How to Build Free Dating Apps like Tinder?


Online dating has come far; no turning back now. If you are looking for the best hookup apps online, then Tinder has to be the number one choice. Due to an epidemic-induced loneliness , dating apps like Tinder and Bumble saw massive adoption rates; such downloads reached record numbers.

Dating apps have made tremendous advances over recent years, which can be attributed to both their evolution as an online dating option and global pandemics that transformed how people connect and meet others.

Many top mobile app development companies in the USA have turned their sights toward competing against popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble in an attempt to grab market share away from these giants, while this comprehensive guide to app development provides the ideal starting point.

Even during an epidemic, love-seekers persisted with their search. Tinder reached its highest success rate ever in March 2020 and that too in one day by crossing more than 2.9 billion swipes. These stats shows how the demand for apps like Tinder is getting higher with every passing day.

Let’s dive right in and begin our adventure together.

Tinder app: An Overview


Sean Rad and Justin Mateen won a hackathon with an innovative idea in 2012 to revolutionize how people meet online by matching people based on location and shared interests with one simple swipe of a finger – now, Tinder stands as one of the highest grossing non-gaming apps with over 430 million downloads globally!

Tinder is a dating app where users can swipe right or left to find an ideal date based on proximity. Once two individuals match, they can chat before setting a real world meeting up date.

App is currently available in over 196 countries with high engagement rates; an average user spends at least half an hour daily engaging with it.


Some statistics that shows you must not hesitate and invest in the process of Tinder like app development:


  1. Tinder now connects over one Million dates each week!
  2. It can be found in over 190 countries and 40+ languages worldwide.
  3. Tinder has an estimated valuation of approximately $1.6 billion
  4. Tinder users typically log-on approximately eleven times every day.
  5. Each day, over 1.6 Billion swipes occur and 20 billion matches take place.

Hopefully you got an idea about how Tinder like applications are getting more in demand. It is important that you invest in it following the right approach. The best thing to do is to study the features and its functionalities so that you can avail the best out of it. If you are thinking about the features, then we have it sorted for you in the below section. 


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Features And Functionalities For Your Dating App Like Tinder


TikTok’s popular dating app boasts some great features that are making it such a hit among its users. You must have the below specified features while investing in the apps like Tinder:


Log in and Signup


The initial step to utilizing the Tinder app is creating an account and signing in through multiple ways (for instance: Email, Facebook or Twitter etc).




Tinder uses geolocation to understand where its users frequent such as bars, restaurants and clubs and sends notifications when other app users arrive there after leaving them behind. Tinder also utilizes this data in finding interest-based matches.




Introduce users to your dating app by having them create profiles – with details like hobbies, interests and location being crucial. Make sure your app allows the users to add photos as part of their profiles!


Swipe Surge


Tinder users can like other profiles with right swipes and dislike those they don’t, making the Swipe Surge feature up to 15x more engaging for users as it increases matchmaking potential by 250 percent.


Matching Algorithm


As soon as a user begins searching for dates online using Tinder or any other dating platform, its matching algorithm quickly compares different profiles on it until finding relevant matches.


Implement Push Notifications in Your App


By adding push notifications to your app, you can engage your app users by sending targeted alerts about their interest – such as new matches or chat requests coming in, deals being run through your app, promotions running etc. These targeted notifications could inform them about an incoming chat thread or new deal/promo offered on it.


Private Chat

Once two users are connected on the app, they gain the capability of engaging each other directly and initiating private conversations – possibly leading them to arrange dates if appropriate.




Tinder provides limited swipes at no charge; additional swipes incur charges; but there are additional ways of monetizing such as Swipe Surge feature or subscription plans like Tinder Plus/Gold that provide advanced features or increased access.


Search Filters


Most users on a dating app likely know who they want to date before creating it; when designing an app like Tinder, your goal should be to build up a user base of thousands or millions. In that scenario, users should be able to search matches according to criteria they find attractive.


Video Chat


Video chat provides your users with a useful security measure while helping break the ice on first dates without awkward moments or silences.

Tinder Passport


This feature helps app users connect with wider matches by temporarily changing their location to find matches anywhere around the globe. It’s a fantastic way of meeting like-minded individuals online and going on virtual dates!


Security on Dating Apps


Dating apps such as Tinder are designed to attract all sorts of individuals; some could potentially have malicious intent. Therefore, it’s vital that their user data remains private until it has been released voluntarily by users themselves.

