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Top 10 Education Software Development Companies to Look Out For in 2022

Thanks to education software, websites, and apps that users can learn courses and enhance their skills anytime, anywhere. They simply need the internet connection to access the platform and they have all the content on their mobile or laptop screens. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when schools and universities have switched to online education, these learning systems come in handy. Hence, many startups, companies, and educational institutes are focusing on launching their own elearning platform. It is a business that has reached $105 billion will reach $350 billion by 2025. 

To build a perfect learning platform, you obviously look for reliable and the best elearning software solutions. A company that meets your expectations and can deliver a seamless product. However, this hunt is not easy because there are a plethora of companies across the globe and only a few are able to deliver top-notch software. You must find the one that fits all your requirements and can develop a portal with engaging designs and unmatched content. You need an end-to-end solution for an efficient learning platform with constant support and guidance. 

Thus, we have listed the top 10 elearning development companies that are known for their amazing services and quality products. Read below:


elearning development companies

A3logics has been offering IT and software solutions to clients across the USA for over 17 years now and is still writing success stories with their impeccable work. Their professional competency and quality services are what people vouch for and if you look at their portfolio, you will find why they are a leading elearning software development company in the world. The organization has a wide range of services, serving dynamic clients and varied industries based on their unique business demands. They have a pool of experienced developers, testers, analysts, designers, and IT leaders who work together to deliver second to none projects to various clients. Using cutting-edge technologies and tested methodologies, the company assures to meet the highest standards, meet deadlines, and attain the best results in the most economical way. From development and migration to support & maintenance and integration, they have got it covered under one roof.


One of the fastest-growing software companies, NineHertz boasts to have a qualified and dedicated software development team with in-depth knowledge in their respective fields. They support clients throughout the process, be it consultation or post-deployment support. The headquarters is located in India but they serve clients across the globe. They are dedicated to their work and prefer to show their quality through excellent projects and flawless services. They develop native and hybrid elearning apps using the latest technologies and tools with proficients keeping eye on every detail. 


This is another company renowned for its elearning and other enterprise software development solutions. Serving some of the biggest and popular clients, the organization marks a strong presence in different industries, such as technology, automotive, retail, education, and more. Apart from development functions, they also support onboarding, sales performance, growth of employee skills, and leadership traits because for them their employees are their asset. Located in the USA, UK, Brazil, and Western Europe, it is a reliable destination for LMS solutions. You also avail of their ability and experience required to integrate the software with the existing tech infrastructure.

Merix Studio

It is a trusted choice for education software development, serving clients in different domains for more than 20 years now. The company is located in Poland and has collaborated with some of the most popular brands, delivering quality products every time, meeting all the specifications, and paying attention to every detail. No wonder why it’s such a renowned name in the industry. 

Konstant Infosolutions

A reputed company involved in software and mobile app development for years now. It has a team of passionate and hardworking developers, handling the biggest projects efficiently. Whether you are looking for elearning software or healthcare portal, they will take care of it all with thor one-stop solution. What’s more? Their products and prices are just what you are looking for. Located in the USA, the company has some of the remarkable achievements to its name. It offers a myriad of services and solutions never compromising on deadlines and customer needs. 

SAP Successfactors

SAP is a global company delivering elearning mobile applications and solutions for employees and students. Their specialization includes onboarding, recruitment, planning, analytics, workforce, and more, offering a complete range of enterprise solutions. They serve almost every industry, such as chemical, IT, industrial, construction, oil & gas, life sciences, mining to name a few. Once you connect with them for development services, rest assured that you will get the product that is nothing but the best that too within your budget.

Table XI

This Chicago-based education software development company is quite a well-known ma e despite their small workforce. It is working flawlessly for the past 15 years and seems to grow every year, witnessing constant growth and development. The secret behind their successful IT projects and unmatched services is to have fun throughout the process while putting in their best effort in every task. It aims to make learning easier, interesting, and immersive. Respective of their dedication and innovation, they also provide full stack development services for high-quality outcome, full security, and competitive edge in the growing market. 


Cleveroad is an experienced and credible development company, coming up with innovative ideas for each project. They have collaborated with the top educational institutes, developing apps that are engaging for both parents and students. For native and hybrid mobile apps and flutter-based platforms, they are your go-to solution. They also flaunt their new means of educational services that are innovative and value-driven. The IT company uses scalable techniques and modern methodologies for best-in-class projects.


Although education is its most prominent field of service, the company has successfully handled various other projects of varied sectors, such as travel & tourism, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, and more. It has a team of developers and designers working constantly hard to offer reliable solutions to their clients. From mobile app development services to website designing, Valuecoders is there for you at every step. For professionals working here, the primary attention is on creating the best and unique software using advanced technologies and current trends. 


Working since 2009, TechAhead is a dedicated software development company managing different industries and services effectively. They have bagged some of the biggest projects and each time, they perfectly delivered IT solutions, taking care of appealing designs and user-friendly interface. The developers working in the company have hands-on experience in various technologies and can build seamless apps no matter how complicated your requirements are.

