Over the past many years, the oil and gas industry played catch-up with e-commerce, banking, and healthcare sector when it comes to embracing digitization and advanced technology solutions to boost business efficiency and profits. 

But, the situation is changing now. Many companies are now implementing oil and gas software solutions in their upstream and downstream operations to cut costs and streamline operations. Some of the largest oil and gas companies across the globe now leverage advanced technologies like data analytics, cloud computing, digital twins, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and predictive maintenance to foster innovation in their business practices. 

According to the Accenture 2019 survey, 97% of the upstream and 91% of the downstream executives from the oil and gas sector agreed that technology has fast paced the speed of innovation in their business in the past three years. 

In such times, its vital oil sector companies implement modern technology solutions in their business to join the digital revolution. 

Here are some of the best oil and gas software solutions that businesses can implement to automated and streamline their company operations: 

Oil and Gas Downstream Management Software Solutions

Downstream Oil and Gas Software 

Downstream oil and gas production software refers to an integrated system that manages downstream activities such as customer management, transport management, contract & deal management, etc for oil and gas companies. Having such software in place ensures faster deployment and collaboration across your oil plant. Using a cloud-based app or software for downstream operations also helps you enhance the overall customer experience by increasing transparency across the acquisition-to-distribution lifecycle. 

Key Functions of an Integrated Downstream Oil and Gas Management System 

  • Contract management 
  • Customer and deal management 
  • Acquisition and supply chain management
  • Transportation management 
  • Reporting and Analytics

Refinery Scheduling Software 

A refinery scheduling software in oil and gas businesses manage multiple operational activities like dock scheduling, product blending, product distribution, and delivery of final products. By using custom software, you can reduce the costs associated with refinery scheduling to a large extent. It also improves your responsiveness and decision-making ability by allowing you to schedule all key refinery tasks from a single platform. 

Key Benefits of Refinery Scheduling Software 

Refinery Scheduling Software

  • Optimal refinery planning 
  • Faster simulation 
  • Automated workflow 
  • 24/7 Support for balancing and threading

Oil And Gas Retail Management System 

A retail management system in oil and gas operations automates payment processing and sales tasks. Such solutions boost the profitability of fuel retailers by improving their payment processing tasks. Having such software also protects your revenue from inventory loss or prevents downtime due to absence of a solid retail management solution. Having a faster payment experience also results in higher customer satisfaction with your services. 

Key Benefits of Oil and Gas Retail Management System 

  • Improved Customer Experience 
  • Cost-effective operations
  • Superior Fuel inventory management
  • Seamless Integration with different payment options 
  • POS technical support

Oil and Gas Analytics Software 

To lower operation and maintenance costs, the use of analytics software is a must for oil and gas companies. Analytics can be pretty useful in predictive maintenance, forecasting, analysis, and risk management and energy trading activities. From upstream to downstream oil and gas operations- predictive analysis can be applied by using custom software. 

Oil and Gas Analytics software

Oil and Gas Midstream Management Software Solutions

Midstream Oil And Gas Software 

Oil and gas software for midstream activities manages the pipeline, marine & service, and supply chain operations. Apparently, the raw oil & gas material is transported to processing centers, and from there to end-users with the assistance of tanker, barge, pipeline truck, and/or by rail. A midstream oil and gas software streamline store, transportation, and pipeline activities to connect the producers to markets. 

Key benefits of Integrated Midstream oil and gas software 

  • Streamlined Business Operations 
  • Improved Customer Experience 
  • Effective Operations Management 
  • Improved Gas And liquid management 
  • Cost Savings 

Oil And Gas Transportation Management System

A oil and gas transportation management software streamlines the logistics operations, from dispatching, route optimization to product delivery. Such software integrates with advanced IoT devices, GPS, and other navigation tools for shipment and cargo tracking. It also provides in-depth analytics or reports for improving logistics network performance. For example, you can use a TMS tool to plan, optimize, or change the fuel shipment route if any transportation issues arise. You can use such tools for pipeline operations, LN, crude management, and much more. 

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Key Features of Oil and Gas Transportation Software 

  • Pipeline Management 
  • LNG management 
  • Crude Transportation 
  • Travel Analytics and Reports
  • Customer Management 

Pipeline Performance Tracking System (PPTS)

PPTS is a useful tool for the oil and pipeline businesses to ensure compliance with the industry’s environmental and safety standards. By using this software, companies can track and analyze the performance of their pipeline in real-time. This tool offers insights into areas of environmental stability, pressure & metering, remediation, and more. You can receive condition-based alerts or notifications when using cloud-based software. 

Oil and Gas Accounting Software 

Oil and gas accounting software is a software system that records, tracks, and manages financial transactions of businesses. It helps oil and gas companies achieve greater value from their complex assets. Tracking complex contracts, owner lease agreements, and capital expenditures become easier when you have such software installed in your workplace.

Depending upon your needs, you can choose from a variety of accounting tools like: 

  • Financial reporting software 
  • Fixed asset accounting software 

Oil and Gas Downstream Production Solutions 

Oil and Gas Contract Management Software 

OIl and gas contract management software manages the entire contract lifecycle and ensures compliance with EHS and EPA standards for oil and gas companies. Non-compliance to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations result in heavy financial penalties for oil & gas businesses. So, having such software is essential for you, as an oil and gas business owner, to upgrade contract management practices and avoid any legal worries.

Key benefits of this tool include increased visibility into contract clauses, seamless tracking of contract data, standardized contract creation workflows, and 24/7 access of contracts from cloud computing consulting services.

Key Features of Oil and Gas Contract Management Software 

Contract Management Software

Oil and Gas Land Management Software

Land management is a crucial aspect of the upstream value chain for oil and gas businesses. This is because every exploration and product organization activity is dependent on it. When done properly, companies can grow faster and outpace the competition. Leveraging an oil and gas land management software is the best way to streamline lease acquisition, interactive mapping, data analysis, and recommendation tasks for oil and gas companies. The presence of custom land management tools will automate the recommendation process, ensure one-click integration and superior broker management activities for your business. 

Key Features of Oil and Gas Land Management Software 

  • Lease Acquisition
  • Lease Management 
  • GIS mapping 
  • Document management
  • Data Analytics and Reports 

Custom Oil and Gas Software Solutions to Boost Your Business Profits 

In a nutshell, implementing modern technology solutions in upstream, midstream, and downstream operations boost business profitability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction rate for oil and gas companies. 

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