Picture a world where robots reign supreme - but wait! A coalition of brilliant AI leaders have risen up to challenge their dominance.

Tech titans unite! CEOs from OpenAI, DeepMind, Anthropic, and more team up with Microsoft and Google execs to pledge their commitment to the "Responsible AI Principles"

Responsible AI Principles encourage transparency in AI development.

They aim to encourage ethical chatbot practices to keep chatbot users safe by providing guidelines.

AI leaders expressed concern about emotional cyborgs and fought to protect humanity's future in a world ruled by robots.


While certain countries are investing more in AI research,

such as USA and recently announced that they would invest approximately $140 million for AI development

Millions of people are leveraging AI chatbots for entertainment, increasing productivity and improving their lives.


Using A.I. in chatbots like ChatGPT raises concerns about spreading false information, propaganda, and causing job loss.


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