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Salesforce is the Ultimate Solution for Boosting Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing in today’s dynamics has shaped a different form and business culture with new innovations and changes taking place every single day. Nowadays, consumers have wider channels and platforms to share their feedback and look out for options and alternatives. The competition is no longer limited to the print media and billboards, and giving priority to personalized advertising and customer experience is no longer an option, it’s a NECESSITY!

But, even after the technology has made things easier, it can’t be said with complete certainty that marketers are providing the level of personalization to their customers that they expect or desire to experience. As per a report from SAP Hybris and Forrester Consulting, around 66% of marketers believed that they provide good or excellent personalized experience to their customers, but when customers’ opinion was taken, the story unfolded differently as only 31% of customers actually felt that they are being provided with desirable personalized and cross channel experiences.

Whether you are not making promotion efforts at the right speed or you not getting the right voice from your customers, there is something that is making you miss the bull’s-eye! Here’s how Salesforce CRM Consulting Services can help you track your efforts, customer journeys and create personalized marketing experiences:

Track Your Customers!

Before giving a nod to any marketing strategy, it’s better to track down your customers’ journey that will help you get a holistic outlook on their behavioral patterns. Watch out for each and every bit of your customers’ footprints such as their experiences with your brand- your services and products, and what are the patterns customers follow while getting engaged with your brand.

How Salesforce Comes into the Picture?

Salesforce is the Ultimate Solution for Boosting Marketing Efforts

Salesforce Journey Builder is one such platform that can help you monitor your customers’ moves. This will help you frame your campaign more wisely and hence, boost up the overall marketing efforts to enhance the customer experience. Partner a Salesforce Integration consultant to set up a powerful campaign using Journey builder tool.

Make Your First Impression Strong!

Creating a good first impression among your customers is like winning half the battle. And for that, you need to present your brand in a very organized manner to your customers. Your company’s website is the foremost thing a prospect sees. Therefore, it is very crucial that your website is not a mess and delivers a user-friendly experience.

How does Salesforce help?

Salesforce’s Cloud Pages is the tool that can help you create user-friendly, interactive and dynamic web pages that can capture the crucial customer data with content. Moreover, the best part lies in its usage, you don’t have to hire an extra resource to use this tool. Since it requires basic programming knowledge, with which you can create attractive web pages to give your customers a great user experience. 

Besides this, Salesforce Pardot is a B2B marketing automation software solution giving businesses the capability to integrate their marketing activities with the cloud platform. It enables sales teams to analyze the areas where to spend to maximize ROI.

Gain Trust With Well-Timed And Relevant Emails!

Emails are one of the most cost-effective modes of communication as compared to other marketing channels and give a better ROI. But the biggest problems with emails are their bad timings and getting trapped in a pool of clutter thereby hampering your message to reach the recipient.

What Solution Salesforce Offers?

With the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can create, send and track emails. By connecting it to your Sales Cloud, you get the complete inside-out of your customers and hence, you can time your emails in a better way delivering more personalized customer experience.

Give Relevant Recommendations To Your Customers!

If you are into the e-commerce business, then you might irritate your customers unintentionally by giving them the wrong recommendations. This can create a negative impact on the audience and may reduce your marks.

Salesforce Has a Solution for this too!

Salesforce’s Predictive Intelligence Capabilities is the way to help you out. It is equipped with data science that allows you to learn the real interest of your customers and automatically presents them with relevant offers and recommendations. This will help you gain appreciation from your customers and they will be more likely to do business with you again. 

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Personalizing It Off

Salesforce has set a new trend by revolutionizing the way companies manage their customer data. Salesforce has grown, acquired and innovated the customer relationships management in the cloud. It offers a series of tools that can help you track your customers, know their preferences, present them with personalized and unique marketing experiences for better outcomes.

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