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How Small Businesses Can Make The Most Out of EDI Solutions?

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    Are you thinking about applying the concept of EDI? You have certainly landed on the right page. We are here to help you with the EDI solutions that can assist small businesses with the wings it is looking for. When it comes to EDI, it is basically the idea of sharing the data electronically rather than manually. It helps in taking the hardships of manually processing the orders and invoices. This means that the businesses won’t have to invest in anything special to facilitate these practices without any hassle.

    Undoubtedly, it can be a complex procedure to implement, especially for smaller businesses. They might have to think twice because of the budget hurdle they might face. With EDI solutions, businesses need to look for the right resources to help them implement the respective technology successfully.

    But, there is still a way out for these small businesses to communicate electronically through the EDI approach. If you are thinking about the same, then we are here to help you with it. We are going to discuss the EDI solutions that can be considered by the small businesses for their respective needs and requirements. But, before that, it is important that we understand what EDI is and then take things ahead.

    EDI Solutions: Synopsis

    When it comes to EDI or Electronic Data Interchange system, it is basically a procedure that helps businesses to exchange documents and other information with their partners. It can be anyone like carriers, customers, suppliers, and other partners. This means that you won’t have to deal with paper documents anymore with EDI implemented into your business procedure.

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    In fact, it is safe to say that paper documents are going to be hijacked with automation. So, you won’t have to work on incoming and outgoing business documents manually anymore. All of it is going to be streamlined automatically. You can easily maintain the documents like advance notices, purchase orders, invoices, and others through EDI solutions.

    As and when you get the EDI software installed on your system, it is going to use specific codes for transactions that help in the process of transmission of the data. The software assists in getting the data transferred from one computer system to another in a specific format as per the standards set. So, the entire process of sharing the documents becomes a lot more seamless with EDI in place.

    With the help of EDI, businesses can save not only money but also time. It makes it easy for your partners to do work with you and gain significantly out of it. The best part is that it helps you get ahead in the business. You can certainly march ahead of your rivals as you are a lot easier to work with through the EDI approach.

    Now let’s understand how EDI solutions can work for small businesses as well in the next segment to help them dominate in such competitive markets.

    Top 3 EDI Solutions For Small Businesses

    Now you have got clarity on how EDI helps businesses around the world, let’s dive in and understand how small businesses can make the most out of it. Below mentioned are the three most effective solutions of EDI for small business solutions. Take a look at it now:

    Infographics:- Accelerate Business with EDI Outsourcing Solutions

    Web-Based EDI with ERP Integration

    This type of EDI solution is one of the most popular ones considered around the world. It is perfect for the ones with vendors and suppliers. Most importantly, if your business does not have much volume to deal with, then this form of EDI solution can certainly prove to be advantageous. With the help of EDI solutions, businesses can bring down their order processing expenses. Not only this, but it can also bring down the processing hours, and that too without any impact on the standard of service.


    With the use of a web-based EDI platform, your suppliers and vendors can submit their business documents online itself.

    As and when it is submitted on the portal, it is going to be modified in the EDI format.

    After this, it is going to be shared with you in your ERP system for your needs and requirements.

    This means that there is no need to work manually for any kind of incoming and outgoing process of documents.

    It allows your vendors and other partners to share their documents through EDI portals and save a lot of time.

    All they have to do is to get the EDI communication system downloaded to their system that has been shared.

    Automate PDF Processing

    The next EDI solution that we are going to discuss is Automate PDF processing. No matter what the size of your business, you are going to have vendors and suppliers who share the invoices and many important documents in PDF format. Thanks to EDI technology, now you can get the process of PDF conversion done automatically. With the assistance of the respective system, you can have your business document processed in PDF format automatically, and that too with the accuracy of 100% when it comes to capturing the data. So, this is certainly the best solution for small business owners as it allows them to complete their orders without any wastage of time and money in terms of PDF conversion.


    At first, you need to upload the business document in the EDI system that has been configured to your business process rather than converting it into PDF format and then emailing the owner.

    As and when you upload the document, it gets converted to PDF automatically.

    Not only this, it is then converted to the set standard format before being delivered to the address.

    After the document is prepared in the appropriate format, it is then shared with the recipient on its ERP system.

    In this way, small businesses can carry on sending their PDFs and match with the EDI specifications just like their larger partners.

    Invoice & Order Automation

    We all know how lengthy an invoice can take up to be fully processed. In fact, as per the reports, it has been stated that getting the invoice fully processed can eat up more than 40 days. But, things can change with e-invoicing. This means that if you invest in EDI invoicing, you can get the entire process automated. As you get your invoicing automated, it helps you save time and costs that can give your business the benefits it is looking to make a big impact in the longer run.


    At first, it is important that you get the document created as per your specific formatting needs.

    After this, you need to get the document uploaded to the respective platform.

    The document is then processed in the platform through data capture advancement and then translated as per your specifications given.

    This means that you can have your business documents translated as per your business needs, which can pave the way for you to save time and money as specified above.,

    The best part is that it can be changed to formats like EDI, flat file, PDF, database file, and more formats as per your requirements.


    Hopefully, you are clear about all the solutions that need to be followed to get EDI solutions implemented for your small business. All it needs is expert assistance that can pave the way for you to achieve the grades you have in your mind. If you are looking for experts to assist you with EDI solutions, then you must not hesitate and consider connecting yourself with A3Logics. You get all the bases covered as per your business requirements and needs. Good luck! 

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