Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cloud Consultant for Your Business

A3Logics 22 Aug 2022


Cloud computing solutions like Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services are becoming the popular choice of IT leaders and their business counterparts for running their business operations. Clearly, most companies are looking for a trusted cloud computing consultant for managing their cloud operations, as well as, getting recommendations for finding an ideal SaaS solution for their business.


There is a plethora of cloud computing consulting services providers present in the market. CIOs are facing difficulties in choosing the right cloud option that would suit their line of business.

According to Allied Market research, the value of the public cloud services market will be around  $2.5 trillion by the end of 2031. And, the demand for top-quality consultants in the cloud computing market will increase too. Cloud computing is loved by most of us and used in some way or the other these days, either while using Gmail services or the cloud back-up of photos in the smartphone. It is even becoming the default option for many apps as storage was always the problem. With the growing transition, it is always difficult for an individual to keep all their vital information stored. Cloud computing runs on a simple principle where users have access to all the files without having a bulk on the system.


With the COVID-19 outbreak, the need for cloud computing solutions has increased too as it has kept us connected with our friends and relatives. Cloud computing has become quite necessary for business continuity. To achieve business goals, companies are plunging deep into cloud services. Also, it is equally important to invest plenty of thoughts in the process of choosing the right cloud computing service provider as this will affect your business growth and productivity.


In this article further, we are going to discuss some of the best methods to choose the right cloud computing consultant for your business. So, without wasting much time, let’s begin.

Selecting a Cloud Consultant for Your Business



The cloud IT consultant should not be restricted as they need to find the best options for your business. An unbiased source who navigates around the complete range can come up with something out of the box. They must know AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, and open-space alternatives for every tool to the platform.


Proven Experience


Before hiring any employee to the organization, an important question from the HR is about the number of years of experience. It is important to ask too many questions to your cloud consultant to know their experience and the kind of work they are capable of doing. This kind of step-by-step discussion of past projects gives you indispensable information about the consultant’s work style, professional prowess, and technical mastery.


Service Level Agreements (SLA)


Service level agreements are the list of documents related to service, standards, terms, and conditions. Be clear on SLAs and expected response time as this can make or break the project. The project timeline should be clearly stated and should be aligned with your goals and expectations. Hence you will be free in mind with a return for monthly subscription fees.




There are a lot of rules behind moving and sharing the data to the cloud. The cloud consultant should have good knowledge of these rules as the major cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft promise HIPAA compliance, but there are also specialists like Armor (formerly Fire host) and Truevault, whose sole focus is on HIPAA. Hence a consultant should stay up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations that may affect your data.


A Versatile Team


cloud consultant is just not an individual it is a team of specialists. An independent advisor can turn out as a disadvantage while upgrading the software. The whole team’s experience can help in answering complex questions as if one is unable to do, probably others may do. Hence it is always suggestible to hire a cloud computing consulting services company.


Knows your Industry


Each business has its own needs, whether it’s a manufacturing firm or retail. Hence the product engineering company you are choosing for your business should have good knowledge of creating customized cloud computing solutions in this industry so that they can offer you the service you seek. Hence while discussing things, make sure you go through their documents describing their past work accomplishments.


Data Backups


Data backup is the first and foremost thing that every cloud computing consultant does but it is important to check, up to what extent. The data should be backed up each day. Also, how to restore this backup, is equally important to ask. A good cloud computing consultant will always make sure that your valuable data is backed up properly before doing the migration process.


Good Security Measures


There are many reasons to choose a cloud consultant for your business and security is one of them. It is the topmost list of concerns for any business. You should confirm the network and server-level security measures they have in place to protect your data. A trustable service provider should know about security measures like multi-factor authentication, Intrusion Detection, and Prevention Systems (IDS & IPS), data encryption, access control system, and enterprise-grade firewalls.


Plan Long Term


Cloud migration is not a forklift job, a service provider with a long-term connection with your company is important. Hence the compatibility should be set such that it lasts long for years. These advanced applications require assistance, enhancement as they evolve. Hence, a service provider should be available to you for technical support down the line. Their vision for the development of your company to future changes should be crystal clear.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)


These terms indicate the service provider’s ability to reinstate the hosting service after any kind of disaster.  The service provider should be able to identify the types of risk so that it can be well prepared in the chance of emergencies. An experienced cloud consultant can also help you prepare a robust business continuity planning checklist to keep you away from any kind of IT disaster.


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As we move further into the digital age, it’s becoming clearer that the adage “knowledge is power” has taken on the more modern and accurate form: “Data is money.” The adoption of cloud computing is increasing every year. Equivalent to it the need to hire the best cloud consultant company is also increasing. Choosing the right cloud provider is just not a choice, it is vital. Those who make a bad move in this decision may lead to the decline of the business. When planning to take your business to the cloud, make sure you don’t overlook the mentioned points while engaging with a Cloud Consulting Services provider.