How App Store Optimisation (ASO) is Important for Mobile App Development?

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A3Logics 03 May 2023

Table of Contents


The applications that we intend on downloading from Google Play or the App Store grow more evident if they appear consistently in the search outcomes for a variety of search terms, continue to hold a prominent position in the app ranking charts, or are given special attention on the app store’s homepage. So how do you become certain that the appropriate individuals and locations discover your app? How can you make sure these individuals are downloading the app you created? App Store Optimisation (ASO) may be of assistance with it.


ASO, commonly referred to as app store optimisation, represents an issue that lots of app creators and advertisers frequently underestimate. Every custom mobile app development company tends to concentrate its energies on additional promotional tactics after the initial stage of mobile app development is finished and the application has been published to all the major app stores. 


ASO emphasizes CTR (click-through rate) alongside excellent rankings in app store listings. You have to encourage users to take action on the app store listing as soon as they discover it if you want to maximize its potential for a favourable CTR. An optimized CTR often comprises the app’s name, heading, logo, images, and reviews.


ASO is your brand-new go-to technique if you would like to boost the exposure of the app to the right people in the app store, which will lead to more downloads, but you’re not interested in spending a ton of capital on advertising campaigns.

We’ll offer all of the guidance you require to perform well with ASO (App Store optimisation) via this deep and thorough blog.


What does “App Store Optimisation” refer to?


ASO (App Store Optimisation) is the process of optimizing an app’s conversion rates to encourage a greater number of downloads while also enhancing its user attractiveness and exposure in the app stores. The Google Play Store for Android Mobile apps and the App Store for iOS Mobile apps are two of the largest and most prevalent app stores.


What is the approach of ASO?


SEO (Search engine optimization) and ASO (app store optimisation) can be paralleled. Visitors of app stores use keyword searches to locate specific games and apps, and app stores can also suggest other apps following user preferences and demand. Keyword optimization, search along with sponsored adverts, genre ratings, and top rankings or Mobile apps featured in App Store or Google Play are examples of common ASO techniques used by mobile app development experts.


You must start by understanding how consumers find and search for apps if you’re hoping to increase overall organic expansion. Making the app simple to find by appropriate individuals is a precursor to increasing downloads.


How are mobile apps discovered and downloaded by individuals?


People look for particular apps at the App Store and Play Store. 75% of smartphone users use search to learn about new apps. On top of that, 60% of the total downloads happen within minutes of searching. The preferred method to find new Mobile apps is by doing app store searches.


Furthermore, the quantity of downloads for an app is directly proportional to its search ranking spot. The more visible the app is, the higher it is going to rank in the search listings. Since users generally refrain from scrolling through all of the search results, better-ranking apps draw additional downloads. Typically, they concentrate on those in the top ten. Because of this, obtaining a top rating is a prerequisite for a custom mobile app development company. You lose the opportunity to use a highly efficient marketing outlet for smartphone games and applications if you do not optimize the app store visibility.


The latest mobile app developments in 2023


Low-quality apps are assigned a lower ranking since they feature frequent updates to the app and a significant crash rate. App stores may also get rid of unreliable, subpar, or fraudulent applications. Furthermore, an explicit confidentiality agreement for individuals is a goal that 2023 trends in in-app advertising are gravitating towards. 

Apple and Google are growing increasingly strict about which smartphone games and apps they expect to release on their respective app stores as more and more individuals produce them. Mobile app development experts advocate for constantly updated apps with greater usage statistics by ranking them more highly in search results.


What’s the main difference between SEO and ASO?


App Store Search Engine Optimization is another moniker for ASO. The analogies between the two techniques include conversion, backlinking, and keyword optimization. The primary distinctions between search engine optimization and app store optimisation are the ranking elements. SEO is used to prepare websites for Google, and ASO is used to optimize smartphone applications for how they appear in app stores.


What types of App Stores are there, to begin with?


The 2 primary app stores are Google Play and the Apple App Store. However, you can also carry out ASO in various other app stores, such as the Huawei AppGallery, Samsung Galaxy Store, and Amazon Appstore.

Different app stores have different fields available and ranking criteria. The parameters to consider with ASO, however, are the elements that follow:

  • App title or name
  • The keywords
  • Downloads 
  • App’s synopsis
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Upgrades


Do different app stores follow distinct ASO processes?


Each app store has a different set of available ranking variables, fields, and proportions for each. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what things to focus on while optimizing for multiple stores. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the two most popular app stores, even though there are plenty of others. The distinctions between both of them are therefore detailed.


