Mobile App Localization: Why It is Important for Mobile App Success

A3Logics 02 Feb 2023


App Localizing is essential if you plan to make your mobile app development company succeed in international markets. In today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, businesses of all sizes compete in every imaginable sector. We’re discovering how our ideals and interests aren’t all that distinct from one another. Most importantly, we are discovering through the internet how identically we all consume content. In highly developed and advanced nations as well as the ones that are still developing, mobile apps have grown to be of extreme significance. Smartphones and internet services are rapidly transforming the way businesses work around the world.

The global market potential is essentially limitless. Everywhere on the planet, people use apps. Smartphones as well as the apps they enable are becoming increasingly important for both business and leisure. The chances are extremely high that if you develop an app that is well-received within your nation, other marketplaces will be interested in using it as well. To promote the app to new locations, you simply need to have the appropriate mobile app localization.

The purpose of app localization is to comprehend your audience in various market segments. It enables you to get an app made for existing users, that facilitates the growth of a stronger connection and speeds up the app. Incorporating relevant improvements to the mobile app development services is essential for successful international integration because culture and language have quite an impact on consumer thoughts and behaviours.

People weren’t ever more “desperate” for data in their native tongue when hundreds of thousands of mobile apps are expected to be downloaded globally in 2023. Cultural and linguistic restrictions shouldn’t prevent people from using the app if your goal is to engage as many individuals as possible.

App localization is the integral ingredient which can dramatically increase your mobile app’s availability, download counts, as well as income figures on a global basis. Localization is a difficult process with numerous steps that call for a solid plan and reliable technology.


The Fundamentals of Localization for Smartphone Apps


Localizing a mobile app consists of making it compatible with various market segments and geographic locales, as well as for its app store rankings.

The development and growth of a mobile app are intimately related to its localization. It renders an app more approachable and attractive to users overseas, broadening its base of users.

The main goal of every Android and iOS app development company is to maximize the app’s awareness and visibility, and the most effective method for achieving these primary goals is through competent localization.

Additionally, adapting an app to distinctive local and interpersonal preferences significantly raises the monthly active users (MAU), which helps boost profitability.


What do you mean by app localization?


App localization refers to the process of customizing the mobile app for it to appeal to the local customer base to branch out into new countries.

The above encompasses employing their native tongue, considering cultural quirks into account, as well as modifying keywords within their search queries.

This tends to involve localizing important information and also all of the important ASO components that influence an app’s rating on the platform.

The benchmarks happen to be somewhat unique for both the iOS App development services as well as every Android app development company. As an aspect of the localization process of apps, graphical elements such as the logo, pictures, video content, etc. need to be optimized.


Why is the Localization of Apps Beneficial for Mobile App Success?


Apps play a significant role in the daily lives of individuals given that there are approximately 15 billion smartphones in use internationally. Businesses that develop apps primarily for local users are skipping out on significant income possibilities.

By developing an app that strikes a chord with people, organizations can gain countless potential customers via app localization. Here’s a list of benefits that localization brings to your iOS or Android app development services:


1) Embracing the Global Accessibility


App localization might offer an effective avenue to accomplish growth when a brand is ready to grow. The business can reach its expansion objectives by focusing on various linguistic factors and geographical areas. The markets that are the most appropriate for localization can be identified with the assistance of an app translation service provider.

The most basic and crucial rationale for investing in localization is the fact that it enables your app to be used and acknowledged internationally. It enables you to view your objective from each angle, which would also undoubtedly boost the number of installations. Without incorporating localization, you face the possibility of your app failing to engage with local users, who could be reluctant to download it.  

Therefore, it’s crucial to search for enterprise companies that develop software that can help you get your app localized. You can employ it to compete against local experts and quickly enhance your performance.


2) Highly Immaculate Possibilities for Increased Virtual Sales


There are going to be approximately 5 billion active mobile users worldwide by this point this year or next. If the mobile app for your business is localized to capture even a small proportion of that figure, visualize the number of times your sales would be multifold!

