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Revamping The Legal System With Microservices Achitechture

A3Logics Transformed a Legacy Legal System into a Subscription-Based Microservices Architecture


Our client is one of the best-known promotion and development agencies that influences Singapore’s legal industry. They have set out to make Singapore the legal hub of Asia. They wanted to modernize their legacy legal system to cater to growing user demand and explore new revenue sources through a subscription-based model. With A3Logics, they wanted to re-engineer their solutions with the best performance, scalability, and user experience into a state-of-the-art microservices architecture.



The client’s major challenges in the current system were as follows:

  1. 1) Legacy-Based Legal Systems in use: The old system was not flexible enough to fulfil the varying demands of the legal domain
  2. 2) Scalability and Performance Issues. :The Legacy system was not able to scale up with the increase in user demand.
  3. 3) No Subscription-Based Model:The system could not support any subscription-based models or any other latest revenue-generating business models.
  4.  4) Performance Bottlenecks:The system was unable to handle the increasing number of users, so performance-related issues were raised.


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Our Approach

A3Logics underwent an end-to-end process to save the client from its predicaments:

  1. Sweeping Analysis: Analyzed the client’s prevailing system to determine its respective constraints and the prerequisites of the new architecture.
  2. Strategic Blueprint: Designed a clear plan that acted as a smooth transitioning plan from the legacy system to a microservices-based architecture model.
  3. Technology Selection: Opted for sophisticated technologies allowing room for scalability, flexibility, and improved performance. 
  4. Collaborative Development: Co-development with the team of the client so that the system developed was in tune with their vision and their business objectives.


Our Solutions

Modern Microservices Architecture: Replaces the old system with a new microservices-based system to enhance scalability, and improve performance and flexibility.

Subscription Model: Developed and incorporated subscription models that will help users purchase subscriptions and access services securely.

Improvement in Performance:Implementing serverless functions and reducing the load by applying all-out new digital supporting technologies to carry forward better performance through a developing user base.

Secure Access Control: Developed secure access controls, including IP-based and subscription-based access models, to ensure personalized and secure user experiences.


Stats That Define Our Results


increase in revenue through the subscription-based model.



improvement in system performance.

Tools and Technologies
  • Backend: Microservices architecture, serverless functions
  • Frontend: Modern JavaScript frameworks
  • Database: Scalable and high-performance databases.
  • Deployment: Cloud-based deployment for flexibility and scalability
  • Logs Management: Advanced logging solutions for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Caching Implementation: Efficient caching mechanisms to enhance performance
  • Backend API Security: Robust security measures to protect API endpoints and user data
Additional Benefits

The transformation led to significant improvements and benefits for the client:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Streamlined and modernized user interactions.
  2. Scalability and Flexibility: The new architecture supports rapid scaling to meet user demands.
  3. Secure Access Control: Personalized and secure access for users

A3Logics successfully transformed the client’s legacy legal system into a modern, subscription-based microservices architecture. This transition introduced new revenue opportunities and significantly enhanced the user experience and system performance. The migration to advanced technologies and implementation of secure access controls ensured that the client could meet their vision of making Singapore the legal hub of Asia.