Google Play Store VS Apple App Store

  • Regardless of their resemblances, the Google Play store and Apple App Store have a couple of important distinctions that are going to affect the ASO techniques.
  • Before being made accessible through the app stores, apps must be evaluated and authorized for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • According to the scope and depth of the application, app clearance might take anywhere between 24 hours to over a week to complete.
  • If you would like to release or upgrade the app on a particular date, you ought to consider submitting it a minimum of a week beforehand. 
  • The keywords section and subtitles represent two further distinctive features that are provided by the App Store that are absent from Google Play. 
  • In contrast, Google Play provides an introductory field, an attribute that Apple does not. 


The criteria that the platforms use to assess and promote apps vary further among them.


Ranking Elements in the Apple App Store

The following are the main criteria used to rank iOS apps according to the Apple App Store:

  • Name, subtitle, and URL of the app
  • Engages and Installs
  • Ratings and reviews
  • APK fixes
  • Titles and summaries of purchases made in the app 

Ranking Elements in the Google Play Store


The following are the main criteria used to rank Android apps according to the Google Play Store:

  • Title, short description, and long description
  • Engages and Installs
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Titles and summaries for In-app purchases  
  • App bug fixes/upgrades


ASO Keyword Analysis: What does it mean?


The technique of finding, gathering, and evaluating keywords that you find related to and possess the capacity to increase the online visibility of the app is commonly referred to as ASO keyword research.


Any term or word entered into the search box by users to locate apps they are interested in downloading is known as a keyword. These expressions can also be called search phrases or queries for searches.


ASO needs keywords since Mobile app development experts let you know precisely what users are browsing for, and the exact phrases and expressions people choose when searching for it. You may tweak the app store page to meet the demands of users soon after you’re finished with the research necessary.


What is the significance of Keyword Research in ASO?


Every effective ASO technique needs to begin with keyword research. The reason is the fact that app store crawlers present users with apps that most closely coordinate with the phrases they submit. Therefore, you ought to utilize keywords in all of the fields provided by the app stores. URLs, titles, as well as summaries of the apps. However, you must first conduct a keyword evaluation.


Why is app store optimisation crucial for the development of apps?


Getting the app in position to attract the ideal people amidst the numerous rivals is still one of the toughest challenges with well more than two million apps available in the major app stores. A whopping % of app downloads come through straightforward app store searches, making this one of the most popular ways to find and acquire new applications.

Nevertheless, if the app store web page is not optimized thoroughly, it is unlikely to show up in many associated searches, and as a consequence, you might be losing dozens, perhaps even thousands, of probable downloads.

You will reap the rewards in the years to come and continue to receive sustainable downloads if you devote some effort and time every single week to make updates and enhance your app store’s functionality with the help of Mobile app development experts.

One of the most crucial metrics for marketers of apps and producers is increasing app downloads and user base magnitude. The following are two primary methods for obtaining those downloads:


1) By putting in place paid app advertising strategies with fixed CPI (cost-per-install) prices

2) By following ASO standards and configuring the application to receive naturally occurring traffic


Both techniques are crucial for app progress, and savvy app advertisers combine them for the best outcome. Sponsored marketing, though, requires commitment and might be difficult to successfully implement once you start developing your app. Although it comes at a cost, app store optimisation is an essential skill you need to perfect to guarantee the continued popularity of the app you’re developing.


Although there are several ASO objectives, the main one is to boost downloads and increase the number of devoted users. Let’s briefly review the advantages of ASO before diving into the specifics.

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What advantages does optimizing an app store offer?


Some of the biggest benefits of app store optimisation are increased organic downloads of apps, greater findings by outstanding and suitable users, reduced user acquisition expenses and constant mobile app development, more substantial app earnings and conversion rates, and reach to a global audience.

If you would like to get the proper users to see the app you created, app store optimization will be essential. Many propose that the most suitable strategy for advertising mobile games and apps is app optimization carried out by Mobile app development experts.


Below are a few advantages of app store optimization for a custom mobile app development company and the benefits it can get through it:


1) Enhanced visibility and unique presence in the app stores


Well, the app can’t become popular if individuals can’t seem to locate it in the store. Regardless of how fantastic the application is, you are unlikely to get a good number of installs if it’s challenging to come across. 