By trying to make investments in localization, you may significantly boost both your share in the market as well as the sources of revenue as you expand into other territories. Even though there might not be a universal localization ROI methodology, the top companies in the world are believed to boost their revenues when they invest in localization.

Localization sometimes seems cumbersome and pricey, but businesses will soon see a payback on their time and energy. A mobile app development company can anticipate a rise in sales and market share with each target region it penetrates.


3) Enhanced Rankings coupled with great ROI and Downloads


Users need to download mobile apps for them to get the money’s value. On this front, localized apps continue to function substantially better. Gaining extra downloads from app stores in numerous nations enhances the overall rankings because active users per month are one of the factors that enable the app to rank higher in app stores.

According to studies, app store summaries in the native tongue can significantly raise application downloads by up to 35%. Although a little pricey, localizing the app can guarantee a large return on investment. It is accessible in emerging markets and locations to broaden its user base and generate revenue.

4) Reduces the additional cost of development


On this front, localized apps operate noticeably better. Without app localization, you would need to create applications specifically for each target market, which could result in a large cost rise.

Another major factor that contributes to the success of mobile app localization is the significant impact it has on reducing the cost of app development. With little or no additional expenditures, localization could end up making your app accessible in many countries around the world under the requirements of the local customer base. In case you choose to opt out of localization, you’ll have to create apps for various markets one by one, which would significantly increase the costs.


5) Enhanced App Engagement and Conversion Rates


Presenting the app’s distinctive selling point in the local language of a country enhances authenticity and engagement, which increases effectiveness. Users prefer app content that is customized to their needs and interests. It significantly improves user experience and can assist you in boosting customer loyalty and engagement. You may stand out from the competition by taking into consideration the requirements and inclinations of specific audiences that are a component of a specific target market given that not all competitors localize for multiple markets.


6) Increase in Recommendations


A very crucial step is for a business to retain its app’s new customers interested in its capabilities. Given how fiercely competitive the app market is, it could be challenging to retain existing customers. A strategy to guarantee user devotion is to accomplish flawless app localization. Your application has a much better chance of being recommended if it is targeted towards a local audience. By using localization, you can create new content, a custom user interface, and features that are appropriate for the intended marketplace. Consequently, it also appears to help in the promotion of brand awareness.


Your app will surely be super-optimized if it satisfies each need of the intended audience, which could also assist you in drawing way more users than you had anticipated. Furthermore, owing to this strategy, the ratings will shoot up and the profits will rapidly multiply. If a customer’s expectations are not fulfilled by the app, they will probably just stop using it. Businesses may guarantee that perhaps the localization is intriguing and captivating, leading to a loyal customer base, by collaborating with app localization providers.


7) Strengthen Brand Reputation


A key metric that ensures a higher position in app stores is the active users every month. Substantially greater app rankings arise from an increase in users belonging to other countries. Localizing metadata is just one of the steps in the localization process for apps that makes it simpler for users to locate the app through keywords as well as phrase searches. Organizations from all over the world engage in app localization as it permits them to go viral much sooner. Due to localization, the application can speak with individuals from all over the world, which makes it grow virally far more rapidly than you might imagine. Numerous social media platforms enable you to communicate with individuals all over the world.

If your smartphone app is localized, you can give local customers rewards according to special occasions. By using this approach, you might be able to get app users to express themselves optimistically. These positive reactions then inspire customers to have faith in your organization and purchase your services and goods. Leveraging app localization solutions will enable you to meet sales projections while maintaining a powerful brand image.


Top 6 techniques to Showcase the App Globally 


Localization essentially includes molding an app to suit the preferences of a particular audience.

This encompasses formats, cultural conventions, legalities, technological prowess as well as quantitative units, currency translations, and configurations.