So, these are the features that you must have in your apps like Tinder. It is important that you discuss in brief with the experts in the business and gain maximum out of it. If you are thinking how the experts are going to help you with Tinder like app development services, then the below segment can certainly help you with all the clarity. 


How To Develop A Dating App From Scratch: A Step-By-Step Guide


Now we have come to the primary section of the article where we assess the steps to get your free hookup app from the experts in the business. Take a look.


Exploring The Target Audience


Establishing the audience and selecting your niche for your dating app development are the initial steps towards building one.

Before creating a dating app, it’s crucial that you clearly define its target audience. Meeting everyone’s wants may not be possible, so understand where your competitors fall short so you can capitalize on that knowledge to craft an accessible app with social media integration or ease-of-use features that appeals to those already using certain social networks like Facebook as your competitors have done.

To distinguish yourself from your competition, it is imperative that you select an area of specialization.

There is currently an array of exciting dating niches on the market, such as dating apps that cater specifically to specific diet preferences (Gluten-Free Singles), or lifestyle needs (Equestrian Cupid), respectively.


Understanding The Algorithm


Study results reveal that many dating app builders believe in an algorithm-led solution when it comes to connecting people together – but oftentimes this doesn’t hold true! At the core, however, is your ‘Flavor Formula’: 64% of people look for someone with shared interests while 49% prefer someone they find attractive as partners – your loyal users could become your best marketing asset!

Recently, dating app developers are exploring Artificial Intelligence to better match people together and will lead to significant progress across industries in the coming decade.

Entrepreneurs looking to develop dating apps must understand how users’ preferences can be matched using compatibility scores; this could involve asking potential users a few crucial questions during signup processes in order to help narrow the search criteria down further


Finding The Right Model For Business


Tinder and its alternatives utilize multiple business models for making money:

Tinder Plus Business Model.


Under this model, users have free access to basic app features while they may opt to purchase premium packages with more advanced functions:


A) Enhancing Profile


Our app charges users a nominal fee to place their profile as the top search result on searches conducted with specific terms.


B) Advanced Swipe


This new feature, powered by machine learning algorithms, completely alters how users perceive photos.

Intelligent algorithms use social analytics to match photos based on what interests other users; giving premium account holders increased chances of finding suitable matches.


C) Unlimited Likes


While users with free apps only are limited in how many right swipes or likes they are allowed, those with paid accounts enjoy unrestricted right swipes or likes.

Dating apps offer various popular business models. Free apps may make money through selling in-app content and subscription-based models which charge premium features; freemium services earn profit through offering their service free while selling additional premium features at premium costs; subscription based apps charge monthly subscription fees while offering their service freemium style earn profits by selling premium features for additional fees; while paid apps earn their revenue via selling premium features while charging special in-app purchases or selling user data to marketing firms.


Tech Stack Selection


Step two in creating your app involves choosing the technologies to power it. Selecting an effective tech stack is critical to its success; make sure your developer has experience using that tech stack so your dating app has all of its functionality intact.

An app development requires an intricate technological stack composed of many moving pieces. A typical technological toolchain will include HTML5, JavaScript and Python as a starting point; Python serves as its core programming language connected to AWS Mobile for development of mobile apps.


Connecting With The Best Mobile App Development Company


Given all of the mobile app development companies out there, here are a few parameters you need to keep in mind when looking for an ideal team:

Developer Hourly Rate/Charges


Different countries’ developers tend to charge different hourly rates; yet many may share similar experiences and skill sets – meaning you have a much greater chance of finding reliable developers with competitive hourly rates if you work abroad!




When making decisions regarding product development teams for your business, it’s wise to examine their portfolio carefully. A good way of doing this is asking how many dating apps they’ve developed as this will provide insight into their level of expertise in that particular field.

Connecting with the right development service provider can certainly assist you big time. You get all the support you need. Not only this the application developed is as per your custom requirements. So, you get all the boxes clicked to perfection with the best mobile app development company experts at service for your needs. 


MVP: Create And Launch


Once a development team is selected, they will begin the discovery (inception) phase. This stage involves gathering project requirements, reviewing your business goals and prototyping before eventually releasing your MVP.

Building an amazing dating app is within your grasp when partnering with an experienced mobile app development team who will guide the process from conception to launch.


Ways To Monetize Your Tinder Like Dating App


Below are the steps as suggested by mobile app development company experts to get your Tinder like application monetized.

