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Our Broad Range of Computer Vision Services

Creating computer vision software that is tailored to your business.

Facial Recognition & OCR

We have a great deal of experience creating algorithms for segmenting and analyzing images. We have assisted numerous companies in developing biometric facial recognition systems, automatically detecting and classifying objects in photos, and extracting particular features from photographs.

Object Recognition & Detection

Are you trying to create an object detection system that can be used for various applications such as radiography, farming, manufacturing, facial recognition, mask detection, and video surveillance? We’ll deliver, thanks to our computer vision developers.

Remote Monitoring & Surveillance

Our remote monitoring and surveillance services enable cameras to automatically recognize objects, people, or activities of interest from live feed analysis. This can involve spotting unauthorized workers, looking for traffic jams, or spotting security risks.

API Integration

With our CV Application Programming Interface integration service, build a bridge between your app and the computer world. It offers a set of guidelines and resources to help your application communicate with a computer vision service. This enables you to incorporate strong functionalities with ease.

Image Segmentation

Our image segmentation service independently evaluates and separates an image. We divide the image into several identical areas based on predetermined similar parameters. Our segmentation services aid in facial recognition, object identification, traffic control, and tagging among many other activities.

Intelligent Video Analysis

We use deep learning for computer vision to detect events in real time and analyze video feeds. Create effective and dependable video analysis solutions, to track movement patterns, create intelligent video description systems, or automate video tagging.

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Industry Use Cases

Our Expertise in Serving Leading Industries With Computer Vision Algorithms

Retail and E-commerce

Retail and e-commerce benefit from our computer vision models. Our services help monitor the store environment, analyze foot traffic, optimize store layout, or create virtual try-on systems. With our computer vision technology, you can detect suspicious behavior and alert staff in real time.

Food Production

As a computer vision development company, we improve client engagement. Boost productivity, accuracy, and profitability in the way your company operates. Computer vision can help food companies to track the origin of food goods or automate quality control processes.


Medical image processing and analysis systems can be developed in the healthcare sector using our computer vision technology. Our image data analysis has been advantageous for the pharmaceutical industry. For both R&D and quality assurance on production lines.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Automate warehouse management systems or enable image recognition-based automated sorting with computer vision. We assist companies in increasing the effectiveness of supply chains and logistics. Increase shipment accuracy, and create intelligent logistics and supply chain systems.

Law & Security

We design surveillance systems that can automatically identify and follow individuals or items that can be created with computer vision. This helps security companies or law enforcement to strengthen security capabilities. Computer vision maintains safety by moderating adult content.


Our computer vision applications leverage AI to personalize learning! With computer vision technology captures student emotions, monitors attendance, and automates online proctoring, empowering educators to tailor instruction and identify areas where students need support.

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Development & Consulting Services

With our services determine whether computer vision algorithms will help you accomplish your business goals and in creating a plan for carrying out your image analysis project. Unleash the potential of artificial intelligence with computer vision to generate value for your company.

Computer Vision Integration

Integrate your computer vision system with the workflows and solutions you already have in place. We will collaborate directly with you to comprehend your needs and guarantee a smooth and efficient integration. For your solution, we may offer support and upkeep for the application.

Computer Vision Software development

Our services range from creating unique models for object identification, movement recognition, image classification, or video analysis to implementing cutting-edge computer vision solutions at scale. Our Computer Vision Consulting Services provide complete computer vision implementation services.

Data Analysis & Processing

For image analysis to work well, high-quality visual data is needed. To make the most of your computer vision system, we can assist you with image labeling so that your unstructured data is ready. We can create generative adversarial network solutions to enhance your data sets.

Build Intelligent Applications

Process we Follow

We are among the leading computer vision companies that follow a systematic process to create cutting-edge computer vision software


Image Acquisition

We first examine the business objectives and build a database of pictures that have been taken from various sources to start the process. To act as a benchmark for further comparison high-quality data is generated.

Data Processing

Data is rigorously examined for quality by comparing it to training data and many automated procedures, such as pixel addition or removal, noise reduction, misclassified data sorting, are done to improve the photos.


Extracting Features

A computer vision company gathers pertinent visual data from multiple sources based on your demands. After that, features are extracted then data is extracted, cleared, labeled, and ready for additional processing.

Algorithm Development

Our group of computer vision experts create a personalized computer vision model. Using the prepared data, our algorithms train this model to improve its capacity to recognize the visual pattern.


Model Training

Model training is a crucial step after creation of chosen model. Model learns from data to perform tasks on unseen images/videos. The training can be expensive for large datasets.

Testing & Validation

The trained model is put through a rigorous testing & validation process using untested data to make sure it operates reliably & accurately. A computer vision company makes necessary modifications at this point.



The computer vision model is integrated into your current systems following testing and data validation. Our computer vision service provider will make sure it integrates easily and begins providing useful information right away.

Maintenance & Updates

The stage of continuous support & optimization follows deployment. At this point, our team of professionals offers ongoing assistance to make sure the solution continues to work as your company expands.



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Your Trust Is Our True Reward

We were fortunate to be involved with A3Logics for development of Will to click app for IOS. One of the main benefits of working with A3Logics was their unending commitment and their dedication and passion for working on this project as well as their high degree of sophistication and level of expertise. As a non-technical and a solo founder, I completely relied on their support, advice and guidance on building a world class app. I am grateful for working with them.

Shani Majer

Founder & CEO, Will2Click

My experience working with A3 has been fantastic. I really enjoy working with the team. Great Group of folks. Not only do they do what we ask for but they are also very proactive in suggesting solutions that make the work better. They own their product, they own their services and they are very proud of what they do. And it shows!

James Dyke

We find the engineers working with us to be diligent with strong work ethics and being able to fill the gaps that we have in our skills. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is looking for an excellent partner for offshoring.

Sandeep Khabhiya

VP , Software Engineering, Locus Technologies

All the apps were implemented smoothly and have easily scaled up to accommodate more users. Rapid Ops displays ample technical knowledge and agile development skill. Team management encourages collaboration by responding productively to feedback and fully documenting the development process.

Ajay Thakur

Cofounder and CTO, Pacific Street Ventures, Inc.

A3Logics consistently tackled difficult projects, delivering functional products and speedily troubleshooting any bugs. The team’s agile development skills met high standards. Their lean, streamlined approach to project management ensured that projects were delivered within schedule and budget.

Ashok Kumar – Tiara top

CEO, Firma Networks

Wonderful experience working with the team. They are very knowledgeable and more than willing to coach during your development journey as it relates to their skill set. I am very pleased with the product developed and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Kamadi Camp

Sr. Director of clinical Programs, Sarah Connons

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about computer vision technology in AI

Computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence that works with computers to teach them how to read and comprehend digital photos, videos, and other visual data. The computer can recognize objects, faces, text, movement, and other elements. Specially in an image or video by using algorithms.

In computer vision, there are three types of machine learning models:

  • Semi-supervised
  • Unsupervised
  • Supervised

Neural networks, support vector machines, and k-means clustering are the frequently used algorithms.


Machine learning encompasses algorithms that can learn from data and it is a broad field. Computer vision  technology is a subfield of machine learning. Algorithms that can comprehend and analyze visual input are designed and developed in computer vision.

Image segmentation, object location and identification, and image classification are common issues that a computer vision development company addresses. Applications for computer vision can be found in various areas. Such as intelligent video analytics, self-driving automobiles, medical image analysis, and facial recognition technologies.

There are many different types of computer vision models. These include convolutional neural networks, deep learning networks, and feature-based models.