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Building a robust software development project is challenging when you lack qualified developers who can’t address the requirements and expectations you have from them as well as from your product. However, building an effective software solution can be troublesome as there are various software cycles that run in the execution time and developers must be very attentive to the details. It has also been observed that there are many other factors that must be considered during the product develop [...]

Planning to outsource software development services? Then you are not alone. Over the past few years, organizations have made it less important to bring all their employees under the same roof. Companies are embracing outsourcing solutions for their projects and meet customer expectations. In fact, outsourcing services from a reliable enterprise software development company has become a strategic and vital concern for businesses to reduce costs, overcome the complexities of hiring new talent, an [...]

There exist numerous platforms to develop IT solutions to facilitate the demands generated in the market. However, there exist various such demands that can be fulfilled with various solutions but are not cost-effective at all.Thus, choosing the best solution to fulfill the need at the best possible rate is smartness. Here, we have two different platforms to discuss upon in a similar way i.e. Backbone JS and Ember JS. We will figure out in this article that where each of them suits best and why [...]

Changing market conditions around the globe forces companies to establish a modern and effective enterprise application environment. Be it digital transformation, social-media-analytics-cloud (SMAC), or productization, businesses IT systems must be flexible enough to respond to market forces in cost-effective ways. However, the legacy systems installed across an enterprise can’t support the accelerating pace of business change in today’s day and age. These legacy enterprise applications are [...]

The digital world is rapidly growing and adapting to technological advancements. Now, it is essential for companies, irrespective of their domain or industry, to seek help from an IT and software development company that can deliver a value-driven business product. If you are still stuck with outdated and traditional methods to offer your goods and services, then it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and hire a trusted software development company.Whether you have an amazing idea of a software pr [...]

Be it any industry or sector, every business has its set of challenges and quirks. Business owners can’t predict the future precisely nor they can be prepared for all the unforeseen circumstances, hence business intelligence tools come to their rescue by addressing these quirks and ensuring customized solutions. Business Intelligence focuses on using data to predict possible future outcomes by using visualization capabilities to monitor sales, productivity, and logistics. Its primary function [...]

With the world moving toward digitalization, involvement in technology is inevitable. This has led all of us to a virtual space where software development goes hand-in-hand with our real life. Look around yourself and you will realize that you are surrounded by different software, be it your phone, laptop, wearable fitness band, online music or video streaming app, and whatnot. It has established its root in every sphere and detail, from high-end to the daily purpose of our lives. There is no d [...]

Modernizing legacy systems is an absolute must for modern-age businesses to optimize their operational costs, processes, and performance. With new technologies evolving every day, most businesses are trying to figure out the best strategies for modernizing their enterprise software systems and applications. What this means is upgrading existing software systems to boost operational efficiency and productivity. By availing legacy application modernization services, businesses can ease out the ste [...]

Organizations - no matter small or big - across all industries build strong databases to manage and keep track of their inventory items. It’s important for them to keep a note of both slow-moving and high demand items so they can adjust inventory levels accordingly. To accomplish this task, they use dedicated database systems. These systems are profoundly known as inventory management software.Before you team up with an expert inventory management software development company to build a custom [...]

The Oil and Gas Industry faces a plethora of challenges and risks every day, especially when it comes to fleet management. The chances of thefts and leaks are higher than any other transportation fleets in any other sector. As the vehicles carry petroleum products and fleets, the danger and hazardous involved is quite high and demands utmost caution from your part. You need to take additional protection and safety measures while transporting the products from one location to another. When fleets [...]

No matter what industry you belong to or what clients you serve, revenue is certainly the most important aspect of your business. Without a successful and smooth collection system, there is no stable way to pay for essential things that you require to stay in the market, it includes everything from employees’ salaries to office supplies. Even if you sell all your products and services that you can, failing to recover the amount will lead to the failure of your business. Moreover, companies als [...]

Over the past many years, the oil and gas industry played catch-up with e-commerce, banking, and healthcare sector when it comes to embracing digitization and advanced technology solutions to boost business efficiency and profits. But, the situation is changing now. Many companies are now implementing oil and gas software solutions in their upstream and downstream operations to cut costs and streamline operations. Some of the largest oil and gas companies across the globe now leverage advanced [...]

The advent of technology has transformed the way people plan their travel today. Due to increasing competition, travel companies are finding it hard to survive and get success in the market. The rising demand among customers for exceptional travel experiences, high-value services and instant support is putting an additional burden on hospitality sector companies. In such times, leveraging advanced travel and leisure software solutions is an ideal option. Using custom software solutions enable t [...]

In today’s era, with the growth of the internet and digital content, customers have multiple ways to access content 24/7 across their smart devices. Joining this digital revolution is mandatory for media and entertainment (M&E) companies to attract and retain consumers. They must adopt advanced M&E software solutions to improve customer experience tenfold. Advanced media and entertainment solutions assist in better content creation, management and delivery. M&E houses can utilize such solutio [...]

The food and restaurant industry has changed a lot in these past years due to technological advancements and changing customer preferences. Today customers want their food to be prepared, served and delivered faster than ever before. They want multiple options - delivery, takeout and dine-in with the faster payment process. To meet up such growing customer needs and competition, you need advanced food and restaurant software solutions. Implementing new food and restaurant management software so [...]

