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10+ Best Ecommerce Development Companies in USA With Latest Trends in Practice

Ecommerce is a sector that has kept on advancing with the advancement in technology. It has never looked back since its introduction in the late 1960s and has never had ever left any signs to look back for at least a decade to date.

The revenue generation from eCommerce at the global level is enhancing every year and is expected to increase at the same or even better rate till 2024. However, there are a few challenges that would never completely vanish but can only be mitigated with the help of technology advancements like-

  • Decreasing personal interaction with customers (public),
  • No real opportunity to check and try the product (have to rely on virtual means only), etc.

As far as benefits and advantages are concerned, the technology advancements are responsible for them and those which are worth knowing about, are going to be discussed in this article as the main subject. 

Also, the trends of the eCommerce sector would be discussed here, that are responsible for the interest of entrepreneurs in eCommerce businesses. And the companies that are nowadays known as one of the best eCommerce software solutions providers in the USA are given a glance here with the fact which made them best of others?

Let us first give light to some of the famous and the most recent trends in the eCommerce sector-

Trends in Ecommerce

1.       Types of eCommerce has increased

Entrepreneurs were typically found focussing on B2B, B2C, and at the most for C2C businesses only. Whereas, the types for eCommerce business has increased with three more dimensions. Ecommerce sector is now also dealing with -

  • C2B (Customer/Consumer to Business)
  • B2A (Business to Administration)
  • C2A (Customer/Consumer to Administration)

Ecommerce development companies are developing every form of eCommerce solution like these top 15 ecommerce and retail solutions to boost their clients’ business sales.

Online buying will not be limited to B2C products only but the consumers have now got ways to earn through dynamic eCommerce development possibilities. Consumers are nowadays serving the administration with their skills and talent for example consultation, online tax preparation, etc.

2.       Shoppable video ads on social media

Social media platforms are nowadays rendering the options to tag and sell your products through your social media posts only. Allowing you to double-rich your post by making it an advertising post as well as a selling post simultaneously.

Instagram for example, allows you to post and embed the price, features, tag of the product that shows on clicking the image only. This feature has gone viral and successful so that every social media platform is now adopting this as it increases the success rate in a whopping manner as compared to the other paid marketing methods.

3.       Omnichannel communication: The next new normal

Every ecommerce platform nowadays allows its customers to engage with them through any social media platform. By rendering them the liberty to engage from any dimension, they have smartly increased the possible dimensions for the customers to reach them.

4.       AI & VR will look less artificial but become more beneficial

As technological advancements are growing, the analytical abilities are even improving than ever before. The trend of finding virtual objects nearby you in realtime is proof of how VR has influenced all the industries to include VR in them.

Ecommerce has done it to showcase its customers how their desired product would virtually look on them or in their house without even physically touching the product. See how simply a newly invented technology like VR is empowering ecommerce ventures along with the other industries with time.

5.       Green consumerism will grow in popularity

Sustainable consumption and production of any product or service is quite in trend nowadays. It is supposed to be the most appreciable behavior as far as online behaviorism is concerned for ecommerce businesses. Millions of daily transactions in eCommerce require paper to get the bills and invoices printed have started to get replaced with edi managed services and other edi standards.

Top Ecommerce Companies in USA to Look Into

After knowing some of the latest trends that are positively adopted by the below-mentioned ecommerce development companies. Let’s check them one by one-

1.       Admios

Since 2005, Admios has been supporting new startups and enterprise businesses that have chosen to develop a new solution for their idea or business. 

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With an adept technical team of 50 people, Admios is a well-known ecommerce development company in the USA with hef/Puppet, Kubernetes, Haskell, and Android as its best services.

The company has been serving for more than 15 years and is believed to work in 3 US time zones.

Converse, a clothing and shoe company is one of its potential clients.

2.       Digital Silk

A company with mid to large-scale clients of ecommerce development along with the focus to create a superior digital experience for them. Digital Silk is capable of creating brand strategies, website solutions, mobile applications, and the latest ecommerce solutions. 

Digital Silk has worked with top B2B and B2C organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, HP, Xerox, etc. 

3.       Lounge Lizards

Based in New York City, Lounge Lizards is known for its digital marketing service and others including ecommerce development, web designing, WooCommerce Development as its niches.

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WordPress and Shopify are Some other ecommerce platforms like WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce they serve to their clients. Disney, Honeywell, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Canon are some of them.

4.       Dotlogics

Dotlogics is a team of experts set up in New York City, with adequate development as well as marketing skills to serve. It is known to have built vibrant eCommerce portals that had catered its clients to their best. 

Capable of developing ecommerce web portals along with other industrial solutions like inventory management systems with integrated shipping and payment features.

The veteran developers here have enough experience that could get your business idea the desired shape with the appropriate functionality so as to scale up your ecommerce business. Kotore, Saucony, Beye are some of its potential clients to date.

