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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in an electronic format. In simple words, it allows different computer systems to interact and exchange useful information. It ensures faster connectivity and communication between retailers, manufacturers, logistics providers, traders than traditional fax and mails that are still common amongst some companies. A3logics is a renowned EDI service provider with expertise in building a customized and efficient system to transfer business files. Our professional developers will make sure that you get a flexible and error-free EDI system at the most economical price. This transformation from paper-based exchange to electronic will reap maximum benefits for your company, including increased processing speed, improved relationship with your business partners, reduced cost and more.


Benefits of a Managed EDI Service Solution

EDI can add value to your organization and open doors to new business opportunities.

 Cost-effective Cost-effective

By switching to the EDI system, you can reduce expenses associated with printing, filing, postage, storage and document retrieval by 35%. It further eliminates resource, administrative and maintenance costs.

 Accuracy Accuracy

Unlike manual processes that are prone to errors, EDI ensures higher-quality data while transferring the information. It also uses the standards familiar to the receiver and sender, hence, guarantees correct interpretation.

Increased Efficiency Increased Efficiency

With reduced tedious and manual activities, employees can focus on higher-value tasks, using productive tools to give maximum results. EDI minimizes human errors and improves delivery time which is good for the company’s reputation.

Quick Response Time Quick Response Time

EDI is the perfect solution to send and receive files at the earliest. You can carry operations, register documents, interact with your partners instantly using this electronic system.

Strategic Development Strategic Development

You can keep an eye on transaction status with real-time visibility which will enable faster decision-making and demand-driven business model. It will also reduce the lead time for product delivery and enhancement, paving the way to enter a new market.

Speed Speed

Speed up your business cycle by 61% with faster processing of information and transaction which otherwise take days and weeks. Also, you can manage inventory effectively with real-time updates to keep your business on track.

Better Services Better services

EDI comes with optimum workflow as you receive prior notification of delivery of goods. You can plan your resources for loading and unloading, adjust business plans and improve the services rendered to the ultimate customer.

Moral-Responsibility Moral Responsibility

Replacing a paper-based system to electronic process promotes an eco-friendly environment and also fulfills your corporate social responsibility. You can play a key role in reducing Carbon Dioxide and creating a healthy environment

EDI Enhancement Components

Simplify Your Business with Managed EDI Services

Interchange Splitter

As the name suggests, Interchange Splitter is used to split multiple messages into a single interchange message. It supports formats, such as EDIFACT and X12.

Set Agreement
Set Agreement

The EDI Set Agreement involves administrator or developer and specifies the term and conditions regarding the Receive Location level.

Revert Agreement

This component works alongside the Set Agreement with the aim to protect and secure the original Sender and Receiver configuration.

Extended Properties
Extended Properties

This component of EDI promotes EDI header values, UNB, ISA, UNG and GS to the message context, ensuring all the properties are available for routing and correlation.

Inject Header
Inject Header

The Inject Header component is used to make the header information available in policies and maps by writing EDI header information, GS, UNB, ISA and UNG into XML transaction.

Batch Schemas
Batch Schemas

The last EDI enhancement is assembler compatible batch schemas for X12 and EDIFACT that make the direct mapping to EDI formats easier.

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