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Enterprise App Development: What it is and How it Contributes to Your Business Growth?

Modern enterprises are looking to improve their business efficiency by finding new ways to improve internal operations, workflows, and communication with clients and customers today. To achieve this flexibility in business operations, enterprise app development has become a go-to method for most companies. 

Businesses across industries are partnering with expert enterprise software development companies to get tailored app solutions that suit their workflow and improve communication between their teams. 

Enterprise mobile app development has been seeing an upward trend in the past couple of years. In this article, we’ll explore its types, benefits, and how it helps businesses outpace the competition. 

So, let’s start with the basics first:

What Is Enterprise Mobile Application Development? 

Enterprise mobile application simply refers to a mobility solution that makes business processes efficient and faster while improving security. An enterprise app assists employees in performing their routine tasks faster, maintaining seamless communication, and delivering excellent customer service. 

For businesses, enterprise mobile apps are a means to optimize their internal workflow and communication. It can be used for multiple benefit management solutions, like staff scheduling, management, departmental communication, employee training, and more. But, the primary motive remains the same: to achieve higher business efficiency. 

As we discussed enterprise apps are multipurpose, they can be also targeted for clients, business partners, or customers. The motive includes delivering better customer service, increasing client satisfaction, and building a positive market reputation. 

For instance, an offline retailer can build a mobile app so its customers can quickly browse its products, order products, make payments, and leave reviews for further improvements. 

Enterprise Mobile Application Development: Global Stats and Trends

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

  • According to research, the enterprise mobile app market value will reach 2.5 billion USD by 2022.
  • Mobile workforce is projected to be around 18.7 billion by the end of 2020, which is 42% of the global workforce. 
  • 71% of businesses consider enterprise mobility important to tas their top priority. 
  • 80% of global businesses agree that enterprise-tailored apps enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency. 
  • 83% of businesses presently use cloud-based enterprise apps as part of their multi-cloud strategy. 

Types of Enterprise Apps

Employee Centered Apps 

These apps are mainly used for internal business operations in addressing employee-specific needs. Project management, communication, and training become easier with such apps. A scalable enterprise mobility service comprises observation and mindful integration of internal workflow and employees of the business. 

Department Focused Apps 

As the name suggests, the dedicated product focusing on internal departments of a firm such as sales, marketing, HR software solutions are focused apps. The objective is to improve internal processes and establish better coordination between cross-functional teams working together. 

Organizational Level Apps

It works like comprehensive enterprise application software that integrates all departmental apps/software into one system. The centralized storage and connected systems improve coordination between employees, departments, and senior management. Cloud-based apps are getting popularity in such category due to their scalability, security, and cost benefits. 

Enterprise Application Software Examples 

Businesses across retail, healthcare, and other sectors use a variety of enterprise applications to manage their teams and business processes. 

An enterprise app development company focuses on building a tailor-made solution for their business partner to make sure they can use it most optimally without facing any integration issue. 

Popular enterprise software used by companies these days include: 

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Software
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Software
  • Enterprise Data Management Software
  • Enterprise Messaging Systems (EMS)
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) Software
  • Payment Processing Systems
  • Inventory Management Software

How to Grow Your Business Faster with Enterprise App Development Services  

Enterprise App Development Services

Enterprise Apps Optimize Business Processes and Boost Productivity

Agree or not, every successful business today is using an enterprise-grade app to stay ahead of the competition. Such apps help businesses in fueling employee productivity and saving time by automating redundant processes. 

For instance, an inventory management system automatically logs and updates stock level every time an item move/in out of the storage. This saves inventory staff time in manually logging data and verifying the stock levels. Saving employees from manual data entry tasks also lets them focus on improving their productivity levels. 

Enterprise Apps are a Blessing for Field Workers 

Businesses involved in field-service operations like food & restaurant and more need a large number of delivery staff who deliver products to their customers. Enterprise mobility solutions are a must of their field staff to get exact customer information, stay connected, and deliver products on time. Take the example of a restaurant and food delivery app like Swiggy and its importance in the company’s business model. 

Big Data-Driven Enterprise Apps Ensure Higher Operational Efficiency

Big corporate giants and MNCs processes millions and trillions of data every year for running their operations. Take the example of Microsoft Office documents, emails, videos, etc. - these are all unstructured big data which is never analyzed. Large firms have an excellent opportunity to analyze this data and build analytics-based and data-driven business intelligence (BI) enterprise systems or apps to drive operational efficiencies.  

Enterprise Apps Help You Stay Organized 

With all information available in your hand, organizing teams and business processes is easier with enterprise apps. By using department or employee-levels, businesses can get better insights into their projects, employee involvement, and activity level. Assigning tasks based on skills, rearranging teams, getting feedback, and making decisions become data-driven instead of opinion from others. 

Enterprise Apps Boost Your Business Value and ROI 

Enterprise app development services are beneficial for boosting your business ROI and market value. Building cloud-based enterprise apps require less maintenance cost, ensure regular updates and higher engagement, Tis ensure a higher return of investment for your business. Such apps ensure a seamless user experience; that’s why most businesses are using it to elevate their operations and customer service. 

Enterprise App Development: How to Get Started 

Step 1: Specify Business Goals and Manage Expectations 

Map out your business goals clearly before enterprise app development. Identify what you want to achieve with this mobility solution and areas where it is required the most. Also, consider teams’ opinions, challenges, and feedback about the existing systems or processes. Then make a final blueprint or project plan. 

Step 2: Estimate Total Budget 

Shortlist the best product engineering company among all development companies based on reviews, past projects, and experience. Ask for an estimated project cost from each and map it against your available budget. Suit the enterprise app development company that best suits your budget. Don’t forget to make a rigorous analysis of its domain expertise. Cost should not be your sole criterion in vendor finalization. Cost may vary significantly for each vendor due to their geographical location, experience, and hourly rates.

Step 3: Develop Project Documentation and Wireframes

Team up with your chose development vendor to build a project specification document and other important development material. This material detailed development strategies, deliverables, estimated timeframes, wireframes, etc. With mockups, you can get an idea about the look & feel and suggest changes to save time later on during the development stage. 

Step 4: Building App Design

Building an intuitive and user-friendly interface is most important to get the most out of our app. Hire expert UI/UX design agency by following these guidelines. Ask them to build a simple and functional design as employees often feel reluctant to use new systems with higher complexity.

Step 5: Development and Testing 

At this stage, the actual magic happens. Your enterprise app idea is turned into reality by expert enterprise software developers with hours of coding. Quality Testing also runs simultaneously at this stage like other stages to minimize bugs and ensure smooth functionality

Step 6: Deployment and Maintenance

At this stage, once the first version of your enterprise app/software becomes ready, it gets deployed by your vendor based on your preferred installation method. For apps, you often need to list them on AppStore, Google Play, or both. Your enterprise development parnter assists you with this and offer maintenance services as per the agreement. Maintenance includes updating packages, frameworks, delivering security updates, fixing bugs, and more. 

How We Can Assist You in Building Enterprise Apps 

At A3logics, we assist businesses across industries in building scalable and reliable enterprise apps with enterprise-grade security features. We apply a unique combination of great technology, unmatched experience, and expert dedicated software development team to deliver winning enterprise solutions that perfectly suit your business needs.

Drop us a line to know about our enterprise mobility solutions & services.

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