The Best Hookup Apps Of 2023: Top 20


With the rise of smartphones, people yearned for faster dating options. This led to the birth of mobile dating apps. For instance, in 2012, Tinder introduced the concept of swiping to show interest. Soon, various apps were launched, each unique in its way. Some of these apps assist in finding long-term partners, while others are ideal for casual encounters. Presently, the best hookup apps cater to users’ desires.


1. Tinder


Tinder revolutionized online dating with its swipe function. Like someone? Swipe right. Not interested? Swipe left. This swift gesture transformed dating into a breezy activity. With Tinder being global, whether you’re in a bustling city or a quaint village, there’s someone to swipe on. Its location feature makes it easy to discover people nearby, handy for travelers or those eager to connect locally.


Users adore Tinder’s simplicity, making it the best free hookup app. It’s user-friendly, so navigation is a breeze even if you’re a newbie to the dating scene. Your chances of finding a match are higher, given its vast user base. Also, it cleverly suggests potential matches tailored to your preferences.


Globally, over 75 million individuals have embraced Tinder. Every day witnesses approximately 26 million matches. A considerable number of these evolve into genuine relationships. Although the match rate on Tinder averages around 1.6%, given its large user base, this translates to numerous daily matches.


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2. Bumble


Bumble stands out among the best hookup apps, championing female empowerment. Here, women initiate the conversation in heterosexual matches, having 24 hours to send the first message. If not, the match disappears. Also, this design gives women the autonomy to engage on their terms, enhancing safety.


A distinctive Bumble feature is the BFF mode, perfect for those seeking friendships. So if you’ve moved to a new city or simply wish to expand your circle, Bumble can help. Studies indicate women experience fewer unpleasant interactions on Bumble than on other platforms, fostering a more respectful online dating environment.


Bumble boasts over 100 million downloads. The near-equal distribution of male and female users is commendable, as this balance is uncommon in the dating app landscape. Everyone stands a fair chance at connection. Also, for those desiring enhanced features, Bumble offers Bumble Boost. At $39.99 monthly, subscribers enjoy perks such as extended chat times and insights into who’s interested in them.


3. Grindr


Grindr is a top name in the world of digital dating. It’s special for the LGBTQ+ crowd. This app shines among many dating tools. Why? Because it was among the first and stayed one of the best hookup apps for queer people. Grindr focuses a lot on the LGBTQ+ group. It’s not just any dating app. Grindr gives queer people something many other big apps don’t: an experience made just for them.


Grindr does one thing very well: it includes everyone. The world is getting better for LGBTQ+ folks, but it’s not perfect yet. Also, Grindr is where LGBTQ+ people can safely meet, talk, and find dates.

Grindr isn’t just a free hookup app. It’s known all around the world. From its start, Grindr reached people in many places. Now, 27 million people have downloaded it.


Looking at how many people use it daily? The numbers are big. Every day, 12 million people use Grindr. They look for friends, dates, or more. Also, this shows Grindr is popular and important for the LGBTQ+ group.


Now, talking about subscriptions. Grindr is free but has a paid version called Grindr XTRA. It costs $28.20 for 3 months. With it, you see no ads, view more profiles, and get other cool things.


4. Hinge


Hinge, known as “The Dating App Meant to Be Deleted,” stands out in the crowded online dating scene. Unlike other apps that show countless profiles, Hinge introduces a fresh idea. Hinge is the best app for hookup because it links users with friends of friends. Hinge matches have a shared contact by tapping into users’ broad social circles. 


Also, Hinge’s layout promotes user interaction. Instead of the usual “swipe left or right” action linked with dating apps, Hinge uses fun questions. Users pick these questions to answer, letting their profile highlight their interests and personality.


Data shows that 3 out of 4 first Hinge dates lead to a second one. This strong rate shows the high chance of finding a real link on the app.


Looking at user info, Hinge has over 23 million users worldwide. Importantly, most of these users are aged 18-29. This shows the app’s draw for young working folks seeking true ties.


Hinge offers both free and paid options. The base version has many tools, but there’s also a ‘Hinge Premium’ option for $29.99 per month. This gives extra features like more likes and a view of all profile likes.