Regardless of how burdensome it sounds, localizing an app may be less troublesome if you give the following recommendations utmost importance:


  1. Consider several assumptions regarding the text


The amount of space needed varies greatly depending on the language. You must also take into consideration languages that read from right to left. Understand languages that don’t follow the Latin script such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, as well as others.

You discover yourself unexpectedly struggling with linear text development. It is for this reason that you need to design and develop the app with adaptability, and why internationalization must appear to be coming before localization.


  1. Think about the location and employ ISO coding


The significance of languages is abundantly clear. But geographical placement is really necessary when it comes to a worldwide foundation. Consider the scenario that follows:

You are from India and currently are at your dearest friend’s place in Germany and are using the same mobile phone app to browse for the same product in English. When the time comes to pay, your product will be delivered to you in INR, while their product will be delivered to them in Euros. How did this occur so instinctually?


  1. Maintaining Proper Consistency


Create and utilize a thesaurus and design manual to maintain uniformity throughout all worldwide brands regardless of whether you’re outsourcing your interpretations or translating domestically. The simplest method for ensuring that your app communicates its intentions and not simply its phrases is to develop a guideline for the interpreters as the platform’s contents and audience expand on an international level.


  1. Beta testing whilst going cultural


Deepen the mobile A/B analysis. Evaluate the content, User Interface as well as user experience at a fundamentally distinct structural level. More than 80% of people are ready to pay more to receive a better user experience. The effective approach to dazzle the users is by providing them with a service they can benefit from and appreciate. You increase the likelihood of satisfying customer experiences by providing contextual information and content that seems to be culturally acceptable.


  1. Steer clear of rigid coding styles


Lack of consistency seems to be the one consistent factor we can count on in the modern world. You could have a hard time agreeing on almost anything, including date styles like 24 hours versus a 12 hours conflict. Try and prevent hard-coding any content at all expenses, in particular when it comes to time, date, as well as currency.


   6. Partnerships and Collaborations


Partnerships and collaborations with relevant organizations and platforms can help you effectively showcase your enterprise mobile app development to a wider global audience. But before approaching potential partners, you must be clear about how their networks and users can benefit from your app and the value you both can create together. Then you can reach out to organizations working in the same domain as your app, like non-profits, industry groups, or app aggregators. You can offer to integrate your app into their platforms or distribute it among their members and users for free. 

In return, the android or IOS app development companies will promote your app through their networks and channels, providing valuable exposure. You can create special versions of your app for different partners to make the association clear. 


  7. App Demos and Videos


Creating effective demo videos and presentations of your app is one of the easiest and most impactful ways. It helps to showcase it to an international target audience. A properly-designed demo video can deliver potential users a clean information of what your app does. It should be around 60 to ninety seconds. Demos allows to seize their interest within the first few seconds and display the maximum beneficial or thrilling functions. Mobile application development consulting services can publish your demo video on essential video systems and social media sites. It helps to reach an extensive, worldwide user base. 


Longer app demonstrations livestreamed or published on sites like YouTube. It can offer a good greater in-intensity observe the app for the ones interested by gaining knowledge of more. The more humans see and download your app demo videos; the more exposure your app gets international. It leads to extra interest, downloads, and engagement from global users. So, try to create brief, easy, and impossible to resist demo videos that definitely and visually talk the cost charged by an enterprise mobile app development company.


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Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing involves partnering with people and organizations who have established authority, credibility, and large followings in your app’s niche or industry. These influencers can help spread the word about your app to their wide and global audience through social media posts, blog reviews, YouTube videos, and other recommendations. To find suitable influencers, search for people with large followings on platforms relevant to your app’s domain and target users. Reach out and offer to send them a free copy of your app in return for an honest review or mention in their content. 

Provide them with demo access, screenshots, and information they need to create compelling content about your app for their audience. When influencers like top mobile app development companies in USA share and recommend your app to their sizable and international followers, it can drastically increase your app’s visibility and reach across the globe. The authentic endorsements from people their audience trusts also directly influences user acquisition and engagement for your app. So, partnering with a diverse range of relevant influencers is an effective strategy to help showcase and promote your app to a wide global audience.


