficial or found other courses much educational.


Course rate or duration of completion?


Check the average duration any user takes to complete the course. Also, what score they are obtaining from the course will give you the indicator of how well the course has been designed.


Is there any change in the performance?


Source or evidence of the content shared is essential as it promotes authentication. This enhances the knowledge transfer as well as engagement among the learners for the respective topic.

These points lead to the evaluation or measurement of success from scratch of the elearning app you develop.


10. What are the steps followed to create, host, and distribute the elearning course?

After the clear identification of the content and the gap analysis within the market that lies between the customer and the brand. Content must be evaluated whether it is suitable for the online course development.

  • Further, the instructional design of content must be arranged.
  • Review the final drafts of the subject matter by experts.
  • Then must be the elearning course implemented in the development phase.

With the deployment phase, the content course must be implemented to learning management systems or relative software.

To implement the course to appropriate app or software –

  • The course must be broken down with a proper process.
  • Data themes must be compiled with an instructional design that enables seamless fit within the app.
  • Compilation of materials and resources with the program.
  • Adding gamification to improve learning experience and engagement.

After this process, you can easily upload the course to the LMS. Adding graphics, video, & images can enhance interactivity, hence their integration has become essential.


11. What are the necessary inclusions and exclusions during elearning app development?


You will have to define what features or modules will be available and whatnot.

– eLearning Development Inclusions:

You can define the content curation included in the LMS through 30 to 90 min self-contained modules or as sequence as per complexity.

Adding graphics, content in bullet points, pie charts & much more.

Inclusions may also comprise legal references, narrated text, text media in simple language, and quizzes & assessments.

You can also include a certificate on the completion of the course or passing the assessment.

Further, offering flexibility to learn the course on individual understanding and pace can be defined in the app as an added feature.


– Exclusions for the elearning Courses:

Despite the personalization offered to the learners using the elearning app, you can have some premium versions, where the learner can access the advanced level learning material.

  • You must analyze that learners may need advanced support or video sessions for a better and clear understanding of the content.
  • You can enable the learners to access practice sessions.
  • Navigate the learners to contact and coordinate with the respective training personnel or component.
  • Ensure promoting your course material with advanced & upgraded content to captivate the audience to join you.


12. How is the eLearning course packaged and promoted?


Packaging and promoting the course is truly optional for the IT consultation services provider to offer. If the vendor is offering the service, the course is identified and determined ambiguous of user interest. Moreover, refined testing is run to test the app and the features and module functionality. Hence, the qa and software testing services provider must be proficient and understand the demographics of the learner while testing.

The quality check must include –

  • Assessment of the functionality.
  • The timing of uploading the course.
  • Release numbers on online course updates.
  • Re-testing or regression testing to check server bandwidth and speed.
  • Seamless learning experience.
  • Data Integrity.
  • Confidentiality and security of course as well as student information.
  • Underline and test the changes every time occurred in the content.

You can hire experts from our dedicated software development team, who have successfully created and deployed a number of e-learning apps using the latest trends and technologies. If you are looking for comprehensive e-learning app development services, we are ready to serve you and convert your idea into reality.