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Revolutionizing Internal Engagement
for a Leading Player To Streamline

Intranet Solution by A3Logics Facilitated the Business’ Efficiency, Collaboration, and Level of Employee Engagement


A3Logics led the creation of a groundbreaking intranet solution customized for a manufacturing enterprise. The primary objective was to design an immersive SharePoint web-based employee utility application, offering a comprehensive range of services to the company’s workforce.


  1. 1) Seamless Service Delivery:The challenge was to craft an intranet solution that seamlessly delivered various services to employees.
  2. 2) Complex Process Mapping:Developing a user-friendly process map builder that enables employees to visually represent intricate business processes.
  3. 3) Efficient Document Governance: Implementing an automated document approval workflow to expedite reviews and approvals.
  4.  4) Enhanced Employee Engagement: Creating an intranet that fosters employee engagement through social features and collaboration tools.
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Our Approach
  1. 1.  Requirement Collection: An extensive questionnaire process collected unique client requirement in detail. 
  2. 2.  Requirement Scrutiny: Data was thoroughly examined and discussed with the client to understand technical needs.
  3. 3.  Tailored Process Mapping: A bespoke process map builder facilitated easy visualization and communication of processes. 
  4. 4. Document Governance: Automated document approval workflows were instituted using Microsoft Power Automate. 
  5. 5.  Seamless Data Accessibility: Quick links were integrated for swift access to crucial resources.
  6. 6.  Fostering Engagement:Social features like news, events, surveys, and idea exchange were woven into the intranet.


Our Solutions

Process Visualization: Custom process map builder enhanced communication and comprehension of business processes.

Rapid Workflows: Automated document approval workflows improved efficiency in document reviews.

Nimble Access: Quick links boosted productivity and teamwork through swift resource navigation.

Engagement Boost: Social features invigorated employee participation and camaraderie.

Branded Identity: Intranet design aligned with the company’s visual identity for a cohesive digital environment.


Technologies & Tools Employed:
  1. 1. SharePoint Online
  2. 2. SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  3. 3. Microsoft Power Automate
  4. 4. JavaScript
Stats That Defines
Our Results


reduction in document retrieval time with a centralized content hub, enhancing productivity.



rise in process adherence, leading to streamlined operations and reduced errors.



increase in employee engagement through social features, fostering a sense of community..



decrease in document approval time with automated workflows, expediting decision-making.


A3Logics orchestrated a sophisticated intranet solution that streamlined operations, amplified engagement, and nurtured company culture. Through the fusion of SharePoint Online capabilities and bespoke features, the intranet emerged as a vital component in the company’s digital transformation journey. It became a symbol of effortless access to information, effective process mapping, and collaborative success.