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Artificial intelligence is the new electricity-Andrew Ng, Stanford Adjunct Professor. Before we dive into the forecast of artificial intelligence in the e-learning sector, let us know what exactly Artificial Intelligence is. Artificial Intelligence, also called Machine Intelligence refers to the model of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think just like humans and mimic their actions. Though it would not be entirely correct to call it a robotic world, but not like early tim [...]

Who thought “Artificial Intelligence” the term that was coined only to distinguish the field from cybernetics at a workshop at Dartmouth College in 1956 would run the major spheres of life around the world in less than a decade’s time. Technology has dramatically changed the business world and how we see technology itself. It has seeped into every sphere of life and the logistics industry is no exception. We have been providing shipping and logistics solutions for over two decades. But the [...]

We are living in a digital era, aren’t we? Look around yourself and you will notice that everything has wrapped up in your mobile phone and laptops. No matter what product you want to buy or what service you wish to seek, just a few clicks on your smart device, and you get it delivered to your doorstep. This convenience is attracting more customers than ever and sales are soaring higher. However, this has also created more workload and issues for the customer support team as the flow of questi [...]

With the evolution of the digital arena, we have seen some aesthetically designed apps that are not just eye-pleasing, but interactive and informative at the same time. They show you all the details of your business. The web developers have been struggling to find more ways to get the most of your data. They have come up with a way where artificial intelligence (AI) could dig into your data and take the insights from your analytics a step further. Well, you can get the actionable recommendations [...]