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5. OkCupid


Best hookup apps come in many forms. One of the top hookup apps is OkCupid. On OkCupid, users are more than just photos. They have likes, dislikes, and dreams. Also, this app uses deep questions to learn about you.


These questions go beyond just “What’s your hobby?”. They ask about who you are and what you want in life. Based on your answers, OkCupid gives you a match score with others. If someone has a high score, you have a lot in common.

Over 10 million have downloaded it worldwide. Also, most users check their accounts often. About 85% log in every week to find or chat with matches.


OkCupid has a special offer called ‘A-List.’ It starts at  $25 a month. You can see who likes you, get more search options and no ads.


6. isn’t new in the online dating game. They’ve been around for over 20 years, making them experts. Their main goal? Making sure you meet real people. Every profile gets checked. So when you chat with someone, you know they’re real.


Ever looked at an online profile and wondered, “Is this real?” has an answer. They check each profile deeply. So, when you find someone you like on, you know they’re real. No bots, no tricks.


The numbers show how good is. More than 39 million people use this best hookup app. What do users say? 80% like it a lot. They love how easy it is, the good matches, and how safe they feel.


Want to try There’s a free version. You can look at profiles and send some messages. Want more? The paid plan costs $45.99 a month.


7. Pure


Pure simplifies dating. Instead of endless swipes or long conversations, just share a photo. This photo helps you connect with others.


It’s a top pick for those who want to meet quickly, making it one of the best hookup apps. You don’t need a detailed profile. And when you find a match, both know there’s shared attraction. This means quick chats. Plus, your details are kept secret.


Many call it the best hookup app 2023. With about 20,000 downloads daily, it’s fast becoming a favorite in the dating app scene.


8. eHarmony


eHarmony is distinct. It focuses on helping its users discover true connections. When you sign up, you’ll take a brief quiz to understand your preferences and beliefs. They’re keen to get to know the real you. Also, it helps the app know the real you, not just your photo.


After you finish the test, eHarmony finds your matches. It uses a smart system to check your answers and suggest good matches. With each match, there’s a rating. This rating tells you how well you might get along, helping you choose better.


7% of its users say they got married because of the app. This shows eHarmony is good at making true love happen. Also, most users (60%) are aged 28 years old. This age group often wants real commitment, so the app works well. If you want eHarmony’s features, one of the best hookup apps, the cost is $59.90 a month.


9. Coffee Meets Bagel


The Coffee Meets Bagel app has features that make it one of the best hookup apps for couples. Coffee Meets Bagel, often called CMB, makes finding real bonds simpler.


Coffee Meets Bagel gives users daily matches. Also, they call these matches “Bagels.” So, instead of too many profiles to look at, users get just a few. This lets them focus on each match better. And guess what? If two users like each other, the woman picks from the men who liked her. This way, it’s safer for women. It also stops unwanted messages.

They give only a few matches each day. This means users spend real time looking at each match. Hence, the chats here are more real. Also, this leads to deeper bonds.

CMB has over 21 million users around the world. This shows how liked and effective this app is. For its best features, users pay about $35 each month. Hence, many think this price is good for what CMB offers.


10. AdultFriendFinder


AdultFriendFinder is clear about its content. It doesn’t hide its intentions. Here, users can share their interests without confusion about their goals.


Users can also enjoy live shows. They can share their own or watch others. This feature brings people closer, making it lively and interesting. Also, it keeps them returning for more.


The user blogs set AFF apart. Also, it’s more than just a place for hookups. People can write about their moments, share advice, or tell tales. Hence, it lets users bond on deeper levels.


AdultFriendFinder reaches over 80 countries, showing that it’s not just for one place. It attracts people everywhere. Someone who wants extra features can get a monthly plan for around $40. Hence, this shows the app’s great value among the best hookup apps.


11. Happn


Happn is all about meeting people you’ve seen around. With most apps, you get matches from all over. But with Happn, if you walk past another user, their profile appears in your app. So, the people you see on Happn? You’ve seen them in real life too.


It’s different from swiping on just photos. With Happn, there’s always a story. Maybe you both like the same park or shop at the same grocery store. Also, these real moments make chatting easy and more fun.