5.       Think it First

A complete enterprise software development company covering all the angles ranging from mobile development, website development, hybrid solutions, etc. They not only develop but consult, advise, create, design, plan, and deliver as well.

With an average hourly price of $125 per hour, Think it First is an ecommerce development company of merely 50 employees that converts customers and improves operations.

6.       Cubix

Cubix is a Florida-based enterprise software development company known for its complex customization and integration services. Based in Florida, Cubix with more than 10 years of experience has served not only to ecommerce businesses but also to AR/VR, AI & ML-based businesses for business intelligence analytics, advanced web solutions, etc

Walmart, Tissot, Big Fish Games are some of the renowned globally acclaimed organizations that are clients to Cubix in recent times.

7.       Codal

Codal is a UI/UX development company that introduces itself as an ecommerce solutions developing agency. Helping different businesses with their agile process and transforming businesses into successful ventures through smarter software development.

Codal charges 145$ per hour for effective ecommerce development along with IT consultation support for ecommerce development especially in the case of Shopify and BigCommerce-based development only.

8.       A3logics

The market has a lot of ecommerce developers today. But the active engagement and superior user experience are lacking with almost every IT professional services provider. 

A3logics has the ability to serve comprehensive form of development services along with 24*7 IT consulting services to support businesses and help clients.

With more than 100 clients for ecommerce especially, and has developed some real-dynamic solutions like order & billing management solutions, mobile commerce development services, ecommerce cart development, A3logics can commit improvement in your existing ecommerce solution due to its continuously updating development approaches.

9.       Mobikasa

Mobikasa is a New York-based IT development company that is known to develop all-scale solutions with its skilled visual designers, and expert developers that focus on specific service lines including ecommerce and website development only.

Apart from ecommerce, education and medical are the other two sectors that Mobikasa has ever focused on, with hris software and medical software for hospitals as their specific choices for regular software development. 

Harry Winston, Maurice Lacroix, NYC Campaign Finance Board, City University of New York, Columbia University, Mavi Jeans, Florists.com, Airtel, L-Objet, Megaport, etc. are some of its key clients.

10.   Magneto IT Solutions

An award-winning agency with ecommerce development as its recognizing point, Magneto IT Solutions is known for its handsome web store creation and innovative mobile applications. The team here uses agile methodologies to deliver satisfying experiences to the end-users.

ERP, CRM solutions, and digital marketing are some of its other but primary services along with Magento development services  since 2011. Having served more than 200+ brands, 40% of them belong to the small scale, 30% to the mid-range, and the remaining to the enterprise business level of clients.

Progressing Ecommerce Development Companies List

Post seeing the best ecommerce development companies in the USA, let us glimpse over some of the best ecommerce companies that are continuously enhancing their business by incorporating every new segments with time-

1.       Best buy

If we categorize ecommerce, we could have a plethora of categories within it like electronic eCommerce, grocery ecommerce, garments ecommerce, etc. 

Best buy has started with electronic products and selling them on an online platform becoming one renowned ecommerce vendor in the USA.

By the time, it has expanded its wings to touch the other segments as well including furniture, baby products, fitness stuff, and more, it has become a worldwide ecommerce distributor.

2.       Target

Target is the second most-known ecommerce service provider in the United States due to its omnipresent existence in both forms i.e. online and offline at the stores.

Target hopefully is one step ahead of its competitors as it has been developing banking and financial solutions already that many are yet lacking in.

It is operating with more than 1800 stores offline across the country and allowing extensive services to its customers across the globe through its online ecommerce solution.

3.       Etsy

Known for its fashion-based ecommerce. Having been founded in 2006, Etsy has become one of the largest marketplaces across the globe due to its gradually increasing diversity in the fashion industry. It is recognized to serve handmade and vintage products of clothing and wearing accessories.

Apart from the apparel industry, Etsy continues to cover other industries as well. It started serving toys, bathing accessories, food, and cosmetic products as well.

4.       Walmart

Who doesn’t know this name? 

Available in more than 24 countries with more than 10,000 stores across the globe, it is one of the largest companies in the world as far as revenue collection is concerned. Not just now, but since 1989, its most profitable identity is yet maintained. 

After Amazon, it is considered the second-largest ecommerce vendor.

In order to collaborate with a reliable and experienced eCommerce company, you must look into these points.

Which eCommerce Platform Should You Consider?


A self-hosted CMS that is also free from the WordPress plugin is an open-source platform with an individual approach and basic analytical features that makes it a perfect eCommerce website development platform. The benefits of developing an eCommerce platform as WooCommerce gives -

  • Similar design to WordPress.
  • Frequently updated POS
  • Eliminates user security concerns
  • Single-click update system
  • Find and eliminate bugs & glitches easily.