2) Consistently get identified by reputable and suitable users


Finding your app is not enough; it must also be discovered by users who are looking for apps similar to yours. Given that it coincides with your app to appropriate search terms, app store optimization allows you to reach those ideal users. Individuals will use these search phrases when searching for the app you created. 


3) Steadily increase downloads through organic channels


The organic downloads will increase with a sound ASO campaign, and success over the long run is guaranteed. Your app will appear in the search results when users type in search terms associated with the app. Regularly improving the ASO will make certain that you maintain good ranks.


4) Reduce user acquisition expenditures to achieve constant expansion


You may minimize the user acquisition costs by concentrating on organic growth through ASO as opposed to investing money in advertising. This ensures steady expansion while additionally safeguarding your budget. 


5) Boost app sales and rate of conversion


There are plenty of ways to generate money off mobile app development, including in-app advertising, purchases, and subscription-based services. A lot of individuals opt for running ads as an outcome of the need to increase user numbers and, consequently, earnings. However, your ad spend is going to be ineffective if the app store listing web page fails in persuading and influencing users to download the app. Keep in mind that improving the rate of conversion and encouraging users to download the app are both part of app store optimization. 


6) Use the app to reach an international audience


You can attract people from every corner of the globe to discover your app by rendering it accessible in additional languages via the app localization process, which is an ASO technique.


How to Do ASO Keyword Research?


An ideal balance has to be created between the trending or relevant search phrases for the app and the competition. An efficient keyphrase could happen to be extremely competitive. On the other hand, going for less popular key phrases could be an ideal way to move forward. Since less popularity directly indicates lesser competition, it helps in ensuring a better ranking on the app store.


1) Leveraging Search Phrase Research Tools for ASO


Professional ASO tools for keyword analysis are an additional option. Specific keyword information for your chosen app store is provided by specifically designed ASO tools for keyword analysis. Such tools, therefore, can provide greater knowledge about what users are seeking. Some examples of such tools include but are not limited to, Mobile Action and Sensor Tower.


2) Check out the rivals


Keep track of the applications that appear in the highest rankings based on the keywords. Examine the manner in which they incorporate keywords in the titles, descriptions, subtitles, and other areas of their app store pages.  The optimization efforts can be governed by this analysis, especially if you’ve just begun with it. You can monitor your rival’s ranks, keep tabs on their keyword usage, and even keep an eye on how many individuals are downloading their mobile apps with tools such as Mobile App Insights and more.


3) Evaluate data from search ads


By examining authentic search ad data, you could enhance your keyword analysis. There also exists a popularity index for the phrases. Every custom mobile app development company makes use of this compilation to inspire new keyword ideas and supplement previous keyword analysis. Additionally, you may employ the search feature to see the prevalence of any specific keywords.


Top 9 things to remember during ASO (App Store Optimization)


There are plenty of factors that come into play when preparing a strategy for ASO. However, you could begin by incorporating these primary elements into the app store optimization plan of action.


1) Improve the Subtitle and Title of the app


The title of your app is among the most essential elements to focus on while optimising it. The reason is the fact that it is going to be the first item a person sees in the results of a search. App names are usually restricted to a limit of 30 characters or less. Therefore, a custom mobile app development company must utilise these characters wisely. Even while you would like to employ keywords to work for your app’s name or title, refrain from overusing them or strangely using them. 


2) Addition of Search Phrases (Only for the Apple App Store)


You can input keywords that express your app’s content as well as those you would like to show within the Apple App Store’s search results. While assessing the app, Apple will be taking these search terms into account. The number of keywords you can input is up to you, but they must all be 100 characters or less. No spaces, only commas should be used to separate keywords. 


A custom mobile app development company can use this feature to routinely test various keyword combinations to evaluate which ones perform most effectively for the app. Find the right balance between popular, fiercely competitive phrases for which you have a low chance of ranking and less popular ones for which you might, but which will result in lesser downloads. Even when identical words are frequently used throughout your keyword analysis, you must not duplicate phrases or words since this is how Apple scans and examines the keyphrase2 field.


3) Compose captivating app descriptions


For app store position, Google Play offers two description fields: a short one (80 characters) and a lengthy one (4,000 characters). Only a long description field (4,000 characters) is available in the App Store of Apple, and it isn’t intended to be used for ranking. The description field has an impact on the way individuals judge the app. As a result, the descriptive content will also influence how frequently people download the app, which will affect the rating you receive. 


4) Include Eye-Catching Visual components


Just as much as ASO is about raising the app’s exposure, it’s also about motivating users to download the app. The rating you receive is impacted by downloads, thus it’s critical to use fields of text and appealing graphics to persuade users to download your app. 


