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Business Intelligence Application Development

How did the A3Logics team implement measurement techniques and
futuristic features that promote customer retention?


The client was looking for a smart and fast way to enhance their customer retention percentage. They are looking for business intelligence applications that can help them study their audience well. The prime objective of the client was to come up with a customized software solution that enables the data usage generated by the customer and understand their behaviour to strategies accordingly.

The client also asked for effective strategies to enhance their service implementation and ensure that client stays with them no matter what. This is when they connect with us to avail cutting-edge technology that is driven by Natural language processing and is heavy on Big Data advancements.

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Our Approach

The client approached the A3Logics development team to resolve complaints related to customer experience. They were facing issues in:

  • 1. Developing measurement techniques to drive customer insights and behaviour that can help them strategize accordingly to boost retention rates.
  • 2. Identifying areas that need business initiatives that can promote customer engagement significantly.
  • 3. Enhancing data management capabilities to identify plan renewal patterns and understand reasons for not coming back for renewals.

Team A3Logics believed that being aware of the latest market trends is essential for customer retention. Our client was facing issues in providing excellent customer experience, and hence, we offered software development solutions that can help them study their clients and customers to serve them as per their needs and requirements.

Our vivid approach helped the clients in terms of blending with the customer needs and serving them in the most efficient manner.

Our Solutions

The experts at A3Logics decided to implement a multi-facade strategy to enhance their customer experience results. With the help of our multi-façade strategy, we were able to develop customized software for the client that assisted them with business intelligence modules.

These business intelligence modules yielded the best data processing outcomes, and they eventually played a crucial role in customer retention. It assisted them with the features like Multi-dimensional analysis, including sentiment analysis, that allowed them to study customer behaviour and how they are approaching every single product. This allowed them to understand where they were going wrong and accordingly work to change the plan. This helped them serve their customer’s needs and requirements.

They performed trend analysis to identify and segregate users on the basis of their product usage patterns and help recognize areas that need strategic initiatives. Used Business Intelligence capabilities to gain better insights about customer relationship management at the organization.

Our client was aiming to increase the customer retention rate, and our assistance helped them in achieving the same.

Technologies & Tools Used

  • CSS
  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
Stats That Defines
Our Results

Believed that it Improved Data Management capabilities


Claimed that it reduced churn rate by a huge percentage.


Stated that it helped in increasing client referrals as well.


Claimed that it removed all the bottlenecks that were stopping the client retention


This shows that A3Logics provides reliable software development solutions to our clients, showcasing the technical expertise we have that can help them retain their clients. Our client was facing various complexities that were leading to failed renewals of their customers and clients. But, the proficient team of A3Logics came up with the brilliance yet again to resolve all their concerns.

A3Logics’s custom software development team made sure that client could study their customers and clients precisely. We worked with the core objective of helping client gain significantly using business intelligence to measure customer satisfaction and experience and accordingly prepare effective strategies. With the help of multiple strategies, they were able to implement trend analysis as well as study customer behaviour to make sure that the system interprets the given data perfectly. The integration of business intelligence with the algorithm was successfully implemented for the best results,

This is how we fulfilled the client’s requirements of better customer retention percentage through our customized software solution.