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A3Logics 22 Mar 2024

Table of Contents

The mobile application industry is spreading its wings in all directions. It covers multiple sectors and healthcare is no exception at all. In recent years, a few pharmacy apps have seen the instant rise. They are expected to bloom in the coming times as well. Using the latest technologies &
programming languages, the industry has stepped into the medicine distribution system online. This has saved people from long queues and hours of waiting to meet the doctor. It also supports lengthy treatments, and going through the same hectic processes again. Moreover, gone are the days when patients have to experience the uneasiness and gloominess of hospitals. All thanks to the medicine delivery app.


This online business is growing at a great pace. It has already crossed $30 billion. Best mobile app development companies are sparing no efforts to come with mobile platforms. It offers never-seen-before features and paves the way for emerging entrepreneurs. Are you ready to take your first step into this niche? Then here is all the information that you need before getting started:

ePharmacy App Market Revenue

An Insight Into 1mg: Online Medicine Delivery App


Most people think that 1mg is just a medicine delivery app that makes it convenient for users to buy medicines. It also assists them get it to their doorstep without waiting in a queue. Well, it is partly true but 1mg goes beyond medicine delivery. It is a digital healthcare platform that the audience can access to ensure wellbeing and health. Apart from finding all sorts of medicines in one place, it also enables the people to seek information. 


Here are some statistics about online drug delivery that you should be aware of if you enjoy numbers:


  1. Revenue of 1mg grew by 158% in FY20
  2. The global ePharmacy App Market is projected to generate USD 107.53 Billion by 2025. (CAGR-14.26%)
  3. Apps such as 1mg attracted $462 million in funding between 2014 and 2019 (the highest amount among all categories of healthcare apps solutions).


You get all the data regarding prescriptions by doctors. It makes the whole healthcare process understandable and affordable. Anyone with this on-demand app on their smartphone can get their hands on the drugs. All this as per their specific brands, ailments, companies, and class. There is also a doctor platform where users can find professional advice. In fact, you can get guidance from the experts based on their queries. The best part is that the diagnostic service offered by this portal is transparent and cost-effective, hence, expanding its reach.


This medicine delivery driver app was launched in 2015. Since then it has grown immensely and has inspired other aspirants to try their luck in the sector. Hitherto, it has covered many cities and the owners plan to expand its operations in the coming years. It empowers consumers to select the appropriate healthcare services and provide them with the right solutions at the best price. 


When 1mg was launched, the sole aim was to create a platform where users can get all the required information. You can understand medicines and find alternatives to drugs. It showed all the details about every medicine, including facts, side effects, precautions, etc. Soon, the consumers asked them to sell those drugs along with information. It made the process of sending drugs easier. 


Why Develop a Medicine Delivery Application?


Many ask why to launch a pharmacy app when you can simply go to a near-by medical shop. Here you can buy medicines easily. Well, it is true but even then the numbers of online medical stores are soaring high every day. Why? It is because consumers look for an easy and convenient way to meet their demands. With online delivery of drugs, they can place an order for remote places. It allows you to get the product without any delay while sitting in the comfort of their homes.


Moreover, people can consult medical experts from their living rooms as per on demand app development company. They also get alerts, notifications, and reminders to take medicines on time as per the prescription and suggested dosage. With patients’ data secured on the platform, the portal ensures enhanced user experience by personalizing medicine reminders. The exclusive part is that such online stores also help pharmacies to monitor their inventory by keeping a track of medical schedules of patients and sending alerts for re-fills based on the treatment. It is like an on-demand mobile app for medicines that are gaining huge popularity worldwide and has become a business worth billions of dollars. So, it’s high time to step into the industry and witness instant success.


Top Benefits of Medicine Delivery Apps


The future of healthcare mobile app development companies is mobile and no matter if you’re a patient or a physician and you’re sure to reap the numerous benefits provided via mobile-based health applications in your everyday life.

Let’s take a closer look at these advantages of medicine delivery app development;

Top Benefits of Online Medicine Apps

Improved Patient Engagement


  • In the current world of patient-centricity the importance of quality care has become crucial greater than any time in history. mHealth apps aid in engagement by providing targeted care for patients, personalised experiences and knowledge sharing between healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Patients are able to access and check their medical records and prescription details. All this at the comfort of their homes, without needing to visit hospitals with apps Like Zocdoc.

Minimize Risks of Misdiagnosis


  • Hand-managing patient records manually can lead to errors in diagnosis or inaccuracies, and can be time-consuming. Health apps, however, eliminate all of these potential problems that could prove fatal to the patient.
  • Aids in storing a complete medical report on the patient’s condition in the application. This allows doctors to prescribe the appropriate medicine using the proper dosage and chemical composition. When patients move between a healthcare professional and another, this information is easily obtainable to take quick medical decision-making.

24/7 Access to Care Anytime, from Anywhere!


  • Contrary to traditional telephone access that is inefficient to health professionals and doctors, medical apps for smartphones make it simple and safe for the patient to communicate and schedule appointments, as well as connect to healthcare professionals 24/7 to schedule appointments through telemedicine.
  • Patients are able to ask concerns via video chats, video calls or by phone to avoid having to visit offline to address minor problems. This is a highly efficient process.

