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A3Logics 18 Aug 2022


COVID-19 has made businesses fetch themselves in digital mode. Not only has it helped them survive the pandemic, but it has also delivered even better results. One of the biggest changes most of the business made during this phase was investing in Learning management system and LXP development services.

LMS or Learning management system is basically a platform that allows different business sectors to provide training solutions to their employees in the office and also remotely. But, that’s not all; the results of the same were remarkable.

Following the traditional approach of training didn’t allow the trainers to understand whether the trainees were able to complete the courses successfully or not. So, the results were not successful. But, with this solution, things did change. The trainers get a complete understanding of how the learners are performing, and accordingly, they could strategize to make sure that they perform better.

This tool comes with several attributes that have made life easier for the trainers to get the results businesses are aiming for. But it is important that businesses use the right LMS platform to gain the results they are looking for. This is why we are here to help you with this write-up.

Here we are going to discuss more learning management system examples that can be considered to reap maximum benefits.

But let’s first understand what LMS is all about and then take the discussion ahead.


What Learning Management System (LMS) Is All About?


When it comes to learning management systems, it is all about helping trainers to conduct training seamlessly with result-oriented facilities. This platform comes with a wide range of tools and features that help the trainees to deliver their training solutions a lot more effectively. From helping them create courses to its distribution to complete monitoring of the progress, a lot more can be done with the help of the respective tool.

All you need is the support of the right custom LMS development company. The experts understand your business model and help you have the platform designed accordingly. So, you can be certain that your LMS is going to help you avail of the benefits you are looking forward to having. Now when you are clear about what the learning management system is, let’s understand who can use the respective system and get the best results out of it.


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Who Can Use a Learning Management System?


As stated above, the learning management system is basically taken into consideration for the purpose of providing training solutions. Literally every business or sector involves training, so LMS can benefit all without a doubt.

It has features that can help literally every sector in the industry to not only provide training solutions but also gain significant profits out of it. All you need is the assistance of a reliable eLearning software development company that can understand the business approach and get the learning management system developed, keeping every bit of it in mind.

To make things clearer, the learning management system can be taken into consideration by:

  • All the organizations and corporations around the world can consider using LMS for their training needs and requirements.
  • It can also be used by educational institutes to provide training and tutoring solutions remotely and keep their classes running whatever be the situation.
  • Learning management systems can also be considered by government agencies to track whether the employees are getting hold of the new policies and updates or not.

So, these aspects literally show that all the business sectors can consider using the respective platform for their benefit and enhance business growth significantly. But the benefits are only possible if the businesses are able to get the right LMS integrated. This is why we are here to help you with the examples that can help you make your decision a lot more wisely. Take a look:


Learning Management System Examples


1) Mindflash


When it comes to Mindflash, it has been one of the best and most popular elearning platforms taken into consideration by educational institutes and businesses around the world. It allows students to pursue their courses on the move and get their training completed at their convenience. It allows the trainers to conduct their training seamlessly and make every candidate complete the same successfully.


Features It Brings in To Play:


  • With the help of the respective learning content management system, you can avail the benefit of seamless training, tutoring, onboarding, and monitoring.
  • Another major attribute that comes with the respective tool is in the form of Perfect Content Conversion. It helps you develop new courses or also get the existing ones uploaded without any hassle.
  • This tool can be used by every business sector and enterprise.
  • Using this tool, you can add gamification attributes to your training in the form of quizzes, leader boards, API, and more.


2) SkyPrep


Talking about SkyPrep, it is acknowledged as one of the highly acclaimed platforms when it comes to providing training solutions. This award-winning LMS has been used by businesses and industries around the world for different purposes. It is popular because of its intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. Not only this but it is also appreciated for its quick and effective support service.

With the help of the respective Cloud-based LMS integration, you can not only create courses but also manage and track the progress of the same without any hassle. In a matter of a few clicks, you are going to get a proper understanding of how trainees are going about their training and accordingly, you can frame a better strategy to avail better results.


Features It Brings in To Play:

  • Create courses in a matter of a few clicks.
  • It comes with real-time reporting facility
  • Improves course distribution
  • Personalized courses as per needs
  • Monitor progress and performance
  • Sell courses with the help of this platform with white-labelling options
  • Fully secure
  • Supports multiple languages

3) ProProfs LMS


If you are looking for an LMS that is very easy to understand and use, then there is none better than ProProfs LMS. With the help of the respective LMS solutions, you can deploy business training sessions and get the best results out of them. This system can be taken into consideration for the purpose of compliance training, HR programs, and various other policy updates and training. Using this platform, you can create courses in a matter of minutes and get them running right away as well.

With the help of the respective tool, you can also get complete support on the post and pre-training solutions. It can be used by professionals of all experiences and for different purposes. It comes with attributes like surveys, quiz preparation tools, collaboration tools, and quick reporting.


Features It Brings in To Play:


  • 100+ ready-to-use courses
  • Secure virtual classroom
  • Easily customizable course templates
  • Keep trainees engaged through gamification attributes
  • Administer learner assignments, groups, and progress with ease
  • Detailed reporting & analytics

4) iSpring Learn


When it comes to iSpring Learn, it has been considered one of the easiest to use learning management software by the IT professional services providers around the world. You can consider using the respective Learning management system for different purposes, and that includes certification, production guidance, sales session, induction and onboarding, compliance training, and more.

Using this tool, learners get more than they can think of. It allows the trainees to complete their courses from any part of the world and also while on the move. It allows the trainers to keep a complete track of who’s making progress in their training and who’s not and help them strategize better to avail better results.


Features It Brings in To Play:


  • Systematic learning path,
  • Customized solutions for each individual,
  • SCORM support, a
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Invitation emails,
  • Self-registration
  • Imports data
  • Detailed reporting in terms of trainee’s progress.

5) TalentLMS


Talking about TalentLMS, it is acknowledged as one of the most flexible training platforms by the IT consulting firms around the world. It has been developed to help the users provide and avail seamless learning experience as per their customized needs. The best part about the respective platform is that it is simple and easy to understand. So, you won’t have to be technically sound to use the respective learning platform.

You can avail this platform with ease from their website. It comes with great scalability and development tools that can help in providing eLearning solutions in the most convincing manner.


Features It Brings in To Play:

  • Powerful management attributes
  • Supports course branding,
  • Course authoring administration,
  • Precise reporting solutions,
  • Integrated as course marketplace
  • Training metrics
  • Mobile accessibility,
  • Supports customized learning solutions
  • ILT support,
  • Content friendly
  • Easy registration
  • ECommerce, notifications,
  • Data import and export


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Last Words


So, these are a few of the learning management system examples that you can consider. These are a few of the Learning management systems recommended by LMS developers around the world. All you have to do is to connect with the right company to assist you with a solution that can help you have your LMS designed as per your business model needs. If you are still looking for the same, then you can always consider connecting with the experts at A3logics and get all the assistance you need with learning management systems.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is learning management system?

Learning management systems (LMS) are platforms that are built for the purpose of administration , tracking , reporting etc. of information online. These softwares are primarily used by educational institutions for e-learning, or corporates for providing trainings and development.


What are the different types of LMS available?


The different types of LMS available are:

  • SaaS (Cloud Based LMS)
  • Installed LMS
  • Custom-built LMS
  • Open-Source LMS


What are the features of LMS?


Differnt types of LMS consist of different features. Below are the must have features to be integrated by custom LMS development company

  • Simple migration of data
  • Social media integration
  • Gamification tools
  • Mobile learning