It has been more than a decade since Amazon Web Services entered the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Computing market and is still the LEADER. Over this decade, business paradigms have shifted from just looking out for a cost-effective infrastructure to the one that comes with business agility and advanced offerings.

As cloud computing has become the fundamental component for IT architectures, AWS leads the market with tremendous value it adds to the client business. Even Gartner placed AWS in the “Leaders” quadrant in its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and referred AWS as “having both the furthest completeness of vision and the highest ability to execute.”

Let’s have a look how AWS benefits businesses in SMB, start-ups and enterprise spaces:

Economies of Scale:

The one concern that always revolves around every business is controlling costs and adopting cost-effective solutions. Thus, when it comes to investing in cloud computing, you need a solution that allows you to pay as you go. On AWS cloud, you can pay only for how much you consume.


Infrastructure capacity needs are dynamic and they keep on changing as you move forward with your business. Thus, one cannot make an accurate prediction as to what capacity they actually require. AWS Cloud comes as that option that can be scaled up and down as per the changing infrastructure needs.

Enhanced Speed & Performance:

In AWS ecosystem, IT resources can be made available in just a few minutes instead of weeks. This enhanced the time to market for any product being developed by the software development teams thereby reducing time and costs significantly. Being backed with such massive infrastructure, it becomes further more convenient to access compute and storage resources as and when required.

Lowered Maintenance Costs:

While running business, you must concentrate on formulating strategies that drive your business growth and not on chalking down your infrastructure needs. This is the best benefit of adopting cloud computing services that allow businesses to leave all the administrative hassles racking, stacking, etc. aside and focus on business. With the comprehensive AWS cloud solutions, you can deploy business applications in multiple locations across the globe thereby providing users as much better experience.

To Conclude:

AWS Cloud adoption can bring a great difference to any business with its unmatched benefits and easy-to-use facility. Thus, businesses must look out for the right AWS Cloud partner that can help them migrate to the AWS Cloud and get a completely different and elated cloud experience.