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Turning your App Idea into Reality: A Complete Guide for Mobile App Development

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Have an innovative idea that can bring a huge profit to your business, right? Well, great job! You have done the first part of envisioning your project idea. But, the real challenge is – how to transform your project concept into reality? This is why we are here to help you!

Building an app is not an easy task if done in the wrong way. You, as a business owner, must equip yourself with the knowledge that is mandatory to proceed with the app development.

So, to help you out, this ebook will provide an end-to-end overview of the entire app development process – right from project concept vision to delivery. And, good news! The ebook is absolutely free to download. Just enter your business details and grab your ebook copy now!

Chapters Covered:
1. Introduction.
2. The Idea & Busiess Strategy

  • • Product Discover And Definition
  • • Monetization
  • • Marketing Plan
  • • Budegting
3. The Design & Development Plan

  • • Determining Your Approach
  • • Choosing Platforms
  • • Choosing An App Type
  • • User Experience
  • • Prototyping
  • • User Interface
  • • Coding
  • • Testing: Manual Or Automated
4. Deploymnet & Maintenance

  • • Publishing Your Mobile App
  • • Maintaining Your Mobile App
5. Conclusion
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