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Oracle To Salesforce -Migration
For A Manufacturing And
Distribution Client

How A3Logics successfully assisted a client in migrating from their
existing Oracle system to Salesforce, ensuring a smooth
transition without any data loss.


A North American manufacturing and distribution company. The client was facing challenges in license cost, scaling up its distribution network in the system along with ease of use, knowledge transfer, and management of training for new teams, etc. The client decided to migrate from Oracle to Salesforce.

The client had huge data and different workflows for automating complex business processes, data relationships, business-critical data, sales, and real-time data. This was to be migrated to salesforce from the existing Oracle system, with­ out any data loss or much downtime, etc.

The Goal

Planning and Implementing a seamless migration from Oracle to Salesforce without any data loss.

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The Challenge
  • Oracle workflows to be integrated and customized to the business processes in Salesforce
  • Data model and requirements of the existing system to be mapped and transformed as per the peculiarities of Salesforce
  • Converting Oracle-specific code to Salesforce-compatible code, such as Apex classes and triggers
  • Orientation of the new system to the entire existing workforce of the organization
Technologies Stack
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce

A comprehensive analysis of the requirements was conducted, thoroughly examining various aspects such as

With the adoption of new business processes and user profiles for training. Based on this analysis, a pragmatic strategy was developed to facilitate a seamless migration.

We developed a meticulous plan to ensure error-free migration and smooth adoption of the new system. Leveraging their expertise and previous experience, they formulated a step-by-step approach that incorporated best practices. The plan encompassed key activities such as data extraction, cleansing, mapping, transformation, infrastructure preparation, customization and translation of Salesforce, conversion of code to Salesforce nomenclature, data migration to Salesforce, customization of features and relationships, configuration, and inte­ gration.

In addition to technical considerations, close attention was paid to the specific user profiles and business workflows involved. Through careful analysis, they identified the training needs of different user groups and designed an easily ad­ optable training process. The training sessions were tailored to empower users, enabling them to confidently operate the new system at an intermediate to expert level.


The migration from Oracle to Salesforce was successful and helped the client’s team to use the advantage of Salesforce over Oracle. This assignment involved expert analysis, strategy building, robust planning, complex data migration, and the simplest training methodologies. The client also cherished.

A3logic’s Salesforce Centre of Excellence with its continuously evolving expertise, best practices, and a team of industry experts helped the client with achieving its business objectives effectively.


The Optimization of license cost


Comprehensive training and continued support helped the client to reduce the User onboarding time


Salesforce adoption reduced the order processing time by approx. 30% thus leading to faster order fulfilment.


Sales witnessed a increase and customer satisfaction improved by 29%


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