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Food Delivery Mobile App
Development For Hassle-free
Management of Operations

How A3Logics helped a restaurant business to manage operations hassle-free which includes everything
from managing orders to providing discounts.


The client is the fastest-growing restaurant company based in United States. They were looking for support that could help them enhance their reach through food delivery services. This is when they approached for plug-n-pay food delivery service.

The client is the most prominent and advanced restaurant brand curator with top-of-the-line Cloud Kitchen brands established to drive revenue. They help the restaurants maximize their kitchen profits through a plug-n-play food delivery concept that is integrated within the available setup.

They own and manage their food delivery services. They are looking for a platform that can help the foodies to find local as well as far away neighborhood’s exclusive chef kitchens (based on their preference) for the ultimate mouthwatering experience via a take-out and delivery.

They were looking for a platform that helped them to avail orders from locals without any hassle. They wanted to serve their customers with home delivery service as per their orders.

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Our Approach

We, at A3Logics helped them with a platform that allowed the client to order from the local chefs. We helped them have an application that made it easy for them to compete in the domain of food delivery service and eventually get the users engaged more than any other name in the business. 

With our services, they enhance their approach to managing all the transactions including internal and external. Not only this, we also help them effectively manage their approach to serve their users and employees well. With the platform developed by our team, the client was able to serve their users without any hassle

Our Solutions

A3Logics was approached for the need for an iOS and Android application to provide food delivery services. The client wanted a platform that allows users to order food, and they can onboard local chefs on this platform in competition with other food delivery platforms like Doordash, GrubHub, etc., for the local people to enjoy mouthwatering food on the go.


We designed a mobile and web application that facilitates food ordering online from their favorite local chef and cuisine nearby. Not only this, we helped them have a platform that assisted them with

  • -the options for Takeaway and delivery at their convenience. 
  • -also helped the chef to manage their order and revenue in just one click from our mobile application with different statuses like order accepted, food is being prepared, Order prepared, ready to pick-up or out for delivery, and
  • -providing big discounts and offers for the customers to make their purchase.

Team A3Logics first assessed all the business and technical needs and then came up with a proper development solution. We worked on to help them with their specific needs for food delivery in the form of a scalable and robust food delivery mobile app development .

Stats That Defines Our Results


Claimed online food ordering from their favorite local
chef and cuisine nearby became easy.


Believed that options for away and delivery was as per the convenience.


Stated that the chef were able to manage their order and
revenue in just one click from the mobile application.

Said that the platform provided exciting discounts and coupons to attract more customers to order their favorite food.


A3Logics assisted them with a solution that ensured that they overcame all the hurdles in terms of providing food delivery service. Our mobile delivery app solution ensures that there is no lack of communication, a lack of effective communication strategy, and an approach to managing food delivery services.

This shows how we jumped over all the challenges that the client and its team were facing. Our skilled developers build a platform that allows users to order food, and they can onboard local chefs on this platform in competition with other food delivery platforms to help the locals relish mouthwatering cuisine on the move.