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Fully Integrated EDI Solutions

How team A3Logics has helped the client with cloud-based,
fully integrated EDI solutions to enhance their supply chain efficiencies?


Our Client has been in this business for years and have successfully served their clients for long through their supply chain solutions. They have been successful in their field of service and have won many critics awards and accolades. They finally decided to upgrade their ERP system and take advantage of cloud technology to improve their overall supply chain efficiencies.

The client wanted to enhance their customer experience by enhancing the speed of their service. Not only this, they were also facing issues related to inventory management in the process. They connected with us for the same. Our team helped them with a cloud-based fully integrated EDI solution that helped them serve their customers in the most proficient manner.

Our Approach

The client connected hire A3Logics as their customer verified and accredited EDI solution partner. Our B2BGateway team was delighted to be introduced to the client for all the solutions they needed. We understand the kind of issues the client was facing with the supply chain management solutions. We helped them with a cloud based, fully integrated EDI solution that is completely built into the customer based dashboard, giving ease of access to the A3Logics B2BGateway Client Portal.

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We ensured that our EDI solutions provide them a deal of transparency for businesses and trading with their partners. Our approach always allowed the solution to have room for improvements across the board for supply chain management. Our approach helped the client exchange EDI documents without any hassle and also gain benefits in terms of real-time updates about inventory and accurate transactions.

It helped them effectively prevent inventory shortages, allocate resources as required, and also eliminate excess inventory.

Our Solutions

We, at A3Logics, came up with a portal that helped the client have complete control of all their EDI functionality that includes: add new trading relationships, view reports, and request support as and when required.

With the help of A3Logics B2BGateway’s fully integrated EDI solutions, the client was able to exchange electronically all Purchase Orders (850) and Invoices (810) in the ANSI X12 v.4030 file formats. Not only this, it also helped them meet all future trading partners’ requirements without any kind of issues in terms of security and data integrity.


This shows how A3Logics B2BGateway’s EDI solution removed the need for the staff to manually re-key data. Not only this, it also reduced errors and labor costs that helped clients show better numbers in the time to come. It also benefited the client from faster payments from their customers. So, if you are looking for cloud-based, fully integrated EDI solutions, then do not hesitate and get connected to our experts now!

Stats That Defines
Our Results

Claimed that our EDI solutions improved customer experience significantly.


Believed that it enhanced the process speed multifold.


Specified that the app also helped in marketing their business through our customized marketing module.


Specified that the EDI solutions helped in the process of inventory management.