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LMS Development - Case Study

How the client Got their Well-Built LMS Under the Deadline

  • A consulting firm that helps students with their academics in multiple ways.
  • Specializes in 1:1 career counseling along with guidance sessions
  • Admission preparations and mock interviews


  • Meeting App requirements for multiple operating systems (Android/iOS)
  • Creating a Question Bank With Proper Database Integration with easy Data Fetch.
  • Curating a set of compliance to be followed by students
  • Implementation of dynamic modules for real-time interaction.
  • Maintaining the Clarity/Functionality ratio while developing the platform with multiple features.


  • The experts crafted a timeline and work plan to simplify the process.
  • A hybrid web-based LMS system that is available both through the browser as well as a mobile application.


  • A smartphone application that has multiple modes that can be accessed to come up with better results.
  • A dedicated database that allows the users to curate their problems and questions into a question bank that can be accessed by other users.
  • A learning management system that allows multiple users to login, use and make changes in real-time for a smoother experience
  • A guiding feature that allows users to understand exactly how things work on the platform and make them familiar with the process.

Understanding Before ExecutionTo take their services to the next level and make the most out of the available resources, we first decided to understand what they were looking for. They wanted a web-based LMS that can help them in evaluating the students based on their performance and learning. The idea is to create a centralized platform that can be used both as a place to learn and a place to evaluate their competitive skills that can be accessed via mobile application. The ultimate requirement was a robust LMS system that can be remotely used and serves as a one-stop solution for students who are preparing for competitive exams.

Delivering ROBUST SolutionsThe objective of the entire project was to create a robust LMS that has multiple features which include a robust question bank, a curated data source as well as remote access via mobile application. Each of these features is integrated by the professional LMS development team at A3Logics successfully. The final outcome was curated just as expected by the client and the best part is that the software comes with a self-pop-up learning guide with the help of which, every user has the opportunity to understand how to work with the LMS in a matter of minutes.