App Review Websites


Getting featured on prominent app review websites is an effective way to showcase your app to a large global audience. Major app review sites receive millions of visitors from all over the world looking for new and interesting apps. To get your app reviewed, submit a detailed press release to the websites along with app demo access. A custom mobile app development company should also include screenshots, and any other requested information. Explain clearly what makes your app unique and valuable to users. Respond promptly and thoroughly to any questions from the reviewers. 

Positive, authentic app reviews published on popular websites can significantly boost your app’s downloads. It is especially from users abroad looking for new apps on those sites. The visibility from being featured on major app review websites also helps your app appear higher in app store search results globally. Getting high-quality reviews for your app from reputable sites improves your chances of organic discovery. It will also improve exposure for potential users worldwide. However, aim for a few standout reviews published by IOS or android app development agency initially, rather than overwhelming your app with too many average reviews. 


  1. Localize your app store presence


This technique is fundamental for every other practice because it might be challenging to locate the app in app stores.

We recommend localization of the metadata of the app store across as many different locations as it is possible Begin within the app store even though the in-app information has not yet been localized for such locations until now. Localize the name, description, keywords, as well as any screenshots for the app.

This should undoubtedly increase the app’s ranking on the search in new locations. Another such upside is ASO (app store optimization). Looking to move local, meanwhile, also involves streamlining. App store optimization is not complete without localization since it provides you with access to a diverse range of potential users in brand-new locations.




There is no denying that localizing apps has several advantages. The fact that the most well-known mobile app development services are all international is something that has contributed to their success. But it is crucial to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made before expanding into new regions. The approach could end up backfiring if localization because of improper management, costing you legitimacy and user trust. 

Localization in particular areas is only one aspect of the process; even altering the system’s text will not be enough. You must take into consideration the complexities of various cultures to fully harness the possibilities of the international economy.

Assessing the elements that contributed to your app’s success in its native country and making sure that users in other countries can enjoy the same kind of experience will involve serious understanding. After the clever mobile app localisation, you can deploy it with the knowledge adored in plenty of other countries the same way it is in your nation.




How to make the apps popular on a global level?


There are several things you can do to make your app popular on a global level with the help of an expert mobile app development company.


  • First, ensure your app has worldwide appeal and relevance. Focus on providing useful features and solutions that target universal needs.
  • Second, optimize your app for the global market. Make it available in multiple languages and designed to work on any device in any region.
  • Third, promote and market your app globally using the techniques mentioned earlier like partnering with global android or IOS app development companies. It also includes creating demo videos, getting reviews from international app review sites, and collaborating with relevant global influencers.
  • Fourth, continuously improve and update your app based on feedback from global users. Add or modify features to better serve an international audience.
  • And fifth, consider localizing major aspects of your app experience for different regions. Mobile application development consulting services includes providing localized content, payment options, and customer support.

Following these steps will assist make your app accessible, beneficial, and well-known to customers all around the world. 


What are the most essential elements of app localization?


The most important components of application localization includes cultural quirks, native languages, and geographical location.


What are the top 6 things to take care of when localizing?


Below are few of the important things to consider for localizing a mobile app:

  • Customizable text
  • Multiple language availability
  • Stable Brand Awareness
  • Effective A/B Testing
  • Avoidance of Rigid Coding
  • Localization of the app store  


What are the top 10 languages when it comes to mobile application localization?


The following languages are currently the most sought-after (relevant to the mentioned nations):

English – Canada, UK, USA, Australia,

Mandarin Chinese – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China

Japanese – Japan

Russian – Russia

Korean – South Korea

German – Germany

Spanish – Mexico, Argentina

Hindi, English – India

Indonesian – Indonesia

Portuguese – Brazil