Big Commerce 

A reliable and flexible platform for developing your eCommerce store in no time. You get a wide range of solutions, such as brilliant themes & plugins, initial store setup, customization, SEO, and much more. Other benefits of developing your eCommerce store with BigCommerce are -

  • 24X7 support service.
  • Product syndication and shopping feed.
  • Inventory management system for return management. 
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Supporting all major payment gateways


A free CMS platform is known to have the best security ecosystem to protect data as well as brand reputation. Magento is also known to provide a high level of flexibility for B2B, B2C, and hybrid models. The big community of Magento always supports business, whether big or small, with requisite settings and extensions. A few of its benefits are - 

  • Countless CSS customization
  • Select hosting company as per desire
  • Ideal for hosting, even international store 
  • Supports a wide range of foreign currencies


Another self-hosting eCommerce development platform is Shopify that allows seamless site operation despite unexpected traffic volume. Supervision and maintenance are a lot easier when you get Shopify development services for your eCommerce project. Additional benefits for incorporating Shopify are -

  • Simplified multiple store management
  • Most notably scalable platform for business needs
  • No need for redirection
  • Compliance with different social platforms


Last but not the least, the OpenCart platform is the best-suited option for eCommerce developers. OpenCart brilliantly offers multiple features that are convincing enough to adopt this platform. Some of the ultimate benefits of this platform are -

  • Multilingualism
  • Analytical Reports
  • Multiple product categories
  • Reduced Page Loading time 
  • Supports multiple store function 
  • Localization for individual stores
  • Accept multiple currencies, site language, tax segregation & more.

How to Select an Ideal eCommerce Development Company?

The association seems only successful when you have a flawless yet flexible eCommerce platform in hand. Businesses looking for a robust solution must evaluate the company based on -

Dedication - Hiring an IT consulting firm must be dedicated, proactive, and always curious to learn new techniques to make business scalable and open to opportunities. So, indulge in a Q & A meeting to know their response.

Expertise - Knowledge is of utmost importance for any solution provider for developing a robust solution. Ask your managed services provider to provide valid testimonials and references of their work to justify their knowledge and expertise. 

Team - Hiring a managed service provider is one aspect while hiring and managing a team requires more research. You can review the team's professional social accounts individually while evaluating their knowledge, experience, including their past eCommerce development projects. 

Budget - Setting a budget is vital for the development of your eCommerce project. You can compare prices from multiple full-stack development services companies, giving you the current market rate. Additionally, you can find the one that nearly matches your budget. 

Support - Only the development of a product does not promise a bright and successful future. Companies need to maintain their products regularly to avoid being uninterrupted. Select a partner that values the need for long-term support and maintenance of the product while offering additional features with time.

Ask These Questions Before Hiring eCommerce Development Company

1.     What will be the cost to develop a robust & intuitive eCommerce Website?

You can directly ask for a rough estimation from the website development company for building an eCommerce site for you. However, the rough cost for the development of an eCommerce platform can range from $4,000 to $250,000. Depending on the features and requirements, the quotation may differ. The majority of B2B eCommerce companies' price quotations may range between 10,000 to $15,000.

2.     Which features are to be integrated into an eCommerce website?

Today's solutions are enriched with advanced technology. eCommerce sites can also be integrated with the latest tools and technology, such as AR/VR, for a more personalized experience. Additionally, with the built-in marketing tools, companies can market their site better without the need for third-party assistance. 

You may also get customized solutions, such as integrating CRM solutions or inventory management solutions, depending on the type of business. You can ask the development company for suggestions regarding adding features to captivate or engage customers.

3.     Is the site developed to be responsive or not?

Today's business demands mobile-first solutions as most users are on mobile devices and prefer communicating with business using their devices instead of desktops. Hence, your associate should proactively recommend a mobile responsive solution so as to collaborate with maximum audience and scale quickly. Your partner must also offer other aspects of the site, such as custom and intuitive UI UX development, graphic design, and much more. 

4.     How many years of experience do they hold?

The number of experiences is counted as a better solution provider than others in the market. The years devoted by your associate also give you the acknowledgment of their previous achievements that you can overlook and evaluate their ability to develop an intuitive and scalable eCommerce platform. 

5.     How much time does it take to launch an eCommerce Store?

There is no defined duration for developing and launching an eCommerce platform. There are myriad reasons, such as extensive features, third-party app integration like the custom lms development, unique and customized designs, or more, that can extend the average launching time of an eCommerce store. However, the average time of designing an eCommerce app takes around 2 to 5 months. Anyways, the exact time of development and launching can be clearly defined by the associate partner.

In the Nutshell

An efficient ecommerce development company is essential to shape the idea of any business because an idea without a shape is just a thought. Therefore, it is important to hire dedicated software development team for either ecommerce or the other.

By reading and understanding all the above informative, statistical information, we can conclude one thing that the ecommerce industry is not going to see back at least for the next decade. The wisest would be the one who would learn and initiate an ecommerce idea as soon as possible.

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