Detailed Features, Benefits And Cost To Develop An Employee Benefits Software Like Rippling

Companies, be it any vertical, work day and night to offer optimum solutions to their customers, run their business smoothly as well as manage their employees. In order to manage all, robust enterprise-grade software is necessary. Rippling is one such software that brings together your Payroll, benefits, HR, IT, and more in one place seamlessly.

Rippling is a modern employee benefits administration platform that is integrated with advanced tools and technology. A competitive and feature-rich benefits administration software, can automate the manual and mundane administrative tasks to help employees focus more on crucial and decisive operations.

Rippling was crafted for small and medium organizations to help them bring their employees’ system and data together, monitor them and guide them for better performance. Some more prominent benefits of Rippling are aligned below to understand how Rippling strengthens a company and assists in continuous scalability, but before that let’s highlight its features that makes the software so popular.

Features To Employ In a Benefits Administration Software Like Rippling

1. Full-Service Payroll

The instant and reliable payroll allows quick synchronization of HR data with payroll. This feature deters manual data entry to automatic hours and deductions calculations in seconds.

2. Powerful Reporting Tools

The software also lets you create and share reports or use pre-built reports to make faster & better decisions and well-informed plans.

3. Time-tracking

Easily track the time your teams spent on productive work and set pay rates depending on their tasks, location all automatically.

4. Quick Synchronization

This enterprise grade software automatically keeps your general ledger and payroll updated by syncing it with extensive applications ranging from accounting software to time tracking tools.

5. Customizable PTO Policy

In order to have software like Rippling, you must have a customizable PTO policy feature that further allows reviewing and approving employees’ time off and working hours requests automatically while automatically syncing them with payroll.

6. Benefits

Companies looking for benefits administration service can rely on Rippling to deliver all employee benefits while streamlining the benefits with new hire enrollment, updated deductions, and COBRA compliances as well automatically.

7. New Packages

Rippling can accommodate more than 4000 plans for the employees to choose from as per convenience. Then the best part is that this software accommodates the leading carriers, such as  Aetna, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Users can choose new coverage with the help of a broker by giving them access to Rippling.

8. Existing Plans

Whether new or relocated, employees can easily access or enroll their existing plans without the need for any changes or updates in the information. Rippling quickly accepts the migrated data regarding coverages without spending much time.

9. Open Enrollment

Another benefit of creating employee benefits management software like Rippling is that companies get to finish their open enrollment in a few days instead of weeks and months. This feature makes enrollment extremely easy for both employers and employees by allowing quick comparison between the costs of the new plans, emailing employees to review and enroll online, and tracking everyone’s progress through a single screen.

10. Labor Law Compliance

Rippling is as robust as any other benefits administration software that handles compliances with laws and regulations seamlessly. The software can automatically keep track of all level policies whether it is federal, state, or local. Rippling can also manage the ACA and COBRA compliances and notify for any related errors to keep compliance aligned with the labor law.

11. Apps

Rippling offers a single window to set up and manage comprehensive operations of all employee apps, such as Slack, Office 365, or Google Work Space.

12. Quick Onboarding

Rippling is an employee-centric software that can seamlessly add new employees based on their role and department. The software allows the easy addition of new users to different social channels, provides access to Dropbox, and creates new user accounts.

13. Seamless Offboarding

Rippling not just assists in quick hiring and onboarding but also quick and seamless offboarding. The software empowers you to disable or revoke access to all applications of the offboard employees.

14. Password Management

Rippling comprises a built-in password manager that helps employees to generate strong passwords, store them, auto-fill password options, secure sharing of login credentials, and 2FA codes for any app or website.

15. Activity Stream

Rippling’s activity stream is a feature that enables company admins or managers to view their employee’s or team members’ app activity in real-time. Employers can grant access to apps that employees can log, specific event types, and actions.

16. Devices

Not just apps, manage employees’ devices end-to-end remotely. This modern employee management software allows companies to manage employees’ devices, such as order or redesign new devices, configure devices with the right apps, and manage the entire fleet right from the Rippling dashboard.

17. Device Onboarding

Buy or reassign, set up, or ship the devices with the right Wifi, VPN, apps, and security protocol integrated. Setting all these will help employees start with their work right away.

18. Device Offboarding

Keeping track of every member’s onboarding and offboarding becomes difficult. Rippling can help ease device offboarding as soon as an employee leaves. Rippling allows employers to set time to disable the device, remotely wipe data, and decide how and when to get the device back.

19. Inventory Management

Rippling helps companies to safely keep all unassigned devices in their warehouse so that they can decide when and where the devices have to be boarded. Companies can keep track and assess log conditions and remotely control the fleet from the dashboard.

20. Endpoint Security

Rippling can secure the device’s end-to-end by encrypting hard drives, enabling multi-factor authentication, enforcing security updates, locking & wiping lost or stolen devices as well as identifying block viruses to eradicate them.

21. Full Visibility

Rippling dashboard offers you complete visibility into everything that you want to track everything or continuously monitor with just a glance.

22. Remote App Administration

Rippling helps companies remotely manage or integrate any software on an employee’s device, regardless of the role, location and department, within a few clicks.

23. Remote Device Management

Rippling automatically installs lightweight apps in the employees’ devices, allowing admins to make changes in the devices whenever or wherever they want.

24. Custom Profiles

Rippling allows quick and easy customization of multiple devices remotely. Rippling empowers users picking advanced IT professional services on different locations with different Wi-Fi settings to configure more than one device, install custom software packages, and execute shell scripts remotely.

