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In-Store Shopping Reimagined:
Revolutionizing Retail with
Innovative Technology

A3Logics Seamlessly Integrated Technology for Enhanced In-Store Shopping Experience


We had the chance to offer our services to a prestigious multinational company known for its efficacious global sales of apparel, footwear, and accessories. The company was faced with the challenge of adjusting to the shift from in-store purchases to online shopping despite operating a vast network of physical stores and an online platform.


There was an urgent need to develop an extraordinary in-store shopping experience that would enthrall digitally driven customers and promote brand loyalty as the “buy online, pickup in-store” trend took off.

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Our Approach

We aimed to transform the in-store shopping experience by integrating cutting-edge technology in response to the changing retail landscape. Our goal was to increase customer engagement while also extending their time in the store and creating opportunities for upselling. While we learned from the customer that traditional tactics like coupons or store layout changes have been tried and weren’t working, we set out on a mission to design a truly exceptional and captivating customer experience with the use of Information technology.

Our Solutions

To create a unique in-store experience, we combined Intelligent Lockers with our cutting-edge software. We created a seamless process through a fruitful proof of concept at the company’s corporate headquarters. Customers received customized text notifications when they arrived at the store to pick up their ‘buy online, pickup in-store’ orders. After that, there was an eye-catching locker interaction where near-field technology (NFC), activated by their smartphones, illuminated the locker and displayed customized messages. To improve their shopping experience, customers received instant electronic coupons as they picked up their orders.


Technologies & Tools Used


Swift (for iOS)

Kotlin (for Android)




Spring Boot



Stats That Defines
Our Results


increased customer engagement, indicating that a quarter more customers actively interacted with the Intelligent Lockers and personalized notifications.


surge in Loyalty Program enrollment post the implementation, signifying a significant boost in customer loyalty due to the enhanced in-store experience.


Increased store dwell time, indicating that customers spent almost one-third more time exploring the store and making additional purchases.


growth in revenue directly attributed to the extra purchases made during the extended store visits.


Our strategy used innovation to reimagine the in-store shopping experience in a dynamic retail environment where online shopping is on the rise. We were able to engage customers in a personalized and alluring way by seamlessly integrating technology into the process. This increased both engagement and loyalty and showed the potential for upselling strategically to generate more revenue. The success of this project proves how important it is to take advantage of technological developments in order to forge deep and enduring relationships with modern consumers.