Dedicated Development Team: Benefits, Challenges & Hiring Process Unlocked

A3Logics 19 Aug 2022

It is never easy to build or hire a dedicated software development team as its members work remotely and most of the time you don’t know them before they start working for you, It’s a challenge most clients face when partnering with an offshore IT software development company to avail dedicated software services. Yes, the dedicated development model is a very popular approach in the IT world for companies to build an excellent piece of software when they lack expertise. However, most companies don’t know how exactly it works?

To help enterprises from shipping & logistics, banking and finance and other sectors, the article will provide a comprehensive overview of dedicated software development — right from the operational process, to its challenges.

Let’s dig deep and discuss everything in detail:

What is a Dedicated Development Team and How Does it Work?

The term “dedicated development” actually refers to the dedicated team model. According to this model, when the need for software arises and you lack specific expertise in your firm, you can bring a team of dedicated developers on-board to meet your project-specific goals and technology requirements. When you hire these dedicated software developers they manage the entire software development lifecycle for you and keep you in the loop by updating about the project progress at every step.

Under this model, an outsourcing software development company is generally in charge of building or establishing a dedicated development team, ticking the boxes of client requirements to build a website or mobile application. Though the client does have the authority to hire additional developers or assign work to team members.

Dedicated Development Team Model Vs Fixed Price Model Vs Time & Material

The fixed price model is often taken as a dedicated team model. However, they two matches but have their differences –

The fixed price collaboration model is where the client pays for the amount agreed mutually for the project completion, despite the time or hours spent. This model type is best suited and successful for small or short-term projects. Other benefits of this model are – determined specification, clear deadlines, MVP development, fixed plans without changes.

Unlike fixed models, dedicated teams have the freedom to experiment and amplify space for development without the need for the overpayment.

Time & Material is another format that many companies opt for. Here, the payment made is for the actual time and efforts delivered by the dedicated development team.

This model is best suited for the projects requiring changes, exploring the market and then moving further, and determining the product market.

Hence, the team gets enough time and space for research and development for exceptional project creation. Additionally, the team can be segregated and appointed to work for different roles and responsibilities, thereby taking complete advantage.

Dedicated Team in Outsourcing VS Outstaffing

The most widely used model for outsourcing and outstaffing is the dedicated development team model. However, both have their differentiation which we shall highlight briefly.

The development team model in IT outstaffing is considered as an extended or augmented team. The IT outstaffing team is handpicked by the client after interviewing them.

The process followed by the IT outstaffing for product development involves the intervention of the client on a daily basis to underline the progress.

On the other hand, IT outsourcing is not extending your current staff. Instead of handing over your project to the team of experts. The dedicated development team for outsourcing works full time or as many hours as required for project completion. With the help of a vendor, companies can outsource projects to offshore development companies for better results.

Key Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Team

Now, that you have got an idea about dedicated software team working, let’s have a look at some of its benefits:

Technology Expertise

The primary motive of hiring remote teams of companies is to get access to global talent, which is simply available in-house. Such dedicated software developers bring a wealth of technology expertise on-board for companies to get a solution for every critical business problem. As a business, you also don’t need to invest in training or onboarding these new bunch of people as they possess the desired knowledge and experience.


Hiring dedicated software services teams double your return on investment (ROI) from workforce spends. You can minimize your operational expenses to a large extent, recruiting dedicated teams from regions like India, China, Philippines, Brazil, etc. for outsourcing your IT work. When you work with remote teams from these regions, you are required to pay four times less for the same work in your home region. Also, costs related to recruitment, onboarding, holiday & sick leaves, insurance policy, office space rent, office equipment maintenance can be minimised.

Long-term Relationships

If you are looking for long-term collaboration and stability, joining hands with dedicated software development teams is the way to go for crafting a winning business strategy. You should always look for outsourced, dedicated teams who suit your business requirements, align well with your business culture and have sufficient knowledge of different technology stacks that you work upon or like to integrate into your services to maintain your current market position.

Superior Control

While working with dedicated teams, you can not only select your team members but also stay in the loop by controlling the workflow, suggest changes, comment and provide ratings to individual team members. Multiple project management and communications tools are there to manage the above tasks for you. 100% commitment, on-time delivery and streamline workflow is what you get with dedicated teams, ditching the administrative issues. If you don’t wish to interfere much, you can easily hand over the control to the on-site manager for a smooth project running.