25. Talent Management

Rippling is perfect online management that gives companies the leverage to develop, find and engage top talent for business.

26. Applicant Tracking System

Rippling simplifies the entire hiring process through frictionless tracking and powerful sourcing. The applicant tracking helps in quickly building up candidates pipeline with the best talent, customizing interview stages, creating approval flows & alerts for open roles, automating calendars & scheduling each interview stage, finally measuring the time-to-fill pipeline or candidate feedback.

27. Learning Management

Employee education is crucial to accentuate and empower businesses. Rippling does not require a custom LMS development instead, it can reinforce employees with compliance & other training. Rippling supports career growth, keeping the workforce competitive & enhancing employee retention. Rippling also lets companies upload courses and give every team the right skill to reach performance goals.

28. Employee Engagement Program

Rippling also assists in centralizing all resources, communicating company information, and staying updated with the events, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, new hires, and much more.

29. Time & Attendance

The auto-pilot feature enables you to sit back and simply watch employees as they clock in hours. No more late approvals from the supervisors or late paychecks, or syncing issues. Allow your employees to clock in and out in seconds, get approved hours synced with payroll without the need for CSV templates or spreadsheets.

30. Fully Configurable Software 

Rippling is an absolute solution to let you seamlessly manage your time by creating automated workflows so that you can customize the systems to your needs. The software keeps track of everyone’s time for you, so you do not have to monitor every time.

31. Job Reporting & Costing

Rippling monitors the workforce and the time they log in real-time. Rippling also assists companies in creating powerful, customized reports to visual trends, group labor costs as per their profiles, location, and role.

32. Automated Compliance

Rippling comprises built-in compliance that keeps companies rest assured and stressed from compliance issues. Rippling supports federal, state, and local labor laws. Rippling also automatically enforces meal-break, overtime for each employee depending on their locations.

33. Time Clock

The rippling time clock feature comes with an attendance enforcement feature with geolocation restrictions, QR codes, and selfie clock-ins that prevents buddy punching & ensures everyone’s presence as per the company’s clocking.

34. PEO

A modern enterprise-grade full stack development is requisite for high-growth companies. Rippling is a one-stop solution to easily manage HR & IT, offer better health coverage, worry-free compliance, and transparent pricing.

35. Employer Organization

Rippling PEO offers big benefits, such as large group health plans, 401(k) retirement plans, HSA, FSA, and commuter flex benefits, all cost-effectively. 

36. Healthcare Concierge

This benefits feature helps employees with every need ranging from basic benefits questions to complex billing issues right away. This healthcare guidance feature educates employees with benefits enrollment and health plan, symptom assessment and guidance towards appropriate type/site of care, dictate upfront healthcare costs & appointment scheduling while helping in understanding disputed medical bills. 

Four Prominent Uses of Rippling

1. Automatic Tax Filing

Rippling is a brilliant employee benefit administration and management software integrated with latest technologies allowing automatic calculation of payroll taxes and sending the files to local, federal, and state level agencies without any IT consultation services.

2. Tracking PTO and Hourly Work

Companies using Rippling or a customized solution like Rippling can customize their PTO policy, review and approve employees’ time-off requests and sync with payroll. Rippling can sync all these details without the need for human intervention and deliver a final report.

3. Automatic Compliance

Rippling takes care of all the compliance work, ensuring that companies always streamline with the laws and standards set by the government for continuous business flow.

4. Global Paycheck

This SaaS software development solution helps companies to connect with their employees, partners, and contractors and pay them in minutes despite their location.

In order to have a complete advantage of similar software solutions, connect with an enterprise software development provider to pen down costs & features required to develop a software like Rippling.

Below we have mentioned the estimated cost for customized solution and a white-labeled solution implementation.

Cost for Developing A Software Like Rippling

In order to have a white-labeled solution, Rippling offers a fair price to its user. Its initial price starts at $8 a month per user. However, it isn’t it, you will have to bear some additional costs, such as aligning a dedicated software development team to help with integrations, maintenance, bug fixing, quality check, and analysis.

However, the second option is to get a complete custom solution – beginning from scratch, building every feature as per the company needs, getting qa testing services to test every feature functionality, deployment of the product to marketing.

A robust and feature-rich solution such as Rippling may cost up to $190,000. The below table is the segregation of the cost.

Additional Costs

When selecting a vendor for product engineering services, they may provide cost for development excluding a few components, such as –

  • Modules or features
  • Implementation services may vary from vendor to vendor
  • Training (basic may be free or chargeable)
  • Support (Advanced level support, such as alignment of a dedicated analyst or service manager for continuous software monitoring & more)
  • A few vendors offer consulting services whose charges are excluded from the entire development cost.

In a Nutshell

Rippling enables onboarding new hires takes approx. 90 seconds, allowing quick integration with over 500 apps, and saving over 50 hours per month on administrative tasks.

Rippling can be purchased as a white-labeled solution to access all its features ranging from payroll, devices, PEO, talent management & more. However, the product demands monthly or per user pay and no free plan for the users.

A customized solution surely has many advantages, whether it is employee management, training & education software, or eCommerce software solutions. Investing in a personalized solution offers quick ROI as it is flexible and aligns with changing needs of the company and market. It is also much more secure, offering scalability and high performance of business processes. If you are looking for similar product development, you can always connect or inbox A3logics.