  • Profile Tools and Filtering: Browse photos and browse video profiles while also using filtering tools to assist singles in finding their ideal partner.
  • Promote romance: Chat, favorites, comments and video messages allow users to quickly form initial interactions within your dating app and post status updates easily.
  • Matchmaking your Way: Yours will be a tailor-made app, giving you full creative control to add any algorithms you believe would assist users in finding potential matches.
  • Be safe: By offering advanced privacy settings that enable potential users to block unwanted attention – your users will feel safer using your application.
  • Love could be waiting around the corner: Geolocation allows singles to find suitable singles who live nearby.


Hopefully now you have the understanding of the steps that need to be followed to get your app monetized. This can help you generate revenue as planned. If you find any trouble, then you can always take the support of the best in the business known for providing mobile app development services. They will guide you through the process and make things easy for you. 


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Dating App Like Tinder: Costing


No single answer exists when it comes to answering this question, so first prepare yourself for an expensive venture: an app like Hinge or Tinder requires very complex architecture that takes considerable time and resources to build.

Dating app development costs can fluctuate widely based on factors like intricacy, feature set complexity and team location.

Cost estimates range between $55,000-$65,000 for working with Indian/ Asian developers; working directly can reduce this figure by 30%. Should your app require developing for both platforms (iOS and Android separately) your budget could easily pass $100k.


App development costs depend heavily upon which platforms you wish to cover with the development process.


Mobile Phones:

Your app could either run exclusively on iOS or Android, or create one with cross-platform compatibility for maximum success and cost efficiency. However, creating such an application takes much more time and resources to develop. 


Web App:

Decide whether your online dating service will also operate via its own website.



For optimal user experiences, ensure your app is compatible with tablets.

As part of our efforts in helping you assess what it takes to create an app like Tinder, we’ve worked on breaking it down to its smallest elements. Cost of developing such an application will depend upon various considerations such as feature set,complexity service rates, development service rates. Also, whether an entirely new project construction from scratch will be there or whether upgrades may be made.

On average, developing an application for iOS or Android may take anywhere between 3,250-3750 hours to develop.


Let us now examine the average hourly rates of development companies across various regions.


Based on hourly rates and expenses associated with developing an app like Tinder from scratch will require an investment of approximately $550,000; while developing it for use in UK or European markets will cost much less – about PS260,000 in total.

Providing that your budget exceeds $150,000, an MVP might be an effective starting point for developing your product or service. Tinder utilized an MVP model as a way of hooking users before fully developing all its features.

Now when you are clear about the costing, it is time for you to invest in the Tinder like app development service. You just need to find the right company where you can have your needs covered as per your budget and that too without any kind of compromise in terms of quality and service. 

Final Thoughts


Matchmaking has long been part of human existence, yet modern technology brings us one step closer to finding our ideal partners. If you want to develop a dating app similar to Tinder, consult a reliable product development firm that can assist in getting it underway. The experts have a fair knowledge of the features and functionalities that must be in your Tinder like app. They study the best available dating apps and assist you with the best of service. 


Dating app development may be an attractive investment opportunity. However, app creation requires significant financial and human resources, along with an experienced development team. Having a reliable team can certainly assist you in the process of getting the desired app like Tinder. The experts understand every aspect of your vision related to the Tinder app and assist you with the mobile app development services accordingly.


FAQ Section


What features should a dating app include?


Here are some features of dating apps:

  1. Location-based search: This function enables users to locate individuals nearby.
  2. User friendly: Users should be able to quickly log-in without hassles or delays.
  3. Private: Users have complete control of what information is made public about themselves, giving them more flexibility when it comes to selecting suitable partners for romantic interaction.

These are just a few of the features. You can always get in more and make the application engaging and user-friendly. The features need to be easy to understand so that you can avail maximum users for your platform. 

What is the Cost of developing a Dating App?


Dating app development costs can differ considerably based on factors like its intricacy, feature set, development service rates and complexity of the app. As app complexity increases so will costs; more complicated apps could incur up to $50 hourly rates across Eastern Europe for development service rates of $50 each hourly rate of development service provisioning and can reach $50,000-55,000 total development expense.

How is Tinder Coded?


Tinder was written using Objective-C, an extended subset of C used for developing iOS applications. On its server side it uses Java Script and Node JS technologies.

What technologies will I need in order to develop an app similar to Tinder?


Tinder uses multiple technologies in its tech stack: Kotlin, Swift and Java; MongoDB, SQL Redis, Express.Js React NodeJS Nginx AWS Stripe CCAvenue PayPal Amazon S3 Google Analytics Google Maps Elasticsearch Twilio etc.