Technology is disrupting every major industry today, including education & eLearning. The tech advancements in the education and eLearning sector are improving the learning experience drastically. Through modern elearning solutions, corporates and educational institutions are finding new ways to train and educate employees and students respectively. Modern online learning methods like gamification, AR/VR based learning, etc. have unique qualities that contribute to the better eLearning experien [...]

Are you a financial institution looking to employ high-quality software? If yes, then you have made the right decision. Advanced banking and financial software solutions help you process transactions in a fast, easy and secure way. Fintech technology solutions like Robo-advisors, chatbots, and contactless payments are no longer a surprise for banking customers today. Digital banking and financial services are the need of the hour. It helps you attract, retain, and grow your customer base. The [...]

You must have heard about object detection before? It is a powerful technique to detect and identify objects on the images. The object detection technology represents an excellent opportunity for enterprise businesses in terms of delivering better experience and services to customers today.The object detection market will grow up to $38.9 billion by 2021. Object detection is a part of Artificial Intelligence-driven Computer Vision (CV) technology that is used in various industries today- from re [...]

Imagine this, when you sit in your car for a ride, the in-built cameras track the identity of your passengers, seats adjust automatically for better comfort, and infotainment system switches to audio or video of your choice, syncs with a mobile device you use and start the download of TV shows through your portable devices. Your car searches the nearest gas or fuel station when a battery or gasoline dies. In-car equipment controls your mobile apps for picking-up or rejecting calls. Also when on [...]

Are you still stuck with the traditional logistics operations where you have to manage everything through phone calls and spreadsheets? If yes, then let us warn you that you are way behind the trend. Most probably all your competitors have switched to a smart and reliable Transportation Management System (TMS) that brings all the tasks and details on one dashboard. Apart from making things convenient for you, the system is also cheaper, easier to implement & use, and above all it accomplishes yo [...]

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for businesses worldwide. The Emergency Managers and crisis response teams are working hard in companies to restore operations and maintain coordination between teams. However, business, even with most sophisticated business continuity tools are finding it hard to tackle the present chaos. How prepared your business is to handle a major emergency, disaster or crisis like COVID-19? According to reliable data, 60% of the businesses don’t have a robust [...]

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system to manage communication between organizations and potential or existing customers. It offers a gamut of benefits for businesses irrespective of the industry they belong to. By analyzing the data and history of their clients, companies can come up with the best strategy to boost their relationships with their customers and improve sales. No wonder that it has become a must-have tool for almost every firm. Yes, there are some standard solutions bu [...]

Today, most companies are looking to optimize their supply chain operations with new technology solutions like IoT sensors, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, GIS mapping and more. The advent of smart transportation solutions has led to the gradual rise of digital twin technology in the supply chain sphere. But, if you would mention the term “digital twin” to supply chain experts - you would get a reaction somewhere between excitement and frustration. Excitement because digital twin [...]

Let’s go back a decade ago when Point of Sale (POS) was merely a cash register where customers would make the payment for goods and services availed from a store. Now, it’s 2020 and businesses are leaving no stone unturned to evolve with modern technology to accomplish their daily tasks. With advancements in technology, POS has emerged as a sophisticated and feature-rich system that has become a hub for business operations and offers a wide range of solutions to improve the retail management [...]

The COVID-19 outbreak is a unique type of emergency for global businesses. One that demands effective communication and exceptional management from senior management and stakeholders of any business. In times like this knowing how to manage the emergency from start to finish is important for both employees and business owners. But, most businesses fail to operate in a unified way in a crisis like COVID-19 due to the absence of a robust incident management software solution.  By partnering a re [...]

Working with a dedicated development team is the most popular strategy used by most of the IT enterprises today. This is done by most IT consulting firms today to get access to a wider pool of offshore developers for completing their projects faster and getting quality results, that too, at a significantly low cost.As most companies face budget constraints with the permanent, full-time dedicated development team today, they prefer outsourcing software development work to a team of dedicated deve [...]

The ever-rising demand for professional IT services is making it pretty difficult for companies to find the right tech talent or teams. A dedicated development team might be the perfect option to take you out of this trouble. Many outsourcing IT companies today allow you to hire dedicated developers  from their talented pool of engineers today. With dedicated developers teams, you can build quality software products at cost-effective prices easily. These teams increase the speed of development [...]

Software solutions like websites and apps, have become an integral part of business marketing. These solutions help businesses mark their online presence and reach a large number of users. Software solutions help in increasing user engagement which eventually results in higher revenue.Most businesses hire software development companies, to get websites and apps developed. Some businesses prefer getting a custom software solution, while others choose readily available solutions for their business [...]

The only thing constant in life is change. Every day we wake up to find something new in our lives. In the same way, over the past few years, we all have witnessed some outstanding digital transformation trends, out of which, some were completely new and took the world by storm, while others, were just the improved versions of already existing technologies.Businesses are very keen to explore these technologies and use them for their benefits. As per a leading source, Digital Transformation (DX) [...]