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2020 was a turbulent year full of unexpected challenges. The pandemic affected many businesses, causing massive closures of physical stores and forcing more people to shop online. In the first half of 2020, online shopping grew to 150% compared to 2019 and the sales of some goods like fitness gear and beauty products have increased significantly.With the recent acceleration of online shopping, having an innovative, well-designed eCommerce store is more important than ever. Whether you are trying [...]

Business News Daily has announced Magento as the best e-commerce solution and we couldn’t agree more. This popular CMS framework soon became the most effective and sought-after choice for e-commerce website developers across the globe. It empowers more than 30% of online stores, used by some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Nike, Nestle, Samsung, Olympus, Lenovo, to name a few. Magento is now synonymous with success and all the credit goes to its brilliant and powerful features [...]

Are you considering an ERP solution for your business? Then we are certain that you must have bombarded with a plethora of options. Possibly, you must have zero in on a lot of ERP solutions to select from but before you make a final call, there are a few factors that you must ensure. The key point is to pick a cloud-based solution or the one that can be installed locally. Approximately, there are almost 30,000 installations available for companies of all sizes from different domains and sectors. [...]

The role of technology is getting bigger in the retail and eCommerce segment and it will continue to influence the market in coming days also. From a small little garage start-up in 1999 till today, we have seen a digital transformation in the ecommerce landscape and the situation today is such that it has become an existential threat for brick & mortar retail. For any successful retail business today, empowering the e-commerce logistics arm is very crucial to grow and make better connections w [...]

Have you ever shopped online? Oh, sorry, wrong question. How often do you shop online? How many e-commerce apps are installed on your smartphone? We are sure that the numbers are high for both the answers as online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. From groceries to furniture to every basic necessity, just a few clicks on the phone and you have it delivered at your doorstep easily. This e-commerce industry is the biggest opportunity for startups and business owners. If you are a [...]

The rise of AI-based chatbot solutions in the business world has completely changed the way they make customer interactions. Today, 80% of the companies want to integrate some form of chabot development services in their business by 2020. The ecommerce industry is no different: chatbots in the ecommerce sector are enabling retailers to deliver better shopping experiences and streamline customer interactions.According to some top retail and ecommerce software development companies, most retailer [...]

With the technical advancements moving to all the domains, the general expectations of the customers and the businesses are evolving too. The industry that is evidently impacted by evolution is the “eCommerce” industry. The influence of technology has revolutionized customer expectations, shipping times, and where (and how) a sale is made. The eCommerce development solution providers suggest the way technology is expanding shopping online would be an interesting experience.  Well, in any b [...]

In this blooming era of e-Commerce platforms, every major ecommerce player is looking to build a reliable and appealing online shopfront for its customers. A variety of ecommerce frameworks or applications like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. are used by companies today to build outstanding ecommerce web solutions. Among these popular ecommerce frameworks, Magento is the popular choice of many for building ecommerce websites. Availing Magento development services ensures high performance, sc [...]

Do you need to revamp your IT requirements to walk with the changing world? Well, if you are looking for enterprise solutions then definitely you are in the right place. But before you decide your IT strategy and hire the best enterprise business solution provider, decide if you need a platform or a point solution. This is one very essential question that you need to answer when you decide to revamp or integrate professional IT services into your business. For now, let us compare point solution [...]

So, you want to transform your brick and mortar into an e-commerce platform. You have done your research, asked your team to come up with the top-notch quality products, and also have the basic idea of what your online website will be like. However, the most challenging task is still left to consider. We are talking about selecting the right framework to design your e-commerce portal. When it comes to e-commerce website development, three options that instantly pop in the mind are - Drupal, Word [...]

No matter how great your website looks on a PC, real status is revealed when you check it on mobile devices. For years, businesses have been recommended to support and take mobile responsiveness into consideration for their website design. Though the majority of businesses have been procrastinating the matter all this time, now it’s high time to get on toes to get this done.With the latest announcements made by Google on changing mobile-search algorithms and incorporating a website’s mobile- [...]