How Can GPS Tracking Help Logistics & Transportation Business?

A3Logics 18 Aug 2022

One technology that has the most profound impact on common people and the business world is none other than GPS or Global Positioning System. Almost every smartphone user is familiar with this smart satellite system that helps in easy navigation from one place to another. The app has replaced the traditional method of finding a way through maps and has also made it possible to track vehicles effortlessly. GPS technology was introduced in 1978 with the aim to improve the navigational capabilities of US military operations. Although it had a military beginning, GPS was soon made available to civilian use and was further explored by tech companies. 

The location tracking solution became widely popular in the IT sector and many top companies developed devices that could locate vehicles and objects while monitoring their movements using GPS satellites. Later, these GPS-enabled devices evolved into advanced tracking systems that we all use today. With the emergence of smart gadgets and the development of other software, mobile apps, and relevant technologies, it reached the next level, offering transportation and logistics solutions to businesses. 

The concept of GPS may seem simple for consumers but for shipping and logistics companies, it opened a myriad of opportunities. The easy availability of Smartphone’s and the vast reach of high-speed internet transformed the transportation industry immensely. 

GPS Tracking in Logistics & Shipping Industry

GPS apps have redefined the transportation and logistics software development industry. The companies operating through a fleet of vehicles can get all the information about the whereabouts of the vehicles anytime. It allows you to track shipments, items, and people through mobile devices. You can see the exact location of a vehicle and the time it will take to reach the destination along with the speed it is traveling. The technology helps in monitoring routes, engine startup, shut down, and idle time. Hence, you can optimize the route, check the remote temperature, fleet managers can gain access to other powerful tools to streamline operations. What’s more? GPS comes in handy in case of stolen vehicles. Needless to say that such a control of the fleet of vehicles adds to the success of the transportation and logistics business. 

This smart IT solution for logistics enables you to give real-time driving directions to a new location. You can plan routes accurately along with detours to avoid events or traffic. This will reduce transport and travel expenses as you can find faster routes within no time. There is no need for constant phone calls, bulky reports, or any other daunting process to make decisions. A simple mobile application is all you need to run an efficient and organized shipping business. Yes, transportation operations can be a nightmare at times but by installing an integrated GPS, you can gain control over these functions and improve the quality of your services. A powerful app empowered with advanced features can work wonders for your business. 

Benefits of Location Tracking Solution

Innovating in a GPS tracking system offers several benefits to logistics and shipping companies. It has changed every aspect of the sector, from shipping and performance to back-office procedures and communication. These professional IT services have helped you take control of operations and keep a close watch on fleet vehicles and manpower. You have all the critical information available at your disposal so you can enhance the services, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. 

Let’s have a look at how this amazing technology has transformed the sector and the way it operates:

Improved Fleet Management

Fleet management is an integral part of a transportation business and GPS allows you to stay updated about the location and routes of products and vehicles. Now, you don’t have to go through a long process and attend several calls to manage them. You can maintain regular 2-way communication with the fleet. You can change the route, assign a new pick up on the same route, notify drivers about the change through advanced GPS software within a fraction of minutes. Based on the information received from the tracking system, you can make decisions in real-time and improve your fleet management. There is also a feature to notify drivers as soon as they go the wrong way and warn them against any misconduct. In a nutshell, GPS is all about simplification of business and proper planning. Using it, you can schedule and cancel delivery or reprogram a route from time to time. The best part is it is an economical solution that increases flexibility. 

Increased Driver Safety & Better Performance

Drivers are the backbone of the logistics and shipping business. Their safety and well-being should be the priority and ensuring the same is the duty of the company owners. Yes, there are self-driving and autonomous vehicle options but the core responsibility still lies on their shoulders. In case, they fall asleep while driving, distract from the route, or get into an accident, it can be quite costly to owners. Of course, goods might be stolen or lost which will tarnish the company’s reputation and disrupt the resources. This is where logistics solution software comes to the rescue and keeps drivers safe. It gives you easy access to their behavior and updates you about their location all the time. You can remind them or send them a notification when they are at risk or involved in reckless driving. When they are looked out for well and taken care of, they will be more loyal to the company and their work, thereby performing better. 

Resource Optimization

Fleet and transportation business without the right and effective tools to monitor drivers and their behavior is prone to waste resources and increased expenses. There will be no transparency between owners and drivers, the delivery might be delayed which can lead to excess fuel consumption, traffic tickets, additional repair costs, and other unavoidable expenses. The app will inform you about the delays and the reason behind them. A location tracking system eliminates such issues and addresses the challenges by building trust between owners and workers. It flags and reports vehicle use, driver’s performance reports, and maintenance issues automatically. These combined details can reveal the causes of increased costs and any violation that occurred during the delivery or shipment. Managers can take necessary actions to reduce waste and improve drivers’ behavior and compliance. Also, with the information gathered through GPS tracking devices, logistics businesses can allocate the available resources optimally. Hence, hire an enterprise software development company and get the right GPS system for your logistics business now. 

Minimal Theft Risks

In shipping, distribution, and logistic business, a lot is at stake. There is a high-risk factor because if any vehicle or consignment is stolen, the losses would be beyond material items and money as it can have an adverse effect on the company’s reputation. Your business image suffers, clients lose money and goods, and even drivers may be in danger. As such cases became common and frequent over the years, the industry came up with adequate precautions to prevent them. Connect with reliable logistics software development services providers for a modern GPS vehicle tracking app, and get rid of such risks and thefts in the future. These apps allow you to set alerts in unwanted events so you can take appropriate actions instantly against the perpetrators. These advanced systems monitor the fleet and are programmed to watch every action of the vehicles and drivers. 

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

GPS apps are heavily automated and provide real-time updates via the internet on your smart mobile devices. You can make quick and informed decisions which of course, will contribute to the overall efficiency. There is no need to monitor the fleet constantly because you will receive notifications whenever something is wrong and requires your attention. Also, there will be no paperwork for either managers or drivers so they have more time to focus on the core tasks of the business. It identifies the shortest routes to reach destinations and informs about traffic which enhances fuel efficiency. The drivers don’t have to worry about mileage and have an improved driving experience. They can collect information about routes, such as accidents, congestion areas, detours sites, etc. The company can explore better micro-management opportunities. No wonder why GPS is considered the most valuable tool for the best performance and optimized driving. Moreover, you can handle all the technical failures without many administrative resources. 

Wrapping It Up

If you own a shipping and logistics company or anything related to the supply chain, then you must integrate GPS with your logistics and shipping software. The technology offers a plethora of benefits for this industry and you have already got an insight into a few of them. Trust us, it can transform your business holistically, lower costs, and contribute to overall efficiency. It has already made the business better and will continue to evolve the sector in the future as well. 

If you are planning to invest money to deploy GPS technology, then make sure that it is worth every penny. Therefore, connect with A3logics, a leading product engineering services provider company. With us, you can be rest assured of a trusted logistics software development solution for your project and the best results.