Hassle-free Payments


  • The process of paying bills used to be an overwhelming task for hospital staff and patients. With mobile healthcare apps users don’t have to stand in long lines for hours in order to pay.
  • The highly secured payment gateway integration within the application allows users to make immediate payments safely with just a few clicks.
  • You can also choose your preferred payment method, make payments via the web (debit or credit card) and then connect to their insurance company (if necessary) through apps.

Improved Prescription Alerts


  • According to a custom mobile application development company, a variety of apps can be set up to send electronic reminders. This is to inform patients about their medications and upcoming sessions with specialists, renewal of prescriptions, and much more. Patients are able to have greater control of their treatment without stressing about being late for a therapy session.
  • This eliminates a large portion of time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks, and offers the best experience for patients through automated reminders.

Enhanced Data Management


  • Healthcare institutions process a lot of personal data every single day. It is therefore essential to keep it organized. When connected to an  Healthcare apps, they automatically save valuable patient details from connected devices in the system or on wearables.
  • It allows healthcare providers to create a full overview of every patient and to become HIPAA compliance.

Improving the Medical Environment by Implementing IoT


  • IoT-connected health applications, such as fitness bands that wearables, as well as other wirelessly connected devices such as heart rate and blood pressure monitors, glucometers and others allow real-time monitoring which allows doctors to obtain precise medical information about their patients in any moment or location. Additionally ultrasounds, thermometers, electrocardiograms and others are becoming connected and are letting patients and medical professionals monitor health.
  • The information gathered by IoT medical devices allows doctors to make educated decisions and provide exceptional healthcare.


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What Are the Features of a Medicine Delivery App?


Features and functionalities are crucial for making any mobile app successful as per iOS app development companies. If you have used 1mg ever, then you know that it handles a plethora of tasks seamlessly and brings all your healthcare necessities to one dashboard. However, there are various features of user and admin panel that come together to accomplish user goals and provide them with efficient services. While adding these features and functionalities, our expert testing services ensures that they are compatible with the app and working smoothly. Before you kickstart your journey to introduce the medicine app, here are some features that you must consult when you hire mobile app developer. Have a look:


User Panel


User Registration

The initial step is for users to register themselves on the platform using their existing email account or any other social media account. As soon as they enter the credentials, they will receive OTP on their phone which will be the key to sign in to the online store.


Medicine Search

Rather than browsing through the whole stock available online, users can simply search the medicines conveniently by typing the name on the search panel. Just a few more clicks on the screen and they can order their prescription within no time.


Upload Prescriptions

Online pharmacy stores give you an option to upload prescriptions digitally and make the order placement process more convenient. This will enable the medicine stores to schedule orders and deliveries on time and refill the stock without any confusion.


Add to Cart

Once they have found all the medicines on the portal, they can add the items to the cart and place an order.


Expert Counseling

If users have a query or doubt regarding their wellbeing, the platform allows them to directly connect with the medical expert and get the right advice without any visit to the hospital.


Fitness Meals

You are what you eat. 1mg works on this rule, thereby, coming up with the latest fitness recipes and meals for users. As they start consuming healthy food, their medicine intake minimizes and they can get back to their healthy self soon.


Return Policy

This feature makes online purchasing reliable as users can ask for exchange or refund if they are not satisfied with the order. In case the medicines are not appropriate as per their requirements or they are of low-quality, they can instantly request for return.


Push Notifications

This feature notifies the consumers of all the latest activities, discounts, trending meals, order status and more.


Loyalty Points

When a person uses the application for a long time or refers it to other people, he can earn loyalty points which he can use to avail of some benefits.


Payment Gateway

This is a secure payment gateway where users land after making their buying decisions. There is an option to make the payment using a card, cash, online banking, or any other mode. While adding any feature, our QA & software testing solution keep a close watch on the development process to assure that the app is free from any error and bug.


Store Panel



Similar to users, medicine delivery apps for drivers and store owners also have to log in to the app using their email or social media account.


Manage Information

To provide users with all the details about the products, services, medicines, and store, the dealer mentions its contact details, email id, and other necessary information.


Manage the Products

Enable them to enlist the items as per their convenience, make sure that you include this feature during on-demand medicine app development. Through this, they can control the product details, such as benefits, nutritional information, chemical composition, and more.


View Rating and Reviews

Here, the store owner can look at the feedback provided by the users for the products.


Manage Delivery and Shipment

They can schedule the orders based on prescription, manage inventory, and shipment.


Manage Discounts

Apart from managing the price of medicines, they can also offer discounts, offers, coupon codes, and other benefits to grab user attention.


The Team Structure to Build a Pharmacy App

To estimate the cost of developing an app, it is essential to know about key personnel who will be involved in the development process. A top-notch medicine app development solution requires a pool of talented professionals who come together to deliver one powerful and successful project. It includes:


Project Manager


Who supervises the project with his managerial skills. He/She possesses all the knowledge and intelligence to identify the business needs and guide the teammates in the right direction.


