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Environmental Health &
Safety Solutions Case Study

How A3Logics helped a reputed B2B client in developing a configurable
and scalable cloud-based EHS platform!


The client is a globally renowned technology solution provider. They helped businesses with environmental information data collection, EHS compliance, and sustainability management. They were looking for a configurable EHS platform/solution for its end users with the following features:

1. Integrated and centralized data storage for effective environmental information management and EHS compliance.
2. Standardization of business processes for improving operational efficiency
3. Scalability functions to help businesses obtain rapid growth
4. Increased data integrity and accurate reporting for ensuring EHS compliance
5. The multi-tenant architecture with unified SaaS features for reliable and consistent performance to meet the customer’s lower cost and better service demand.
6. Cloud-based security to protect EHS information of client companies
7. Mobile compatibility for easy on-site environmental, health, and safety data collection
Our technical expertise in building centralized and cloud-powered environmental and EHS software solutions can be great for your firm to support and meet the requirements of regulatory agencies related to environmental compliance, health, and safety at the workplace.

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Our Approach

As an IT solution expert, the client contacted our firm to build a highly scalable and cloud-powered EHS platform with configurable tools.

The motive behind building such a highly configurable EHS platform was to easily tackle the ever-changing compliance needs of the EHS community. Our client was also looking to leverage the mobile capabilities and wanted to build a comprehensive EHS solution that works in sync with the related smartphone app. Such an app would make it easier for employees to track the EHS data on mobile while working at hazardous sites. The mobile-syncing functionality was important to improve standardization and do accurate EHS data collection.

To help the client build such a revolutionary EHS solution, our in-house team of EHS experts and have laid a detailed development strategy post understanding the existing EHS application infrastructure, data-storage capabilities, and cloud-compatibility functionality of our client.

Once our EHS solution experts have understood the technical proficiency of our client partner, they begin the development of a highly customizable and scalable EHS platform that gives a wide range of options to customers or companies looking to build customized EHS apps for improving their firm’s EHS performance.

Our Solutions

Working with the client company, we created an EHS platform where customers can just start with an “empty” platform and leverage the capabilities of powerful configuration tools to build custom EHS apps suiting their needs or demand.

With the configurable toolbox present on our EHS platform, customers get the option to design, configure their own apps, build business logic and have complete control over the app content and functionality. Also, we help our client build a pre-configured platform under its wider EHS package where customers can get started quickly by picking or choosing from the pre-built EHS apps to meet EHS compliance and safety requirements.

1. Easy EHS compliance
2. Truly Unified and Customizable Platform for Building customized EHS apps
3. Improved Operational Efficiency
4. Highly Scalable with Cloud Security
Technologies & Tools Used
Software as a service (SAAS)
GIS visualization
Amazon Web Services
SQL Server
Google Chart API

Stats That Defines
Our Results

Employees of our client company log in to our EHS platform post-installation.


Employees of our client company liked the built-in configurable tools present in our EHS solution.


Employees appreciated the multi-tenant architecture of our configurable EHS solution.


Client company employees reported mobile & cloud compatibility as the most useful features in our EHS platform.


This case study is just an example of A3logic’s deep expertise in building customized, scalable and cloud-powered environmental, health, and safety (EHS) solutions for clients. EHS management software solutions are thoughtfully designed, developed, and tested by our skilled developers, who have good technical knowledge of building EHS solutions with multi-tenant architecture, cloud compatibility, centralized storage, and customization features.

Our EHS software solutions can bring enterprise-wide change and improve the on-site visibility of EHS initiatives taken at your firm to ensure compliance, safety, and sustainability.