App Store (Apple)

  • One may show up to 10 graphic components.
  • Videos (15-30 seconds) can serve as three of your visual components
  • Videos must only feature in-app content.
  • Use each of the ten slots, ensuring that you generate the proper image formats for every device.
  • Text overlays are an option, but plan to make the content timeless.


Play Store (Google)

  • Select a maximum of eight images and one video that is no longer than 30 seconds
  • Add screenshots in the right dimensions for all of the devices.
  • You need a YouTube URL for the clip, with monetizing and commercials disabled.
  • The visual components need to accurately represent the user interaction.


5) Encouragement of ratings and reviews


Reviews and ratings give you information about how well-liked and effective the app is. You’re less likely to appear at the leading end of the app store rankings if you’ve got poor ratings. It’s simple as that. Promoting ratings and reviews from users is an important component of app store optimisation, particularly when the top-rated mobile apps are considered to be of greater importance by both big stores.


The most challenging aspect of App Store optimisation is figuring out when to ask users for this type of input. You risk receiving negative reviews if you poll users regularly or focus on the app’s shortcomings. To obtain app reviews and ratings, consider some of these suggestions and best practices: 

  • After taking constructive steps, request reviews and ratings.
  • Request ratings on alternative platforms
  • Create additional channels for bad reviews.
  • Following updates, request ratings and critiques.


6) Build up downloads

The application will become more noticeable depending on how many downloads it receives. Mobile apps with high ratings receive recognition in the app store from search engine providers. Additionally, you will see a rise in downloads as your app’s visibility improves.  You must increase the total number of installs you generate because most app stores operate similarly. Increasing the app’s rate of conversion will accomplish this. 

The following adjustments could help you in achieving more downloads:

  • Modifications to the title or name of the app
  • Appropriate Keyword combinations
  • Improve the descriptions with a better copy.
  • Several icons for the app
  • Stronger or more striking visual components
  • Various cost structures for the app

Begin by simply experimenting with something new from the list that’s aforementioned, then track your progress over time.


7) Roll out timely updates


As both Google Play Store and Apple App Store use app newness and revision frequency as factors for ranking, newness is an essential component of ASO. This is necessary so that users and app stores can both find Mobile apps that constantly keep growing and improving. It doesn’t appear particularly tempting when using an app that hasn’t been updated in the past five years. Updates offer you an opportunity to fix errors and add new features while additionally taking into consideration feedback from users.


8) Track Results and Continue Testing


Consistently test new iterations of the app store components and expand on your findings if you want ASO to remain profitable. You must know which modifications produce beneficial effects to accomplish this. The data that the app stores offer could offer several important clues. The rankings of the app are not monitored by the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can continue to keep an eye on the search term positions, ratings, downloads, reviews, as well as revenue with tools such as Semrush and more. 


9) Get Global


Opening up the app to more countries is a simple method to increase visibility and expand what could be audience for it. The app can be localised in hundreds of locations and dialects on Google Play and the App Store:

  • Available in 175 areas & 40 languages on the Apple App Store
  • Available in 143 areas & 49 languages in Google Play Store

By making the app available in app stores in multiple languages and locations, it’s possible to greatly grow the size of your user base. It takes more than just clicking a box and interpreting a few words to localise the app. But by putting in the effort, you may substantially improve the likelihood of successful outcomes.



The process of ASO (App Store Optimisation) is never-ending. There are multiple App Stores that keep updating their regulations and policies so that the most deserving Mobile apps get to feature in the top-most app segment. This indicates that ASO is a process that needs to be kept an eye on all the time. 

Your ASO initiatives ought to be continuously customized and monitored. Furthermore, even if you eventually become pleased with the app store’s performance, things can take a wild turn.

You could find yourself surpassed by the competition. The environment as a whole could transform. The app stores may alter their terms of service or assessment algorithms. You can increase an app’s exposure and raise its probability of being successful in the app stores by continually employing the ASO techniques.




What to know before preparing a strategy for ASO?


You must start by understanding how consumers find and search for Mobile apps if you’re hoping to increase overall organic expansion. Making the app simple to find by appropriate individuals is a precursor to increasing downloads.


What are the primary elements of Keyword Analysis?


The following are the most important elements of a Keyword Analysis:

  • Leveraging Search Phrase Research Tools for ASO
  • Checking out the rivals
  • Evaluating data from search ads