It has over 100 million users all over the world. That’s a number any mobile app development company would like. Of these users, 1 in 5 have made a real connection on the app.


For more features, users can go premium. It’s priced at around $24.99 a month.


12. HER


HER is built just for queer women. It’s not only an app, it’s a safe place. Also, it’s different from other best hookup apps. Here, women can show who they are. They can talk about what they like, say who they are, and tell the world about their queer identity. HER is their voice.


They often share news and events for the LGBTQ+ community. So users can talk about what they care about. Many dating apps don’t do this. But HER ensures its users can find dates, friends, and even a close group of people.


HER has more than 10 million users worldwide. These numbers show that many in the LGBTQ+ world trust HER.


Want more from the app? There’s a special version of HER that costs $14.99 a month. It gives users extra things to enjoy.


13. SeekingArrangement


SeekingArrangement’s goal links people who want particular relationships, often based on financial factors. It’s different from other dating apps because it’s direct. No hidden agendas.


Users create profiles, stating their needs, whether they’re a sugar daddy/mommy or a sugar baby. The next step is all about finding the perfect partner. Everyone knows what they’re signing up for. This clear purpose makes finding a match quicker and clearer. Also, with mobile app development services improving, these apps always improve to serve their users even more.


For sugar daddies/mommies, it’s a way to meet younger folks who value their life lessons, insights, and solid finances. For sugar babies, it’s a chance to find guides, get financial help, and even explore lavish lifestyles.


SeekingArrangement average user rating of 9.6 out of 10, quite high for a specialized dating platform. Also, this positive feedback highlights its dedication to user satisfaction.


Regarding its advanced features, about 50,000 users choose the premium option monthly, at roughly $109.99. This number shows its wide appeal and the benefits it gives to its premium members, along with otherbest hookup apps.


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14. Feeld


Feeld isn’t like other dating apps. Its design and features show it accepts everyone. Are you single and curious? Or a couple wanting some excitement? Feeld welcomes you.


One big thing about Feeld is it accepts all sexual orientations. No matter who you are or what you like, Feeld is there for you. Also, many other apps focus on one group. But Feeld loves everyone and gives everyone a place in its digital world.


Numbers show Feeld is great. About 2 million new connections per month. That’s a big deal! It shows people like it and trust it. Also, Feeld’s premium features cost around $11.99 per month. More than a million people have downloaded the app since it started.


15. The League


Mobile app developers have made many dating apps, but The League is special. It’s different because it focuses on the quality, not the number of people. The League picks its users very carefully. Not everyone can join. Each person is checked to make sure they fit. So, you meet people who think like you and have the same goals.


You can also connect the app to your LinkedIn. This makes your profile even more real. It also lets you learn more about the people you might date. Not just from their dating profile but from their work profile too.

Right now, 100,000 people are waiting to get in. This shows how much people trust and want to be part of it. Also, users spend about 20 minutes a day on the app. This might seem short. But it fits The League’s idea of quality time, not just browsing. So, it has over 250,000 active users each day. And many pay$299.99 a month to use it.


16. Raya


Raya is known for its celebrity users. It’s not just that famous people use it. It’s that they vouch for its quality. When famous names you know and respect are there, it shows the app’s worth.


Joining Raya is like getting into a special club. Every application is closely checked. Not all get in. This tough process means that only a select few join. Also, it mostly has high-ranking members with a big influence.


Very few get into Raya. For every 10,000 who try, only 800 succeed. It starts at $7.99 a month. So, Raya doesn’t try to serve everyone like other best hookup apps. It aims for a special experience for a select group.


17. 3Somer


3Somer fills a unique spot in online dating. While many apps focus on one-on-one dates, 3Somer is different. It’s for couples and singles who want threesome dates.


The app is easy to use. Also, the profiles are clear. They let people say what they’re looking for and their limits. This helps users meet others with the same wants.


Regarding dating app development, 3Somer shows how important it is to find and serve small markets. The app makers saw a need and met it. Therefore, they made a special tool for a special group of people.