Boosted Productivity

Multitasking slows down project completion speed and productivity. Staying focused ensures 100% on-time project delivery, and that’s what you get with dedicated teams. An exponential increase in productivity is a common result while you work with these teams on complex projects. Spending money on outsourced IT experts with a proven portfolio is more beneficial than training your in-house team in the technology domain, you lack expertise.

Faster Time to Market

Hiring a team of professionals who have worked together for quite a while saves you the pains of early attrition that freshers undergo before gelling. Skipping the learning curve and getting up to speed earlier is greatly determined by how familiar the team members are with each other. It’s been scientifically proven that even a 50% increase in software developers’ team familiarity reduces coding mistakes by 19% and the budget by 30%.

Agility & flexibility

Agile model and flexible approach are the common attributes of dedicated team development. Whether you want to alter your project operations, adjust team size or shift roles of team members – all can be done swiftly with a dedicated team model with zero hassle. This also makes your business processes more agile and flexible in response to market conditions.

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

Contact the IT Outsourcing Company

To hire a dedicated team, the first thing you need to do is search, track or contact a reliable and trusted outsourcing software development company with a proven track record over the internet. Also, do not forget to check its services, technology expertise, product portfolio, developer experience, etc. before your move on.

List your requirements

Disclose your requirements in front of your dedicated software development partner to see whether they have dedicated developers to meet up your project expectations or not. Ask them to define the project development process to understand their knowledge and understanding on ways to develop projects.

Assemble & Hire dedicated developers

To seek more clarity, have a detailed consultation with your outsourced IT provider about the dedicated resources or team, and whether they have the technical and communication skills to complete your project.

Manage and Maintain Good Communication with Dedicated team

Once your dedicated team starts working, maintain excellent communication with each member or developer of the team or coordinate regularly with everyone to get detailed reports about project completion.

Scale-Up Dedicated Team

For the sake of increasing your project’s progression pace as they build the dedicated development team and cut off unnecessary costs, the dedicated team model would be a great choice.

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team And Signing A Win-Win Contract

Hiring teams whether through a vendor or IT professional services provider, companies must underline these points to cover potential risks.

Warranty Clauses – Your vendor must provide and maintain the quality of services as mentioned.

Notice Periods – Defined notice period for project execution and delivery. Also, ensure that your vendor dictates time frames.

Penalties – Complete compliance and non-compliance measures must be mentioned in the contract and followed to avoid penalties.

Data Protection Rules – deidentify, reidentify as well as anonymization of data.

Ownership Code – The client’s ownership of code must be mentioned in the contract for handing over the code to the client.

Governing law – The client and the dedicated development team must follow the standards formed by the governing body.

These contractual guidelines are prepared for strict adherence outlining the terms and conditions of the cooperation. However, they do not address the development problems. An astringent IT assessment checklist needs to be created to address development tasks and solutions.

Now Comes the Challenging Part – Managing Dedicated Development Teams and its Challenges

Long-Term Projects is Where Dedicated Teams Outperform Often

The model of dedicated software development is often not suitable in cases when you work on small scale projects or experimental ones. Dedicated teams often require you to come with a clear project picture and alter some of the work policies as per their convenience.

A Serious Search and Time is What Your Need While Hiring Dedicated Teams

Hiring an outsourced, dedicated team that matches up your project requirements is not a task that can be done overnight. You need dedicated time, effort and some serious search skills to accomplish the same.

Bridging the Communication Gap is A Tough Task

Active participation is needed from dedicated software teams for on-time project delivery with best results. To achieve this, you need to maintain consistent communication with all team members on a daily basis to rectify the loose areas in the project that need your attention.

Final Thoughts…!

Undoubtedly, the benefits of working with dedicated development teams overshadow its minor cons. When you partner dedicated software developers, you get access to a broad pool of technology expertise, knowledge and experience, which in turn, help you save money and time while working on different projects. So, if you are looking to build a unique, reliable and custom software solution – partner A3logics, the leading IT consulting and web development company in the USA and India to work with our dedicated development team.

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