Mobile Application Developers


Who are responsible for coding and programming. Whether you opt for iOS or Android app development services or Hybrid solution, the company assigns the right person to get your job done.




Who take care of user interface and experience through their expertise in UX/UI and graphic designing.




Also known as quality analysts who assure that the app is flawless and bug-free through a constant quality testing process. Apart from them, there are respective team leaders, marketeers, medical experts for any valuable suggestions, etc.


What Is the Cost of Medicine Delivery App Development?


Calculating the exact cost of an online medicine delivery app is a bit difficult and tedious as it involves various factors, such as development hours, specifications, features, technology, platform, and more. However, after analyzing various components, we can reach an approximate amount to give you a better idea. You might have to spend around $25-50 just to hire a developer, it doesn’t include the cost to hire other team members. The overall final amount that you will have to shell out will range between $25,000 – $50,000, considering your specifications for.

Cost of Medicine Delivery App Development

The telemedicine app development cost for medicine delivery depends on many factors as per medicine delivery app development company. This includes the kind of platform used, the maintenance of apps and time-based rates for UX/UI designs and the hourly rate of developers. In this article, we’ll go over each aspect and examine what they do to contribute to development costs of healthcare applications.

1. Platform Type

The apps for medicine delivery are built with the frameworks that are developed specifically for iOS as well as Android platforms. Apart from that the apps are developed using hybrid application development methods and web technologies to allow development using native shell. Hybrid apps work by putting an additional layer between the platform of choice and source code. This means that hybrid apps can be slightly slower than the native or web-based versions of the exact healthcare application.

The total cost for telemedicine app development for medicine delivery is dependent on the kind of platform. For example, the hybrid health app could cost upwards of $600,000 as per top mobile app development companies in the USA. To create a native app it could cost as high as $400,000.

2. App Maintenance & Support

The development costs depend largely on support and maintenance too. For maintenance that continues, costs can range between $2,000 and $10,000 per month contingent on the degree of complexity required for the app and what size the team that is required to provide assistance. In addition the price can differ significantly based on the size and the complexity of the changes required for the best app for medicine delivery. Simple updates, like small fixes to bugs and upgrades, can cost just $500-$1,000, whereas larger updates that require a lot of resources and time could cost as much as tens of thousands of dollars.

3. UX/UI Design

The design and appearance of the app are key elements that contribute to the estimated costs of healthcare app’s development.

As per top flutter app development companies, medicine delivery apps reach a large user base of all ages categories. Based on the needs of the intended audience and the user experience, the most attractive UX/UI design that is simple and has subtle color schemes will help estimate the total price.

4. Compliance and Regulation

The price of creating the mobile app for healthcare is greatly affected by regulatory and compliance demands. Compliance with this requirement assures the security of data from patients.

These standards protect patients from any illegal medical practice. The main factors and security requirements must be taken into consideration when estimating the healthcare application cost of mobile app development services in USA.


    • Medical Device Regulation: Healthcare apps that use pharmaceuticals must be in compliance with regulatory bodies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA offers guidelines for Healthcare application developers who are classified as medical devices.

      Marketing and Advertising:
      Medicine delivery apps must be in compliance with the laws governing marketing and advertising. Hybrid mobile app development experts must ensure that they do not use false claims or advocate for unproven therapies or treatments.

5. Hourly Rates

The rate per hour for a best medicine delivery apps development team is contingent on a variety of factors. This includes their locations, their knowledge, and experience. As an example, the developers working in countries that have a high cost of living, like those in the United States and the United Kingdom generally charge more per hour than those in countries that have less expensive living costs


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There is no denying the fact that medicine delivery applications are a boon in the healthcare industry. This initiative has helped consumers and doctors to connect instantly without waiting for long hours and seek authentic healthcare advice. The doctors are able to treat their patients well and patients are getting cured faster. Most importantly, these platforms enhance the quality of lives. Surely, you would like to be a part of such a noble business. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us for medicine delivery app development services via call or email, send us your specifications, get a free quote, and launch your app soon.




Which app is best for medicine delivery?

There are many apps that can be ideal for your needs of medicine delivery app examples. 1Mg has to be the first choice as it has all the bases covered to perfection. 


What can I tell whether a mobile application for healthcare is working?

It is only necessary to research and comprehend the audience you want to reach. Then, you can add the features and technology that help your intended audience reach their goals using the application. Be sure, first of all, you have hired the correct team for on demand medicine delivery app development for the highest quality results.


How much is the estimated cost of creating a health mobile application in an hour?

The cost of creating such an application is dependent on the various factors that are described in this guide. You can however expect the cost to be in the range of $15-$25.


How do I keep the costs of creating an app for healthcare under my budget?

The process of keeping costs within your budget is easy. If you choose to work with a full-cycle healthcare app development company, they will help you keep the expenses under control beginning with the initial discovery.


What is the significance for compliance within the development process?

Conforming to the set standards and healthcare guidelines guarantees that the app satisfies strict security, privacy performance, user experience and scalability requirements as per mobile application consulting services expert.