Top 20 Questions To Consider Before Hiring Magento Development Company

A3Logics 19 Aug 2022

You must wonder how to have a Magento development company for your organization, there are a number of IT professional services offering to develop the right kind of software for you, which will include all the essential features, provide benefits, and support the growth.

This blog will help you in understanding the process involved in hiring a Magento development company and will give you an idea of how you should ask questions to your vendor so that it will help you in having complete knowledge about the LMS you will have.

What Is Magento Development Company?

Magento is an eCommerce platform that is built on an open-source technology that provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, and also controls and takes care of the content and functionality of their online store.

Magento is a dedicated software development team that works on the software and makes sure to provide you with the best Magento for your eCommerce business. Magento development covers a wide range of skills and tasks, from installing it to getting it started to work.

A Magento developer builds, supports, and improves its Magento websites, which typically includes designing, creating, and launching the portal. There can be two types of developers for Magento, such as:

Frontend Magento Developers – The Magento frontend is designed to optimize storefront customization, with highly extensible themes being the central customization mechanism. Merchants are encouraged to use Magento components and themes to extend and transform the appearance of their storefronts.

Backend Magento Developers – The backend Magento developers design, develop, test, and document advanced eCommerce solutions for our clients. You are working with the development of both client-specific and generic modules for Magento and system integrations between Magento and various ERPs, PIM solutions, PSP, etc.

20 Questions To Consider Before You Hire Magento Development Company?

You must ask questions to your Magento development company before hiring it for the development of your platform. These questions will make sure that you have enquired all about your vendor and know all the necessary details about the website development company.

Some questions are:

1. Why Do I Need Magento?

For a better and deeper understanding, you must ask your vendor Why you should hire a professional Magento eCommerce development company. Know more about the need for the platform in your organization and how it will help your needs.

Ask the vendor if the software will be good for their business, will it be SEO friendly, if it will ensure flexible content management, advanced reporting, highly customized, and more like this. You should know everything about your enterprise software development.

2. What Is The Benefit Of Open Source?

An open-source platform allows more security, agility, innovation, customization, and quality for a better price. You must ask your development company about the benefits of open source that you will be installed in the company.

The platform should allow people to share and have access to the system, making the changes easier and more efficient. Make sure you enquire about all the necessary details about the benefits you can get from Magento.

3. How Much The Magento Costs?

This might seem like a vague question to some but is equally important to others. Asking or enquiring about the price of Magento will help you in having an idea of the overall budget you need to set in order to have a perfect Magento.

Every IT outsourcing company offers different prices for different styles of software and its features involved. It varies with the changes you make in the platform and accordingly the costing goes.

4. What license Does The Magento Use?

Ask your dedicated software development team what license does their Magento use, how effective is it for the working. The expiry of that license should also be a concern for you.

Magento must be licensed under open software license 3.0, which is an open-source certified license that will help you in having a smooth workflow and workforce.

5. Which Features Are Supported By Magento?

Try to know everything about web development solutions so that you have a clear and better idea of the working style and process of the company. Ask your vendor for the most important part of the platform, which is its features.

Features hold a big part in software development, your development company must provide features such as product browsing, search engine optimization, order management, payment, and shipping, promotional and marketing tools, and analytics and reporting.

If you see these features being delivered by your vendor, it is probably a good idea to proceed further with the company and get your Magento built.

6. How Can I Host Magento?

Ask your vendor what will be the process of hosting the Magento in your company, as it is very important for careful handling of the system without disturbing it. If your development company tells you an easy and fast way of installing and configuring.

If you can know everything about hosting the software, it will help you in effective installation and faster workflow.

7. Who Can Use The Magento Development Services?

From household brand names to small businesses of all sizes, needs, and budgets, industries ranging from apparel to food to education and companies that are serious about eCommerce business are turning to Magento development for their business needs.

You must ask your development team about their services who can use them, in what ways. Enquire with them about their work distribution and its pattern, it will help you in using its services more effectively among the organization.

8. Will I Be Able To Connect Other Applications To The Magento Site?

It is possible to connect other existing or any third-party systems to your Magento eCommerce sites like ERP, CRM, search solutions, marketplace plugins, and various others. The cloud computing services will make sure of security amidst the different connections.

It is easy to connect your Magento to other existing applications in your organization, the only thing you need to do is ask. You must enquire about this concern with your vendor, as it will help you in having a clear understanding of the merging power of the platform once it’s installed.

