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How has A3Logics created a powerful freight-matching, load-board
solution for the transportation and logistics industry!


The client, looking to build a freight-matching load-board solution, has more than 28 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry. Our client has worked with some highly renowned shipping and logistics companies across the globe. While working as a platoon leader, the client carried freight from one location to another for logistics companies. The client also has good experience in providing training to logistics workers and building high-performing teams to conduct transportation, maintenance and shipping operations.

To build a reliable and powerful load-board solution, the client was seeking the assistance of a reliable, enterprise-wide transportation and logistics solution provider who can turn his powerful idea into a useful product that can benefit carriers, brokers and the overall logistics industry in general.

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Our Approach

The company is committed to solving the logistics and transportation problems like rising costs, tighter delivery windows, poor transparency, capacity constraints, etc., by building advanced software solutions that automate the process of freight matching. We are also working in the direction of providing more online options to brokers and carriers in the transportation domain for better communication to perform load transactions faster and get paid easily with zero hassle.

Below are the aspects that were covered as per the client’s needs by the A3Logics team. Take a look:

1. Firstly, the client has set expectations with the A3Logics development team to build a powerful and reliable freight-matching platform that enables load carriers and brokers to find each other online easily and enter into agreements for the movement of freight from one place to another. The idea behind this from the client was to simplify the life of freight carriers, brokers and shippers by offering them a powerful load board solution with 24/7 accessibility, leveraging cutting-edge technology.

2. The client has also made up his mind to create an online load-board solution that enables brokers/shippers to post their freight data on the platform in a fully automated manner, both from the platform and third-party TMS. The challenge for our development team was to execute and integrate autoloader functionality in the freight-matching platform for the convenience of the carriers and shippers.

3. Another challenge was to create a freight platform that is highly configurable and is available 24/7 for brokers and shippers to perform freight transactions. The client also wanted a leaderboard solution that can easily cover a broad spectrum of freight transactions, right from load post and load search to fast load upload via file transfer protocol (FTP). To achieve this, the building of plug-and-play architecture and support of robust APIs was mandatory.

4. Last but not least, the client was also looking for an online load-board solution which is highly secure, reliable and contains a user-friendly interface so that brokers and shippers can easily search and enter their load details without being a technology experts.

Our Solutions

To serve the client’s request of creating an online freight-matching service platform that enables brokers and carriers to connect seamlessly with others for performing freight transactions, the project requirement analysis team has conducted detailed research to outline a detailed development strategy in front of the client.

Also, to develop the leaderboard solution with expected features, it was decided that the freight-matching marketplace will be built using tools & technologies like Go, Node.js, Vue.js and Google Cloud platform by the development team.

To enable the automatic load functionality in the digital leaderboard, our development team has integrated the autoloader function that enables brokers/shippers to upload bulk load details using any file format. Our freight-matching platform extracts the load details automatically from such bulk freight information to make the load posting task convenient and easy for shippers/brokers.

Finally, to make the platform configurable and scalable, it was built using multi-tenant SaaS architecture and hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Adding new freight-matching capabilities and carrying out freight transactions securely can also be done easily using our user-friendly and reliable loadboard solution.

The surveys designed by A3Logics benefits solutions were brief, clear and pervasive, which has helped the client gather unique priority data from employees. Out of the 11 benefits delivered by the company, only three mattered most to its employees – 401k plan, paid holidays and salary.

Stats That Defines
Our Results


Brokers had given positive remarks for the automated load upload feature present in our load board solution


Carriers found it easy to track new loads in their locality using our load board platform.


Shippers using our platform liked the third-party TMS integration feature in our loadboard solution.


Brokers and carriers were satisfied with the real-time load alert facility present in our freight-matching platform.

Technologies & Tools Used
  • Go
  • Node.js
  • Vue.js
  • Google Cloud
  • Direction API
  • Place API
  • Metrix API
  • Distance API
  • Javascript



The given case study is an elite example of A3logic’s commitment to solving the problems of brokers and shippers in the logistics and transportation industry through the usage of cutting-edge technology.

The digital load board platform built by the A3Logics development team in the given case study is a prominent example of its commitment to solving the transportation problems faced by brokers and carriers. It allows brokers, shippers and carriers to connect seamlessly and conduct on-spot friend transactions online. This freight-matching solution utilizes the location, and hours-of-service data of carriers to provide the best load offers to shippers. This freight-matching platform also has some other useful features like cloud security, automated load upload, bulk load upload, robust API support, easy integration with third-party TMS, etc.

Overall, partnering with A3Logics, the client was able to found a top-grade, customized loadboard solution provider who leverages industry-leading technologies to build world-class freight-matching solutions that are scalable, secure and feature-rich to serve the business purpose.