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QA And Testing Solution

How did team A3Logics assisted the client with automated
testing methodology that helped them have application
with accelerated performance?


The client was looking for quick and effective testing process that could help them enhance their application performance. Manually it was taking a lot of time and resources. It was costing them a lot and eventually the results were not even satisfying. So, to gain competitive advantage they were looking for testing solutions that could help them serve their clients effective and also enhance their speed of delivery.

So, they were looking for a solution that helped them add-up attributes and different functionalities without any hassle in terms of performance. They were looking for testing solutions that helped them have their application running seamlessly on every single operating system. This can help them serve their clients effectively and also gain competitive advantage as well.

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Our Approach

The client joined A3Logics with the primary objective of resolving the issues they are having with their QA and testing process. Our approach helped them with the effective results and solutions. Take a look:

At first, we assessed the gaps they had in their testing process that made them fall behind.

After this, we also checked with the test cases and approach that they were following. It was without any proper comments and messages about the gaps. It made it problematic for them to get to the root of the issue they were facing with the application.

The approach they were following in terms of testing was unsymmetrical. So, the entire process was quite complicated in terms of coding and things got even difficult for them to get proper hold of the application work flow and functionalities.

It is because of these issues they were looking for the testing solution that could help them have everything streamlined without costing time, money and resources. We came up with the best solution of automated QA and testing service. It allowed them have their testing needs covered swiftly.

Our Solutions

We at A3Logics checked with all the technical requirements of the business to understand the testing issues they were facing. Accordingly, we took the right steps that could help them with them enhance their testing approach and eventually deliver excellently.

We are first going to assess the testing scripts and check with the complications they are having in their testing process. We make sure that the entire process is simplified with a lot more clarity to the root of the problem. Our approach helps the have messages related tot eh errors that leads to the issues.

I. At first, our experts are going to check with their testing scripts and assess the complication. We are going to get the same modified and add more clarity and simplicity to it. This can help in the process of displaying messages related to errors and security-related issues and help reach closer to the root of the problem.

II. In the next step we are going to work on the testing speed as well. Early it is going to cost them a huge amount of time. Our automation approach can help them have all the work done in a very short time span.

III. We are also going to help you with the tools that enhance then process of test script execution for all the operating system. We make sure that every testing script is executed individually that enhances the overall process.

This is how we cover the entire testing process to serve the client with efficient management and in process saving time, money, and resources for better productivity,

Technologies & Tools Used

  • Framework: TestNG
  • Automation Tool: Appium
  • CI tool: Jenkins
Stats That Defines
Our Results

Claimed that the time to fix issues reduced


Believed that the script execution scheduling
reduced manual efforts excessively.


Mentioned that it excellently enhanced performance
and accuracy.


Stated that the entire testing process was
proper managed and streamlined.


This is how A3Logics came out with the best testing solution for our client. We ensure that they have all their technical issues resolved quickly and allowed them to serve their clients without any hassle. We helped them get all their complexities resolved and ensure that they are able to serve their clients with the best of attributes without any hassle.

Our testing team got to the root of the issue at the quickest and helped them have their problems resolved without much of a delay. With us, they were able to grow and successfully served their clients.

This is how we ensure that all the client’s requirements are met in terms of testing their applications and getting rid of all the issues.