Scaling 10 Education Software Development Companies 

1. Trigent 

A scaling web and app development company that delivers legacy apps in a modern way to transform business for the future. Trigent understands the modern challenges faced by any corporate yet conventional development program providers. Trigent is a professional service providers that bridges the gap and assists in overcoming these challenges. With the help of the right technology stack, Trigent helps ISVs, schools, and other educational institutions develop and deliver high-quality solutions. Their custom eLearning software development solutions improve collaboration, communication, enhance user engagement, reduce time to market, and offer operational agility and efficiency.

2. Fingent 

A custom technology solution provider for education organizations, Fingent offers a comprehensive range that extends from learning management software solutions to online assessment systems to virtual teaching assistants.

With the help of the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning & more, company assists educational institutions to automate their tedious administrative tasks. The company also integrates Blockchain and AR-VR solutions for immersive learning facilities while keeping the learning management secured and verified by only the authentic.

3. TatvaSoft

A leading IT Consultation services provider, TatvaSoft has emerged to deliver educational content conveniently. They offer a custom, interactive and feature-rich education software integrated with educational and training modules, online courses, and virtual assistance. The eLearning solutions also assist higher education institutions to offer offline learning for remote students using an enterprise mobility solution that helps both teachers and students participate and collaborate anywhere within a dedicated time. 

4. Daxx

For personalized learning and optimized content delivery, Daxx is a renowned eLearning software development company. The reliable team offers custom eLearning solutions with a holistic approach to enhance and evaluate the performance and skills of the students. Their collaborative learning approach encourages sharing and social learning via connected environments. Their dedicated eLearning platforms are built to deliver a high-user experience and provide learning content that complies with digital devices seamlessly. Hence, educational institutions of all grades, as well as the students, can use and engage to increase their productivity. With performance assessment, instructors can monitor and keep a record of the student's performance and learning abilities remotely.

5. Invertia 

A high-tech software product engineering services providing firm, Invertia is a complete package for all your development needs. Their innovative educational & eLearning software development solutions allow easy organization of the learning systems and resources. Invertia implements multi-level analytic tools to develop effective and result-oriented learning portals. They strive to shape the future of the education industry hence offer a fully customizable, flexible, and interesting digital solution. These solutions are combined with the requisite technology stack to enable future needs and comply with any operating systems or platforms. Their profound technical expertise always delivers high-quality developmental support that will always perform consistently even under load.

6. Keen Ethics

Their aim and objective is to revolutionize the ed-tech industry. Keen Ethics is a professional contributor in building high-quality enterprise-grade eLearning solutions for academic, personal as well as professional development. From desktop to handheld devices, the company offers a flexible and versatile solution that can be integrated anywhere. A scaling development company offers both a mobile app & website development services. Their eLearning solutions let institutions keep track of the learning abilities, assessments, and performance of the student. The virtual link enables sharing educational materials and resources without interruptions anywhere, hence learning is possible anywhere, even remotely.

7. EsparkBiz

A professional IT service providing organization has a dedicated and seasoned team of developers, designers, and quality analysts that always strive to offer quality software. By integrating the latest technologies, such as AI, ML, chatbot, IoT, blockchain, and big data analytics consulting, EsparkBiz delivers extensive eLearning and educational solutions that meet every business's needs. Their highly qualified team focuses on continuous learning for providing a competitive edge. Their scalable and functional eLearning software solutions are flexible offering students a wide range of learning opportunities while implementing the knowledge.

8. The One Technologies 

Aiming to deliver next-generation learning experiences, The One Technologies is a leading software development company for the eLearning and Educational Industry. The company realizes the changing market needs and integration of potential technologies for maintaining a competitive edge in the market. The company amalgamates the requisite technology stack, such as AR - VR solutions, blockchain, AI, ML, big data, IoT, and cloud computing consulting for potential and future-proof development. From personalized eLearning to integrating gaming tools, The One Technologies strive to digitally transform legacy learning systems for scalability and adaptability.

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9. Fortunesoft

An eLearning App and software development company that promises to deliver a whole new digital experience. Their scalable and intuitive solutions consist of UI/UX web design solution team, next-gen technologies, seamless integration with any platform, SaaS development services & learning platforms, and requisite skills and expertise in the field. Fortunesoft's objectives are to provide educational institutions with a competitive advantage from their solutions and students to provision educational content for in-depth knowledge.

10. Zrix formerly CMS Website Services

Promising to reshape the educational industry with its dynamic and scalable e-learning solutions, Zrix delivers a cutting-edge solution for educational institutions. The potential association of technologies has allowed IT companies to offer creative solutions such as interactive virtual classrooms, finely created educational apps, web-learning methods that are capable enough to revolutionize and create a whole new language of learning. Along with sophisticated eLearning solutions to the schools, colleges, universities, and other private educational organizations, they also offer artificial intelligence development services that can be integrated with any business to save time while up-scaling the business even more.


These are our top 10 companies for elearning development services. With their experience and proficiency in the field, we can assure you that they all are skilled and perfect to handle your project. Moreover, they won’t spare any effort to deliver you an elearning platform that fulfills all your criteria and stand out from the crowd.

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