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Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence will Transform the Future of Elearning?

Artificial intelligence is the new electricity-Andrew Ng, Stanford Adjunct Professor. 

Before we dive into the forecast of artificial intelligence in the e-learning sector, let us know what exactly Artificial Intelligence is. Artificial Intelligence, also called Machine Intelligence refers to the model of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think just like humans and mimic their actions. Though it would not be entirely correct to call it a robotic world, but not like early times, when students were able to see their professors for a limited time and could have gained the knowledge, for that period. Now with AI, learners will be able to get their query resolved in real-time. It will bridge the gap in learning and make elearning software solutions better. 

AI solutions are known to enhance human efficiency, and their efforts as well as automates manually challenging data management tasks. In today’s dynamic world, humans have always been preoccupied with themselves on improving the ways of living by using the latest technology. 

Machine Learning is many-a-times compared with Artificial Intelligence, although it is a sub-division of Artificial Intelligence. It involves algorithms that provide the possible outcomes and identifies the input patterns and trends to provide enhanced personalization. It has acted as the main driver of new technologies like big data, robotics, and IoT. If implemented successfully, it can benefit society and impact normal living a lot. Also, if we look around, it is not the future, it is the present. From automatic parking systems to sensors, from autocorrect features to text predictions, AI solutions have already taken place in our lives. We are already connected to AI in our normal daily life either by Siri, Watson, or Alexa.

AI development tools comply with three basic principles:

  • Learning
  • Self- correction
  • Reasoning

Now that we know what AI is, let's talk about its applications in the e-learning industry and how AI when combined with eLearning solutions can revolutionize the education sector as a whole.

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the eLearning landscape

Education is one of the most important fields that need to put on modern technology. AI smart solutions are already accessed in IB classrooms to check the activities and performances of individual students. In return, these solutions allow them to dispense personalized feedback for the development of the learner as a whole. AI is the key to not only make it a possibility, but a certainty. 

If we look around, the most convenient and easy way to communicate is messaging. Whether, it is about a query, feedback, or suggestion, the chat is the most common way to interact these days. Most e-learning tools carry AI systems that process the queries and responds in real-time. The primary driver for AI in the education industry is its ability to make learning an agile process without compromising with the quality. Artificial Intelligence solutions are known to provide a streamlined workflow; as a result, one can expect a smoother and enriched learning experience. The biggest advantage of using these solutions is that the learners will receive personalized tutoring sessions. There are a variety of benefits that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer online learners. 

But everything is not as simple as may look. Experts believe one of the biggest challenges which online learning industry faces is the cost of developing innovative and engaging content. As per the survey, an elearning software development company may take approx. 49 to 125 hours to develop content for eLearning platforms. There are still many companies that cannot afford even the initial investment. Artificial Intelligence provides an effective solution to this long-standing problem and provides an immediate solution in the recent scenario. 

Especially, in today’s condition where COVID-19 has completely changed the lifestyle of people. It has also impacted the traditional methods of teaching. These days, universities and education institutes are more inclined towards e-learning modes but there are a few hindrances like not having strong internet bandwidth or low connectivity, which can hamper the teaching experience. The global pandemic has resulted in schools being shut with no reopening in sight. In this crisis, where online classes are the only solution to continue teaching, AI will help nurture and provide better learning experiences.  

The online tutoring company “Squirrel AI” is an example that uses an AI-powered learning system to respond in real-time by building a curriculum that focuses on what needs attention. Also, somewhere the personal touch is not available. AI will help educators create new, immersive scenario-based learning instead of following a pre-planned script. AI creates a more realistic environment and identifies which data is important and which are irrelevant, which makes the course and teaching smooth and qualitative.

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Let's see how AI-powered online learning solutions can change both, teaching and learning experience.

4-ways AI Will Shape the eLearning Game 

online learning solutions

1)     Real-time responds

These days the straight-way to communicate is messaging. AI-empowered solutions can let you get the doubt cleared in real-time. This would help save time and effort. Even while using personal digital assistants, the AI engine is integrated to help, create likely suggestions during texting. There are times when many learners face difficulties while going through a topic and feel embarrassing for asking. AI plays a vital role to assist the learners in real-time by the means of chatbots. Chatbots are user friendly and always available for the learner to check on thee doubts.

2)     Generate Fresh Learning Content

For e-learning professionals and trainers creating new content consumes a lot of time. AI helps to draw out valuable information and convert it into smart digital data. This will save their time and helps create an engaging digital data to deliver an effective e-learning course. This will allow teachers and tutors to target the learner’s performance. AI systems are using the traditional syllabus and help convert them to smart digital data in the form of video conferencing or video lectures, which will seem like turning pages of classroom books. 

3)     Language Processing 

Learners can interact with an AI assistant and can clear the doubts in their own language. This can be a great addition to the e-learning platform and AI embedded platforms will be proficient enough to understand the languages. It’s focused to quickly and efficiently process human languages. This technology helps learners to interact in their choice of language to make learning more accessible. In the near future, there will be more than 1000 students per class and it will be difficult for a tutor to handle the queries of all. Artificial Intelligence will dramatically change the teaching culture and will answer with automation for students sitting globally.

4)     Fast pace and efficiency

 In this fast-moving world, where everyone is directed towards speeding up the work, it will help speed up the work without compromising with several logins, passwords, and tools. Designed with efficient workflows, it helps circumvent common blunders and increase the value. It helps to process a large amount of data and automatically provide new content with specific learning parameters to meet the learners need. AI will work from receiving data from the online form to assigning candidates to the correct course and will emphasize on the learner’s knowledge. This brings in huge demand for mobile app developers, who have experience in leveraging the power of these smart solutions to enhance business productivity.

5)     Personalized Tutoring Session

E-learning platform has provided a wide platform for the learned to acquire knowledge though it’s tough for an instructor to deliver the knowledge as per the needs of the learner. AI will soon be able to work as a full-fledged digital professor who will focus in just about any area of education needs.

AI-empowered solutions help make this easy by checking the last performance of the learner and creating the tutorial based on this. It just not accesses the previous scores and activities, it also helps create the tutorial based on the learner’s capacity. This will helps in grooming the learner along with help remove the pressure of studies.


A recent study from eSchool News discovered that the use of Artificial Intelligence along with other technologies in the education sector will grow by 47.5% through 2021. AI revolution will let you enter the virtual world of classrooms with a high standard of education. It has the potential to influence the future of e-learning and the creation of new technologies. It will impact from kindergarten to higher education to corporate training, offering the opportunity of new learning’s and improve the learner’s experience. This has increased the demand for proficient app development companies in the market as now, more and more people are looking to integrate smart and innovative technologies into their businesses. 

Smart learning platforms create AI, 3D gaming, and computer animation to create social interactions. In the future, AI will act as a support system for the human expert. AI comes with an intelligent system which will help to look on students need and will focus on the facts and reasons. It solves most of the problem which in real human baffles.

The biggest example of Artificial Intelligence is Microsoft’s ‘Seeing AI’. This free app developed by Microsoft harnesses the power of AI to narrate the world to the blind. It can read the text, recognize products, describe scenes, currencies, and describe the person standing in front of you, including the emotion on the person’s face! AI, too, has pros and cons but it becomes difficult to move forward if we are concentrating more on the drawbacks, rather than the advantages.

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