Platform Solutions Vs. Point Solutions: 6 Reasons Platform Solutions Are the Right Choice

Do you need to revamp your IT requirements to walk with the changing world? Well, if you are looking for enterprise solutions then definitely you are in the right place. But before you decide your IT strategy and hire the best enterprise business solution provider, decide if you need a platform or a point solution.

This is one very essential question that you need to answer when you decide to revamp or integrate professional IT services into your business. For now, let us compare point solutions and platforms and check why most of the enterprises look at platforms that point solutions to meet their needs.

Point Solution Systems

To start with, let’s talk about Point Solution Systems 

Yes, one major advantage that point solution system has, it can easily and explicitly take care of all the business needs and the specific business process. For a long time, most of the organizations have relied on these solutions to make sure that the business does well. But it was always restricted to one specific problem and for other problems, there needed to be a better solution. The most important reason why most organizations chose to go for point solutions, the speed of conveyance. These solutions can be integrated easily, but gradually they may seem insufficient to hold your data, lack of accountability and at times a system failure becomes frequent.

These disappointments can be seen as the major reason for the rise of Platform systems. A lot of organizations these days, without much ado choose to invest in platform solutions instead of point solutions.

Platform Solution Systems

Platform solutions like Nintex and SharePoint, let the association grow completely. They look after all the basic requirements from the beginning to the end. It serves a lot of various problems that the enterprise may face. Any platform has in store consistent interoperability and can adjust to effectively scale and broaden the incentive in arrangements by the clients.

Also, with the rise of cloud computing solutions like Microsoft 365, and some cutting edge application models, industries are positively moving towards these enterprise solutions. Some of the giants like Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon have brought new dimensions to enterprise solutions definitions. Industries use the best platform system to explore the maximum of technology from level “ZERO.”

The platform has an added advantage over the point solution. It is not necessary that businesses always choose platform solutions. Read further and decide according to your company requirement, what enterprise business solution would you like to opt for.

6 Reasons to Choose Platform Over Point Solution

Let IT Be the Hero of Your Business

Platform solutions make it simple to integrate the present business setup with the new technology. They work with the current setup and bring a pleasing experience for the clients. This means your clients need to just know a framework and then they can get almost all their tasks accomplished. The would not have to struggle a lot with the understanding of the working of the new integration and get the best results. The platforms sometimes want you to integrate some hardware. The best part is you would not have to get into the technical details and can proceed without any worries.  Looking at a new solution that can take care of your business needs is important, and if the solution walks hand in hand with your business, the process becomes fun and enjoyable.

The Agile Work Model

Using an agile model or framework to convey platform solutions empowers quicker rollout of usefulness to clients and takes into account changes to setup as business type develops. The point solution may have the quicker-delivery advantage, but the platform solution has swung that advantage into various stages.

The other advantage is, the business owners can integrate the features step-wise and understand the complexity one at a time. The dedicated development team associated with us ensures you get to know the advancements every step, in case of modification they can already be done.

Ditching One Size Fits All

The point solutions are frequently executed as a “one size fits all” model. This can help you solve one requirement to only the given extent, for further growth you would need to extend the solution or to integrate something new to get a new task done. With platform solution at your service, you have the ease of having a few business functions being integrated at once. Also, you would not have to move to a new platform to get the results. This may not be the one size fits all thing, but it finding the right fit that suits your business needs the best.

Work with What You Have Already

A lot of organizations in recent times at least have platforms like SharePoint, Office 365, Nintex, or some other integrated with the business. If you too are one of these organizations then your worry is almost solved. All you need to do is, extend your platform features and see how you increase your profits.  Thus, now you can move further without investing in something new and save a little.

Platforms Have Better Scalability

As discussed above, it is easier to add to the features of the platform. Similarly, it is much convenient to add to the features or scale these functionalities for better performance. Thus, if your business needs to move a step forward with technology extending its hand, all you need to do is, just reach your consultants and they would get the modification done.

Adding to the Value

Since point solutions would just solve one purpose at a time, the platform can always be a great advantage. Do not simply invest in the current problem. Think of long-term investments and reach to the platform that would be an added advantage for your organization with its features.

So, next time when you are looking for an ecommerce solution or something for your business, make sure you consider these points too.

Point or Platform: Wrapping It Up

Now you know when you choose a platform to integrate with your business instead of a point solution you have some added advantages that turn out to be a part of profits. Some of the best e-commerce solution providers are here. Just be wise to make a smart move and get ready to reach the zenith.