In today’s hyper-connected world, as customer relationship management is becoming more data-driven, the role of artificial intelligence has grown and become more important. Using predictive analysis, several necessary insights can be drawn from immense customer data that reveal the future needs of customer thereby enhancing sales to a great extent. 

Salesforce Einstein, an artificial intelligence based tool is designed to leverage customer relationship management data to help organizations discover, predict and automate business processes. Salesforce Einstein grasps from all your data and delivers necessary recommendations based on unique business needs.

How Salesforce Einstein is benefiting different clouds?

Enhanced Sales with More Productive Reps:

Sales Cloud Einstein enable sales reps to discover insights from customer data and recommends actions that help closing the deals. Einstein does predictive lead scoring, opportunity insights and remains one step ahead of customer’s needs hence driving the business growth.

Offer Appropriate Content Proactively:

Einstein recommends experts, articles and topics to the community cloud customers and assists them find what they exactly need. Einstein tracks most popular pages and posts to suggest new community members, groups and resources. Based upon your history and learning from community engagement, Einstein proactively proposes content you are seeking for.

Revamp Customer Experience by Providing Better Services:

Service Cloud Einstein incorporates recommended responses that use case context and history to answer customers’ questions rightly. Recommended case provides great efficiency by guiding you on how to address the particular issue. Thus, Einstein help companies optimize staffing, provide better customer service and drive up customer satisfaction ratings.

Embed Predictability of Einstein in IoT Cloud:

Using the predictability of Einstein and salesforce IoT cloud, developers can develop applications that will connect IoT data seamlessly. IoT cloud being connected with CRM products indicate customers and employees next required action. Salesforce Einstein provides a whole new wave of innovation to customers and build better relationship with them.

Plan Your Marketing Strategies More Effectively:

With predictive scoring capability of salesforce Einstein, marketers can foresee the needs of every customer. Based upon those needs and insights, audience segments can be created driving the customer engagement to the next level.

Discover Insights from Previous Customer Data:

Analytics Cloud Einstein allow users to access wave apps that unveil several future patterns for each business process. Automation and smart data discovery help users find insights from vast data and predict patterns for businesses. 

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Summing Up:

Empowered with machine learning, deep learning, predictive analysis and language processing, Salesforce Einstein gives sales and marketing department an up-to-date view of customers and sales prospects and fine tunes marketing strategies of the business owners. Salesforce Einstein transforms the way individuals work and focuses on what matters giving owners extra time to build long-term relationships with customers.