The data tells us more about the app. Over 500,000 people have downloaded 3Somer. That shows it’s becoming more popular. While some things on the app are free, some cost money. Prices start at $15.99 a month. Also, the average user rating is 4.2 out of 5. People like how private it is and the quality of their matches.


18. Luxy


Luxy stands out from the rest. It caters exclusively to affluent individuals. Those who appreciate the finer things in life sign up for Luxy. It operates like an exclusive circle where only a few get to enter. What makes Luxy unique? Every member undergoes a review. They ensure each person truly has substantial wealth. Also, this eliminates the chances of encountering fake profiles.


A majority of Luxy users have high incomes. Many hold executive positions, are top professionals, or even celebrities. Many have discovered romance on Luxy, with some even tying the knot. Also, these success stories prove Luxy’s effectiveness. As of 2023, it’s considered a leading app, reflected by its extensive download numbers. So, while certain features are complimentary, the premium ones come at a price. So, that’s what you expect from a premium platform.


19. Once


Many dating apps have you swiping endlessly. Yet, ‘Once’ stands out. It presents users with a single match each day. While this might sound limited, it’s a positive feature. Users can thoroughly view the match, learn about them, and decide whether to initiate a conversation.


The essence of ‘Once’ is quality over quantity. It provides a single meaningful match rather than numerous mediocre ones. Also, users wishing to access additional features can subscribe for $19.99 monthly. This subscription allows them to explore more profiles and gain added insights.


20. Down


In the online dating world, it’s easy to get confused. ‘Down‘ solves this. It wants you to be clear about what you want, whether a fun or serious date. Also, this clearness means everyone knows what to expect. Hence, it leads to better chats and dates.


Another great thing? The secret swiping. Many apps tell others when you like or dislike them. But with ‘Down,’ your choices stay hidden. Others will only know if they like you back. This keeps things private. Plus, it avoids awkward moments if the feelings aren’t mutual, making it stand out among the best hookup apps.


‘Down’ doesn’t just have good features. If you wonder about prices, the special features start at $19.99 monthly.


However, what people say matters too. Many people love how simple and clear it is. They find meeting others who want the same things easy, without games.


Conclusion For Best Hookup Apps


Hookup apps bring numerous benefits to the table. One of their standout features is erasing distances. Also, they simplify meeting individuals, even if they’re continents apart. Every match or message you receive could be the beginning of a fresh chapter in your life.


While some might be skeptical about the genuineness of online bonds, many real-life love tales vouch for the efficacy of these apps. Also, the best hookup apps have been the backdrop for numerous romantic narratives.


Recognizing that dating apps aren’t just hubs for brief encounters is vital. They also serve as platforms for profound discussions and the birth of significant ties. 




Is it safe to use dating apps in 2023?


Safety remains a top concern in today’s digital world. The leading hookup apps in 2023 have embedded rigorous safety measures. Features like safety alerts, the ability to relay your date’s location, and protected chat rooms are now common. However, individual vigilance is indispensable. Choose public meeting spots and let a trusted friend know your plans.


How do these apps ensure genuine matches and prevent spam or fake profiles?


Completely eradicating fraudulent accounts is challenging. However, leading apps employ advanced technology to monitor user activities and verify profile authenticity. Many apps now check users in many steps. Also, they might link to Facebook or ask for a photo test. Therefore, this helps keep the user base real and pushes away fakes.


Do these apps cater to LGBTQ+ communities?


Yes, they do! The top thing about today’s best hookup apps is they welcome all. Many apps are just for LGBTQ+ people. And a lot of other apps let users pick their love type. As the world grows kinder, these apps help many kinds of love bloom.


How have user reviews and feedback shaped the evolution of these apps?


Users shape apps. Makers of the best hookup apps listen to them. Users tell about issues, ask for tools, or talk about safety. This advice has changed apps over time. It helps fix issues, adds tools, or makes new ones. Also, this makes using the apps better and more fun.


How do these apps handle user privacy and data?


Protecting user secrets is key for app makers. The best hookup apps in 2023 hide chats and personal info well. They let users pick what to show and to who. Regular checks, rules like GDPR, and clear data rules make users feel their data is safe.