9. How Will Magento Help In Selling Products To International Customers?

Magento 2 development comes with a wide range of features and functionalities that supports multilingual, multi-currency for eCommerce sellers. It also allows currency conversion, discount calculations in various currencies to serve a wider audience base.

You should know about what process Magento uses to cater its service to the clients, whether they be anywhere in the world. Ask them questions about the working pattern and its reach into the world, it will make the use of the platform more easy and fast for your organization.

10. How Much Does A Magento Website Development Cost?

The cost of any software majorly depends on the features and the advanced functions you ask for. Generally, the basic cost of any software remains the same, it depends on the customers and their additions to it that change the cost.

You must ask the development company what product engineering services are present in the set price of software development is, and then ask them to include the basic and important features in it.

11. What Payment Gateways Are Compatible With Magento?

There are various options that make transactions and purchasing easy with the Magento platform. You will find a list of payment gateways that are compatible with Magneto and you can check it in the Payment Gateway List. Simply click under Payment.

Ask your development company if they have all such gateways that will make the process of payment easy for the company’s transactions and increase the business.

12. Do You Provide Post-Development Support And Maintenance?

Post-development support and maintenance involves updating the platform, removing the bugs, taking care of its effective functioning, and more like this. Maintaining the platform after it’s installed is an important part of the deal, and it should be made sure of.

Try to know about your vendor’s post-development services, ask them what services are involved, how long will it continue, the additional cost of those services, and everything else related to the services provided after the Magento is installed.

13. How Much Experience Do You Have In Magento Development?

The experience of any company helps in explaining to its clients and existing employees about the process and pattern of work done in the company, its growth, profit, loss, and everything else.

You should ask your website development company about their previous experience and the amount of work they have done on the same project. Ask them what are the closest projects they have done and everything about them, analyze their experience and see how effective they were in those projects.

It will help you in finding out the capacity of working and help you have the most perfect Magento that you could have. The big data services presented in the software must help the company grow.

14. How Long Will It Take To Complete The Project?

Do ask for the time period required to develop your Magento by the developing company, as it will make sure that you have the time to adjust your employees and work accordingly.

When you know the time period of the development of your software, it creates ease among the management of your company by clearing things such as time, effort, and format out.

15. Can You Share Your Work Samples?

Your work portfolio is the mirror of your organization, it shows how and what work is done under your control. While you are willing to hire a development team for your Magento, you must ask the vendor for their work samples.

Asking for the work samples will help you get an idea about their knowledge and expertise level. Also, you can find if they have worked on similar projects for other people as if they have developed similar projects like yours, it will take less time to develop and save you from the unwanted expenses and confusion.

16. Can I Speak To Some Of Your Previous Clients?

Ask to speak with some of their previous clients, this will help you in getting an idea of their previous work and their relationships with their clients. If you get access to the previous customers, you can ask them about their experience at the development company.

When you choose to speak with previous clients it broadens your scope of working with the development team and creates more understanding with them and their working pattern.

17. How Effective Is Your Communication Process?

Effective communication is very essential for any Magento development project to run smoothly. Thus, make sure to ask what kind of communication you can expect, from the first project meeting up to post-development support. Make sure your Magento developer agrees to regularly update you on the progress of your project.

You must confirm the communication process of the company, as it will help you in having an effective workflow in your company, and will keep you updated on your Magento.

18. Are There Any Additional Fees?

With some projects and in certain situations, additional fees may apply. For example, some developers have a minimum number of hours per month. Anything over the agreed hours may be billed separately.

Ask your vendor if there are any such additional fees to the project, as it will help you in having clear and effective communication with them, and reduce the chances of confusion and miscommunication.

19. Can I See Your History Of Work?

Be more professional and dig deep into the work history of the company, as you would never want to miss the important and diverse projects they have done in the past. In order to do so, ask your development company for their past projects and their details.

By doing so, you will learn about the working style and the pattern of the dedicated software development team, as it will help you in connecting some dots with your company and the development work.

20. How Will Magento Help My Company Grow?

Try to understand the pattern of working of the development company, as it will help in having a better understanding of the effect that it will make on your organization. Ask for the complete process and analyze the growth your company will make after the platform is installed.

Try to have a conversation with the developers to have an idea about how Magento will help your company grow, how long will it last, what else will be involved. Lastly, you must know if the development company you hired will fulfill its job or not.

In A Nutshell

It is seen that to get any software developed, it is important to hire the right people and team, else there are a number of things that can go wrong. In order to avoid any misunderstanding or errors arising in the management of the organization, one must ask as many questions as possible to their vendor.

If you know everything about the development company it will help you in getting a perfect software which you will know everything about.